Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the constables coming to Rathi house. They ask Bhabho is Arzoo Bakshi married in this house. Bhabho says yes, but why are you guys here. The man says don’t worry, there is nothing like that, she is…. Sooraj stops them and asks Sandhya to come. Sandhya ends call and comes there. Bhabho asks why are they asking about Arzoo now. The constables greet Sandhya. Sandhya says maybe its some legal work after marriage, Babasa is calling you, don’t worry, Sooraj and I will manage. Bhabho says I worry for no reason, you both are here to see things. She goes.

Sandhya sends the constables to the sweet shop and thinks till when will they hide from Bhabho that Arzoo is Pakistani, one day this truth will be out. Resham thanks Sooraj on phone and thanks Lord that Sooraj

reached there on time. She warns Mahek and asks her not to do this again. Mahek thinks I can’t take risk now.

Sooraj assures the constable that Arzoo has married Chotu, she is now part of our family. Arzoo smiles seeing the sweets. Sooraj says I guarantee that Arzoo will always comply with national laws. Sandhya says Arzoo will do all the legal work, don’t worry. Constables leaves. Arzoo likes the laddoos. Sandhya and Sooraj talk to Arzoo, about getting Chulbul illegal way here. Arzoo says I love Chulbul a lot. Sandhya says Chulbul is with Resham, we have to convince Bhabho first, don’t worry, you have to obey some rules here, you have to keep your Pakistani visa and passport always, you can’t go out of Pushkar. Arzoo smiles and says this is my house, where will I go, I will just come to this sweet shop, I love sweets. Sandhya says eat sweets later, understand the matter, remember this well, you have to report to police if you are travelling, then take their permission also. Arzoo says but this is for criminals, what crime did I do. Sandhya says its laws here. Sooraj jokes that Sandhya looks teacher and asks her to free Arzoo today. Arzoo eats sweets. Sandhya looks at her and smiles.

Sooraj and Sandhya decorate the bed with flowers, and he reminds Sandhya how Chotu decorated the room for them years ago, we should also fill this room with colors of love. Sandhya says yes, else you did not know any romance, Chotu used to give you romance ideas stealing from movies. She asks where is Chotu, and go out to see. Chotu happily tells Piya that Bhabho disliked Arzoo. She says its good, give 5 lakhs to my mum, I want our relation to get green signal, I really love you. He says I love you too. She says I want this drama to end and Bhabho kicks out Arzoo soon. He ends call. The ladies go to taunt Chotu about Arzoo. Bhabho looks on. Chotu sees Bhabho and thinks he has to make Bhabho realize that he is hurt so that Bhabho kicks out Arzoo from the house. The girls make fun of Arzoo and go.

Bhabho asks Chotu to come to her. Chotu goes to her. She says those girls were taunting you right. He says let it be Bhabho, how will we shut their mouths, don’t worry, whatever responsibilities you gave me, I will fulfill them. He goes. Bhabho feels bad to get Chotu married to Mushtandi Arzoo.

Meenakshi and Emily bring Arzoo to the room. Meenakshi says I wish Lord protects Chotu, I mean your life has happiness, don’t be scared, Chotu is slim but can lift any weight, I mean he exercises a lot, look there. Emily wishes Arzoo and says we will meet later. Meenakshi says we will meet in morning now, all the best. They leave from the room. Arzoo looks around. She feels tensed. She says Salman’s lines and sings. She sees the lizard and scolds the lizard for spoiling her good welcome in this house. She gets a stick to scare the lizard.

Bhabho takes Chotu to the room and reminds Sooraj and Sandhya’s Jodi, Sooraj was prince, Sandhya’s beauty grew with inlaws’ love and care, don’t worry, Arzoo is not much Mushtandi, people eat more rice in Hyderabad, so she gained some weight, she will be fine once she changed diet here. Arzoo says I will not leave this lizard today and is about to hit. Bhabho opens the door. Bhabho and Chotu scream seeing Arzoo. Bhabho holds the stick. Arzoo gets shocked.

Bhabho asks what was she doing. Arzoo says I was scaring the lizard. Bhabho asks her to think before doing anything and calls her Mushtandi. She says I mean Arzoo. Arzoo drops the stick. Bhabho goes downstairs and says if I was not there, Arzoo would have broke Chotu’s head, Lord protect my Chotu. She gets shocked seeing someone.

Sandhya talks to her seniors. Senior says we have to keep an eye on Arzoo, I m not saying she is enemy. Sandhya says but I have seen Arzoo and know her. Arzoo goes to Sandhya’s room and finds something. She hides when Ved enters the room. Sandhya says I don’t think Arzoo can hide anything.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Many of u were asking meaning of mushtandi….it means moti, fatty

    1. No it doesn’t it means tall u know they hate it when the bride is the same height as the groom

  2. According to latest spoiler arzoo is a pakistani spy who have come to kill sandhya

  3. What a pity it’s that Aarzoo the mustandi is afraid of the lizard.

  4. No Is it meant that musthandhi girls need to be married?

    1. Sorry Need not to be married?

  5. Mushtandi looks herself like a raccoon so why does she scare of that innocent lizard??
    Writer/ director make that Piya positive cuz she suits chuto more than this mustandi Arzoo. It’s a command not a request ??

  6. sithara dilru

    Wht’s mean mustandi plz tell me i dn’t know hindi bcoz i’m frm sri lanka

    1. Read the first cmnt above!
      It means fatty girl ?

  7. If arzoo is a spy n come to kill sandhya why the hell she married chotu n y is resham acting so innocent

    1. Exactly! Every one wonders why the hell she spoilt surajjjj hard earned money on this wedding drama which was supposed to be for his hotel! Not for this mustandi ?

  8. Exactly she looked too old for him.priya is more suitable for him.And why is babho calling her mushtandi every now and then?isn’t she her self a mushtandi?

  9. boy – I am disgusted by the comments on this page.
    I didn’t think people were so fickle and had more sense… Arzoo – what we know of her so far – is a lovely soul and her “mistake” is that she is tall.
    wow – so because of that, she deserves a divorce and should be taken off the show…??
    have a look in the mirror before you make such stupid comments.

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