Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th May 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th May 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with BV2 telling BV1 that sandy never cheated her but bv1 betrayed her today for failing her in the challenge. She asks BV1 to face the truth.
Bhabho comes down & asks chavi abt sandy. Chavi informs that sandy is still sleeping & tells that she is not waking up. Bhabho asks her abt the timings. Chavi tells . Bhabho tells that 1 hour is left & hurts herself. Bhabho goes to sandy’s room.

Suraj inquires chavi abt sandy & she informs that bhabho has gone to wake up.
Suraj thinks that if bhabho has gone then there is no need to worry & leaves.

Here bhabho tries to wake up sandy but sandy doesn’t respond. Bhabho wonders how can she make her wake up. Bhabho worries that she is not able to even stand on her

feet. Bhabho tells that she has to go for the exams. Bhabho worries abt her self act & sprinkles water. Tries to make sandy sit but sand fails & sleeps on the bed.

Bhabho goes to prepare something in the kitchen.

Bhabho prepares something (kada drink think). Bhabho comes in asking sandy to wake up (what a lower tone from bhabho). Bhabho feeds sandy & worries abt her act & what she can do now. Bhabho taunts herself. & asks sandy to wake up with love. Chavi comes in & asks why sandy is sleeping like this & worries abt exams. Adds that she will call suraj. Bhabho asks sandy to wake up & help her to save her pride today.

Suraj comes i & wonders what happened. he asks her to wake up & tells bhabho that if she doesn’t one yr will be gone. Meena mocks sandy. Suraj asks chavi to leave as she is getting late & wishes her. He also promises to bring sandy with him & asks her to concentrate on her exams. Bhabho asks suraj to bring towel & water. Suraj leaves.

Meena tells bhabho that it is all happening what bhabho wanted & asks why she is waking her up. Bhabho shuts her up. & asks her to tie a wet cloth on her feet.

Suraj ties towel (wet one ) on her hand. Suraj asks her to wake up for god’s sake. Asks bhabho abt what ti do. & tells that 15 min left. Sandy wakes up but falls on bhabho again. Meena tells that sandy is like kumbkaran today. Bhabho worries. Bhabho asks meena to bring ice from dhaisa’s house. But she stops her saying thatif she goes sandy will not be able to attend exam. Asks suraj to bring. Suraj runs & bring. Meena prays to god so that sandy doesn’t wake up. Suraj worries & repepatedly warms her hand & asks her to wake up.

Suraj almost cries. Bhabo asks him not to worry. They both make them sit & suraj notices her eyes not opening. Bhabho asks suraj to bring her things like pen pencil wtc. Meena asks that she has not yet taken bath. Bhabho tells that sandy’s exam is important & tells that for her DIL she will break the rules of her family. Meena gets shocked. Bhabho combs her hair. Asks her to stand up & lifts her up.

Bhabho calls suraj & asks him whther he got the hall ticket. Suraj runs to get it. Bhabho prays to god that don make her fall on her eyes even more & prays that don give punishment to sandy for her mistake. Suraj comes in & tries to start the sccoter but he fails. Bhabho urges him . Meena is happy abt the proceedings. Bhabho s scared & asks him to find some auto. Meena tells that sandy will get Zero even if she writes her exams. Bhabho urges suraj to catch some auto. They leave to the college.

Chavi enters the hall (examination). she is all scared & looks at the clock ticking 6.55 .

The trio (Bhasansur) goes. Bhabho urges automan to drive fast. Bhabho tells sandy that they are nearing college. Sandy is tired.

Here in the examination hall the invigilator comes in & distributes the papers. Chavi makes a wacky look on the paper (LOL).

The trio arrive at the college when the college bell rings. Bhabho urges sandy to go fast. The watchman closed the gate by then. Suraj pleads him to open the gate. Thesecurity strictly denies.

Precap: Bhabho asks him not to spoil one yr of her for the sake of two mins. The security tells that he can do nothing in this matter.

Update Credit to: shobhana

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