Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the naxals saying about their strong member Chandu. The pandit does a puja and asks Bhabho to get Sandhya’s pic. Bhabho says its not necessary. He says fine, call Sooraj. Mohit says I will get Ganga jal and goes. Meenakshi thinks Mohit made excuse and left, I had to go for delivery. Babasa says I will call Sooraj. Ved says I will call Papa and goes to him. The police officers talk to seniors and are on work of security. Chandu comes there and is allowed inside. Sandhya thinks she should be ready, as the naxals will try to reach her.

Chandu applies red color to his face and ties the red cloth to his forehead. Sandhya prays in the temple and cries. Kolkata police offers asks Sandhya is she Sagarika. She says yes. He says we have to question you. She asks what did

I do. He says its regular interrogation. She says she has come to pray for her dad’s soul peace. He says fine, you complete the puja, I will wait. Chandu spots her.

Babasa says Sooraj did not come till now, I will call him. Ved brings Sooraj there. Sooraj sits in the puja and sees the things kept there. He says one thing is not here. Bhabho asks what is it, everything is here. He says Jalebis, Sandhya liked it a lot, what will I tell her that I did not keep her fav thing here. He tells pandit that he will bring Jalebis and goes. They all get up and see him going. Bhabho thinks if he opens the door, it will be a shock.

Sooraj opens the door and Mohit stops him. He says he will get Jalebis and asks Sooraj to sit in puja. Sandhya dances in the temple in Bengali style. Chandu plays the dhol and looks at her. He comes infront of her. She dances and few ladies surround her. The dhol breaks and Chandu throws some gas. He lifts Sandya and walks out in style, whereas the police is trying to protect Sagarika.

The pandit asks Sooraj to say his name and his wife’s name. Sooraj says Sandhya and does the puja. Bhabho stops Sooraj and asks pandit to leave with his Dakshina when the puja got completed. The pandit says as you wish, as ask her to break the pot after doing the Pariknama. He leaves. She signs Ved. Ved takes Sooraj along. Bhabho holds the pot and recalls Sandhya’s words. She does the Pariknama and Meenakshi asks her to walk clockwise. Bhabho says all memories and things related to Sandhya will be erased from this house. She says no one will take Sandhya’s name in this house from today and drops the pot. They all look shocked.

Zakir comes to them, and gives Sandhya’s bravery medal and certificate, as she died on duty. He says govt has given this special respect for her dedication and bravery, the police department salutes her, you all did not come in the honor giving function, so we personally came to handover this. Bhabho says I have done Sandhya’s Shraadh now, she is not related to our family now, we don’t have to do anything with her memories and things, and there is nothing for you in this house.

Mohit asks Emily to go to the room. Emily leaves. Pari looks on. Bhabho says IPS Sandhya was never ours, she was for the country. We don’t want this honor and throws the medal. Zakir is shocked. Bhabho says she has cheated me, my son and my grandson, she is not related to us, I freed her for the seven births. Zakir leaves. Sandhya is taken by the naxals. Bharat sees live feeds and says yes, the real mission Mahabali starts now. He gets glad. Ved picks the gold medal and recalls Sandhya. Ved cries.

Sandhya is tortured and the naxals asks how did Himanshu die, what does she know that police wants to know. They lower the bed into fire, by tying her on the bed. Chandu looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Mt

    This episode is totally objectionable. What message they want to convey? That if any honest army man or police sacrifice his/her life for the sake of the country then his/her family thinks to be ditched??? If they give priority to the country which is their duty itself then they are to be considered as not loyal to their family???? What the hell!!! What a wrong msg they r giving!!!! Plz stop showing this kinda bullshit on national TV.

    • Romi

      Agreed but this bcoz bhabo is an illiterate woman and she doesn’t know any rule of law and life
      It was only sandya who made her understand every thing!sometimes she crosses all the limits of ignorance (jahalat)

    • NS4

      I too agree with your words…
      But i think they wanted to show how much angry filled in bhaboo heart about sandhya..

    • Jeyam Ramachandran

      You are correct MT the message conveyed by this incident is very objectionable and the director should try to rectify this mistake by making amends to his mistakes.

  2. Sri

    Looks like DABH is picking up the lost momentum, a really wonderful episode. Can’t wait to watch how Sandhy gets past this one…

  3. Mt

    And how can they show that lady throws away the medal given posthumously???? Plz guys be considerable to those who r loyal to their country n sacrifice their life for us. They shd keep respect for them.

