Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th February 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Bhabo getting the blame, and Swami Ji declares that Bhabo has done the theft

Sandhya is angry on listening this, spontaneously defends Bhabo and says she can never do such a deed, being such a religious minded person she is and she respects God so much so that she can never do such a heinous act
Swami Ji is in no mood to listen to the Sandhya and other disciples are also harping on the fact that Maa Parvati gave signals, and it is showing Bhabo being the wrong-doer.

Now Suraj comes to the fore-front and defends Bhabo by saying that all his family is behind Bhabo to support her and he and his disciples can search all of them and see whether they have taken the jewelleries or not
Swami Ji says he doesn’t need to do that, says Maa

Parvati’s signal is enough for them to believe in it.

A disciple sets for Rathi House with the jewelleries and searches the road for Rathi Mansion.
Finally he gets the house, and climbs through various scaffolding and reach the balcony
After reaching balcony, the disciple keeps the jewellery behind the idols of Rathi house and calls another disciple informing that work is done as per order of Swami Ji

he then goes out of house in the same way as he intruded

Swami Ji gets signal and being confident, he now carries on dishonoring Rathi family.
Swami Ji says the Rathi Parivar is greedy and everyone should stay away from the family otherwise they too will have to borne the sins of Rathi family and Maa Parvati will not spare them, and Dhaisa and other neighbors continue to taunt Bhabo saying what less you have in house that you are stealing in this fashion and so on. Bhabo is hurt and has tears in eyes

Suraj continues to defend Bhabo and asks everyone to back Bhabo and reminds Dhaisa and others the good things Bhabo did to them and asks them to believe that Bhabo is innocent.

But no one believes him and everyone is ostracizing the family, saying bad things like this family is full of sinners, everyone should be painted with black paints and roamed all over the place to make others aware about their notorious nature, everyone shouts this kind of slogans

Bhabasa is also asking everyone to believe but no one is ready to believe them and all start shouting slogans.

Everyone goes out with slow steps, a boy informs SurYa that Swami Ji wants to talk to them.

SurYa goes to Swami Ji and now Promo thing happens

Swami Ji says that they have 12 hours to set things right and He is giving the whole family second chance, if by then the jewellery is returned, then okay otherwise terrible things will happen to family.

Aside, Swami Ji admits that he did this on purpose, and Suraj is angry on Swami Ji, says he could have taken out revenge against them (SurYa) but why did he target Bhabo?

Swami Ji says he is relishing the fact that common people is totally against them now, and he will see their family getting dishonored and ostracized step by step from now on if SurYa doesn’t comply with his wish With issuing warning threats, he finally leaves
SurYa returns home to find everyone in sad state, Bhabo is totally devastated, Suraj asks her not to lose hope, Bhabo says it is all because of that curse, Sandhya tries to convince her that there is no curse but Bhabo with slow steps leave the courtyard and episode ends here

Precap–> Sandhya convince Mohit-Chavi to search the entire house for the jewellery and everyone is busy searching here and there for the jewellery in the entire house

Update Credit to: SAIBALROUTH

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