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Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone asking Chotu to drop Resham. Resham takes a leave from everyone. Chotu stops at the petrol pump and Resham tells him that she will just come after making a call. She asks the PCO guy to call on that number. He calls and gets the number unavailable. He says its STD and should have connected. She says no, its ISD. He says but Hyderabad is in India. She says no, Hyderabad is there in our Pakistan too. He says oh, two cities by one name. He calls on the number, as she gives the ISD code. Arzoo’s aunt recalls how Arzoo crushed her jewelry and is angry. Resham talks to Arzoo’s aunt and asks her to call Arzoo. Aunty asks why, is there any good news. Priya comes at the petrol pump and smiles seeing Chotu. Chotu sees Resham at PCO. Resham says call Arzoo fast, I

don’t have much time. Chotu says I always want Priya to be with me. Priya holds his hand and apologizes for her mom’s condition, don’t worry, but arrange money soon before mom thinks something else, you know what I mean to say. She holds his face. He moves off her hand and looks at Resham.

Chotu tells Priya that’s Resham Dadi, she got her grand daughter’s proposal for me. Priya asks did you not tell her about me, I will tell her. He holds her hand. Arzoo’s aunt asks Resham did she get the groom for 10 lakhs. Resham tells her that she will give 10 lakhs to Arzoo’s husband after marriage. Priya hears about money and stops. She asks Chotu to meet him in evening and goes.

Sandhya waits for Sooraj and lights candles. Sooraj looks on. He says can this happen that Sandhya misses Sooraj and he does not come. He hides while she looks for him. She sees him hiding and smiles. She says I have gone mad while waiting for him, I m just hearing his voice. He smiles. She catches him and hugs him, saying you got naughty, I have been waiting since long. Diya aur baati……….plays…… He says I had fun hiding, but its true I wanted to see you. She asks who taught him to express love. He says I m lucky to have you as my wife, you read everything in my eyes. She says I m very happy. She tells him about Chotu’s proposal, Resham has come from Hyderabad. He asks really, did proposal come for out Chotu. She says yes and laughs. He says its really good news.

Chotu and Priya meet. She says Arzoo’s husband will get 10 lakhs. Sooraj says we should convince Chotu to keep Sita’s wish. Priya asks Chotu to marry Arzoo for 10 lakhs. He asks what, I don’t know her. Priya asks her to marry, get money and then give her divorce. Sandhya says we should ask Chotu too. Sooraj says time changes, but love has same meaning even today, I think we should not pressurize Chotu. She says since Chotu came, many girls are coming by any excuse, he got famous. Sooraj says I m sure the girl who comes in his life will be lucky, he will keep her happy. She says yes, he is like his Guru, you always proved that you are best husband.

Priya asks Chotu to grab this chance, else her mom will reject him, don’t lose me if you really love me. Chotu comes back in hanuman gali and recalls Priya’s words. He sees Sooraj and thinks about Sooraj and Sandhya. Sooraj takes the order. Chotu thinks how can I lie to the man who got me educated. Sooraj asks him to note the order. He finds Chotu lost, and asks him what happened. Chotu says I have to say something.

Bhabho sends Sandhya to get sweets. Sandhya goes to take the box and stops hearing Sooraj. Sooraj pulls Chotu’s ears and tells everyone that Chotu is very naughty, he has chosen his bride, her name is Arzoo. They all get glad. Sooraj jokes and says Chotu wants to bring Arzoo in this house.

Bhabho says I m glad with Chotu’s nod, Resham looks to have good values. She asks Sandhya to get sweets. Sandhya keeps box back in cover as a man gives Sooraj’s handmade laddoos. Bhabho makes Chotu have laddoos. Chotu feels sorry to lie to them. Meenakshi says now Bhabho’s record will break, she will get bride from Hyderabad. Babasa says yes, its old relation as Sandhya has taken police training there. Sandhya asks Chotu to see Arzoo’s pic. He refuses to see. They all look on. Arzoo recalls Resham.

Sandhya gets informed that a lady called Pakistan, she was talking about 10 lakhs. Sandhya asks him to find out, who is she and why she came here. Awasthi checks Resham’s belongings.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The romantic scene between Suraj and Sandya is a pinch of comfort. Chotu should be away from money-oriented Priya.

  2. Nice Episode.
    But Chotu should return to right path soon.

  3. Do sandya and meenakshi Unknown to the fact that resham is from Pakistani Hyderabad!!
    Let’s see how the wedding procession ( barat) happens between India and Pakistan!!! I wanna join too ?

  4. I think priya just want money from chotu n his family

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