    • geetha

      ya…it was unfair to show that scene..being an Indian bhabhoo should not do that…it is an offence actually… director should have avoided conveys a wrong message that our country is nothing in front of the rathi family….

  4. Romi

    Bhabo ne aaj Sab had paar kar lee
    This is not fair ? thanks god suraj remember sandy’s name ? What was in the room?any guess ?

    • Ya I told that that spoiler is we see that.suraj is in big nice that suraj know sandhya name .as well as he was go to bring sandhya’s favourite nice of him

    • NS4

      I think bhaboo forced Emily to live together.. So she bought mohit into home ..,to avoid the matter of zakir and Emily relation

      • Ya bhaboo is doing only for bring mohit in home.and to avoid bhaboo is also angery on zakir bcoz zakir force bhaboo to make sandhya’ s responsibility to her IPS officer.

  5. Romi

    Precap is horrible ?
    How can they tortur a woman like this !
    Its inhuman!totally unacceptable

  6. Anu

    what is happening in rathis family i didnt understand any thing? sooraj is he ok he loose his memory? bhaboo what she is telling i didnt understand single word. that part of ved that scene is good and understand.

    • NS4

      I think sooraj didn’t loss memory.. He is in shock …and Fear for some of the fire
      If u observe that scene when sooraj lighting match’s all family members are tensed and bhaboo stopped him from lighting matches..this is my opinion

      • If suraj do that lighting then he again remember that train incident. And he again go that sandhya’s memory. And then they can’t control suraj.that’s why bhaboo don’t put sandhya’s photo in home.?

  7. Anu

    in ved mind lot of respect for her mother. i really liked it. all people is hate sandhya but ved emotion for her mother is good.

    What sooraj is thinking is sandhya is died or alive? i didnt understand his expression.

      • Romi

        I felt so sorry for little ved! I couldn’t stop my tears ? how insensitive is bhabo that she even not talking care of this innocent boy and his feelings for his mum ? I hate bhabo today and I wish that she wins bad grandma award next year in SPA ?? and also a bad mum in law ?

      • Bt I think which is the suraj in shock that for only bhaboo responsible. Bcoz if sandhya is die then she should explain suraj and then should proud her. Bt now bhaboo is only heat that she die on the duty.bhaboo is only responsible for suraj stage.?

  8. What’s the mystery of that door.may be behind that door there some sandhya’s memory????

    Thanks amena for fast updating ?

  9. I think sooraj is in shock and not doing any work and for getting jalebi may be he was going to his shop and his shop is closed maybe bcoz ved brought sooraj from room and everyone else made excuses

  10. Nashi

    Nice episode..what happnd 2 suraj?? How emily and mohit patch up again??i can’t undrstnd…
    Where is chavi??
    There r lots of mystry 2 reopen..

  11. anu

    Some thing is happen in three months leap bcoz bhaboo removing sandhya memories and sooraj is in big shok so many things to revel 🙂

  12. Anu

    In my point of view actually bhaboo is expecting sandhya is alive she has not given importance to rathi family as well as my son and grand son she has given importance to his duty bcoz she is observing from starting and she help zakir also and in shiv programme she asked sandhya also. thats why she is removing sandhya memories but sooraj is in shock na he is think sandhya is no more i think so. how story will turn i dont know.

  13. Anu

    So spoiler news is false about sooraj. he will not lose memory he in shock. i think this track will run up to 6 months.

  14. Romi

    Mohit feels insecure in front of zakir ? that’s why he asked Emily to go to room ?? like when a child doesn’t want to share his toy with an other child so he keep it safe in room ?
    But stupid mohit doesn’t have any common sense that she isn’t a toy but a living human being respect her and give her your wife place so no one can dare to even look at her ?

    • True say.he is useless man. He is use her wife money. At least he give respect to her wife. He forget that how many time emli support the mohit turn that time he nt support his wife.

  15. AD

    The story took 3 months leap.So i think this track will end in next 3 months.I want the directors to end mission mahabali in next 60-75 episodes.And plz don’t make this track much boring as this track has a good theme.
    Deepika’s acting & bengali dance was mind blowing.The only TV serial i wish to watch daily is DABH only.Even though my mom scolds me i just don’t care and watch daily.@least i read the update.

