Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on


Sandhya explains to suraj about the snake the information she got from the lab about the trained snakes suraj worried
vedh sees devima image on the laptop where she asks her to come the temple to the cliff and jump from there and she will bless him with the boon in flying in the sky and not to inform about it even to his parents
vedh super excited about it
all see the light from the temple and sandhya and suraj upset all make a prayer and aarti and a slight wind blows the flowers falls and forms letter saying all to come to the temple it is open for all
all are happy and goes to the temple
sandhya and suraj looks at each other
maasi/s son rishab comes behind and looks at them vehemently and a has a flash back of sandhya catching the snake avoiding the magnetic field
he curses her for spoiling his plans and all this years efforts
he calls samruti and informs that suraj life will be put in danger to make sandhya weak

pre cap
arzoo calls and informs about the paper article

Update Credit to: Vmaa

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  1. so rishabh is involed

  2. How did Sandya capture the snake which was so tricky and cunning like the serpent of Eden that seduced Eve to eat the forbidden fruit.? The story is dragged like javvu mitts.

  3. I already told that.. someone hypnotised that snake.. I mentioned this at 10th may episode..

    But someone didn’t agree

    1. I agreed but I didn’t post it here!!

  4. Superb Episode.Suspeses are being revealed day by day.
    Eagerly awaiting for upcoming episodes.
    SOORAJ-SANDHYA Rockzzzz.
    Hope this track ends soon.

  5. Yaa… Superb episode but short update why????

  6. Y so short yaar..cant understand clearly…reallly confusing a lot……bt i wanna say 1 thing though d track is intresting dabh lost d crisp amg d viewers….wats d ting is tey r dragging a lots…ok i agree that is it a long soup opera bt i think dabh has deviated 4m its theme….nowadays surya scenes r very less..the theme is abt an good understanding couple bt i c nly adventure…its good nly bt not always…nowadays d track is really confusing….dy r not atall showing surya scenes….though im not that much big fan of iss pyaar ko kya nam doon,i love d way dy carry d theme…..pls writers pls dont make it so boring n dragging bt 1 misterious thing is eventhough dy drag still i love dabh coz i was really attracted by d earlier tracks when suraj was helping sandy 2 study….

  7. How much leave does Sandhaya gets from police dept?

  8. When Sandya passed through ultra violet rays she had an electric shock. It’s not possible because these rays have not as much power as to electrocute a person. Providing incorrect information will mar the knowledge of growing population.

  9. I did not liked the written one. Its so sort nd confusing a lot…

  10. The actor playing Suraj can’t even deliver the dialogue properly……., why does he whisper all the time……., it’s really difficult to understand what he’s talking…….

  11. Awesome Brilliant Episode.Really Thrilling.
    SANDHYA caught the Snake finally.That scene was simply superb.
    SANDHYA came to know about Rishabh.
    Now I’m eagerly awaiting for the upcoming episodes to know how SANDHYA will expose the evil brains behind this Neelvish disease and Superstition & also to know how SANDHYA save SOORAJ & VED.
    Eagerly awaiting


    My all time favourite evergreen serial is Diya aur baati hum… there any serials like this??????

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