  16. AD

    Plz don’t drag this track unnecessarily like that stupid hijack drama.
    Bhabho,jow can u end all relation with Sandhya.U don’t forget u r still alive only bcoz of Sandhya.She gave her kidney to save ur life.It’s only bcoz she loves u & her family a lot.Even none of ur sons except Sooraj loves u tjat much.

  17. NS4

    Actually this show is about Sandhya and her dream to be a honest police officer..
    She did her respectable duties as a IPS officer.. But the thing here is she never got that respect
    Whenever she win a medal or a award like bravery awards…she didn’t received those respect with proud…always a problem follows Sandhya
    So sad for Sandhya ????????????????????????

    • Very well say.on also that time when they give sandhya that bervary award when sandhya kill that rajkumar. On that time also rathi family nt accpet that award. And now this time also they throw that medal.?????

      • Always rathi misunderstand sandhya. First they angry on sandhya than clear misunderstanding then they say sorry. Sandhya always forgive them.???? I dnt like this behaviour of rathi family members.???

  18. NS4

    How can bhaboo say that sandhya had cheated her and their family
    So stupid….Bhabooooo
    She always remember’s mistakes done by sandhya but not about good done for her and family

  19. KM

    What has happened to sooraj???why everyone hesitate to call him to pooja.Babho can’t do this to is fair if she acted like this after knowing sandya is still alive and made this news only for mission.

    • NS4

      After know that sandhya death was drama for the mission sake …also bhaboo won’t feel happy… she feels angry on sandhya becoz nly for police duty sandhya hurted all family members and
      Espically she won’t forget the sooraj condition becoz of death drama

      • KM

        Ya true say.I totally disagree with sandya.what sooraj ‘s decision i in hijack track to separate sandyafrom family is correct.she should released from all bonds so she can perform her duties with mind peace

  20. Hope suraj as possible as express his filling. Bcoz if he can’t express his filling then his pain stay in his heart??and he never Come frm his pain.?

    • I dnt understand why bhaboo behave like this.she should proud her daughter in low. She always say that sandhya is like her daughter. Then now what happened her.?

      • How can bhaboo farget that for many sacrifices sandhya do rathi family. Sandhya always do her responsibility with heart. She take care her family.and also sandhya nicley mange both family as well as office duties.???

      • If bhaboo think that whatever suraj now in conditions for that only sandhya is responsible then that was totally wrong. This was the injustices to sandhya.??

      • Actually bhaboo angery on sandhya bcoz sandhya die on the duty.BT this was wrong. bcoz death come anytime there is no fix time or place.we can’t chose place or time of the death. That was natural.?

      • anu

        actually she is expecting this is a drama for her duty. that is the twist running on this serial bcoz after return sandhya the struggles are going on.

      • anu

        actually varsha mother in law kabhi maa ka jaga nahi lesakthi. u remind emily ke sath kya huva and she thinks sandhya galth kiya hai family ke sath bcoz sooraj is suffering na. actually sandhya has given her mother place to bhaboo but bhaboo she can’t.

      • Bhaboo only say that for her daughter in low is like her own daughter. BT always bhaboo chose her own build. BT some mother in low is accpet daughter in low as daughter.??

  21. Whatever sandhya do in that place if her own daughter chavi in sandhya’s place as IPS officer then what reaction of bhaboo. That time bhaboo definitely proud her daughter. She accpet her decision. BT this do her daughter in low that’s why bhaboo angery on sandhya.?

    • If suraj or any rathi family son die in doing there work then in that time also bhaboo blem her son.for they nt doing there house responsibility properly and they die. That time bhaboo accept there death. ?

      • anu

        ya true say. in my point of view bhbaoo is thinking sandhya is alive she had given dokha to this family. sooraj is thinking sandhya is no more. thats why sooraj in depression. that is the twist.

  22. One thing is also that if sandhya die as normally like heart attack or some ill health then she accpet sandhya’s death.and she never blem her. bhaboo should understand sandhya’s condition. Always bhaboo whatever say sandhya always do that.?

  23. Sandhya always do her home responsibility first.bhaboo should respect sandhya for her both jobs.and also respect her dicision. Whatever happened in rathi family they always blame sandhya. All time rathi family do injustice with sandhya. And sandhya always accpet that. She never argue with any one.??

    • anu

      ya always rathi family do like that but in this time i am expecting emily meenakshi to give support to sandhya. this is not new for us bhaboo will do like this when ever sooraj is suffering she blames sandhya only.

  24. Ved is really nice. now only ved can give respect her mother. And also ved bring love and respect of sandhya in bhaboo’s heart. bcoz now suraj is nt his sence. Hope ved do something for his mother that all rathi family specially bhaboo understand his mistake.???

    • anu

      i am also expecting like this he is lovely son of sandhya. sooraj ko depression se bhi ooyi bahar layega i think some shoot is going on between mom and son. in yesterdays episode observe ved scene. so ved will do some thing.

      • In rathi family only all child r matured. They only know what’s is wrong or right.they give respect. Now only this child can bring sandhya’s place in rathi family.?????

        Hope girls support sandhya. BT in front of bhaboo they all bhigi bili. ?????They can’t say in words.

  25. geetha

    I like sandhya’s Bengali dance very much..what a beautiful performance!!!!!!I have a doubt.. can any body explain what was sandhya doing and where was she for this whole 3 months???????? Bhabhoo is now irritating us by throwing the bravery medal of is very cruel indeed….It is a relief that DABH is again coming to its previous track…eagerly waiting for the upcoming episodes……….

    • Now they nt show that upto 3 mnt what sandhya do.may be sandhya and company r preparing the plan how to trap garjna sanghatna. I can’t accept frm this to bhaboo. After all sandhya give bhaboo new can she forget that.?????

  26. Dabh lovers

    Sandy will be back with different face and remary suraj then the story will be interesting….

    • anu

      May be this second marriage news will be false i think so. bcoz yesterday we will see the sooraj situation na he didnt forget little bit memory of sandhya. so it cant happen.

      • ya that was also fake new. if bhabhoo decied to do suraj second marriage then suraj should argue for that topic. if this happened then that track was going to intersting.

  27. anu

    i think after mission sandhya will come back to rathis house bhboo and his family members are not accept her. again for sandhya sooraj will be there.. sooraj and ved support sandhya. this is my thought.

    • how many time sandhya suffer this pain which give rathi family to her. and sandhya always win there heart.i know that sandhya do wrong. bt she realise her always bhaboo is doing wrong with sandhya.

  28. anu

    when sandhya is not accept for fake marriage the how sooraj will accept do 2 nd marriage. they know they are made for each other. the writer show to us how much love is there between them. bcoz serial will hit on sooraj and sandhya love story. this is my thought.

  29. anu

    mere isabse e jo seperation ka track hai na serial top 1 position ku lane ke liye koshish hai. aur to aur writer and director sandhya and sooraj ka fans ese disappoint nahi karenge bcoz some persons will see the serial for sooraj and sandhya.

  30. anu

    how many dfficulties are there in their life they will stands & live for each other. that is the meaning of DUBH.

    DABH every time rocks………..

  31. anu

    In Hizak track time bhaboo ko takh lifme dekhe sooraj ne sandhya ko blame kiya abhi suraj ko taklif me dekh ke bhaboo sandhya ko blame karahi hai sandhya done wrong but phir bhi

  32. Romi

    Bhabo should apologise for insulting the national award ?
    Anyone tell this brainless woman that if there is no country so where will she live? Phir kahan ki beendani aur kaha ki jimme daree ?
    She’ll have to mend her mistake by saying sorry to all of the audience ?

    • Ya bhaboo should say sorry. And one day she definitely reconising her mistake. And she give that medal to sandhya with fully heart.????

      • i think bhabho and her family is all crooks and unoptimistic…….. like a tubelight bcoz they understand everything late….. and sandy has to go trough tests and pain ,…………..

      • Ya may today they reveal some story.hope they also show yesterday ved scene. I want to see how ved take that medal and were he put that medal.???

      • May that Chandrasekhar save sagrika. Bcoz of his yesterday expiration say that. He dnt like that. They treet sagrika like this .this is my opinion.????

      • lol hope so and i hope for a lov triangl btw sandy suraj nd chandu …. i wished tra btw sandr suraj nd that kabaddi team girl……. but alll wrong spoiler 🙁 🙁

  33. anu

    I am expecting to show some story abt sooraj actually what he is thinking abt sandhya that too positively not negetive bcoz actually seperation track is running na they show positive only.

  34. Romi

    If this award was in cash instead of medal then definitely she’ll accept it with a cunning smile ?
    But sadly thislady doesn’t know the value of the medal ??
    Its much more than money

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