Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj seeing his room and missing Sandhya in everything. He recalls Babasa’s words and thinks how he has packed Sandhya’s pics and clothes in her bag. Sandhya cries and opens the bag. She sees her pic. She recalls Sooraj’s words and sees him in the pic. He disappears and her tears fall on it. Meenakshi’s mum asks her not to do anything, and just watch the matter. She says if Vikram goes against you, who will save you, what will you do. Meenakshi says I can’t see Sandhya out of home like this. Her mum says you are eldest now, as Bhabho is on bed and Sandhya is out. Meenakshi says Bhabho will be fine soon, don’t do this.

They argue whether Bhabho can survive on one kidney. Her mum asks her to think about Vikram and Misri, Vikram will have to bear

all expenses, and Mohit just turned. She says control the house now, Bhabho has retired and you are new Bhabho. Meenakshi says don’t teach me anything wrong. Her mum says if she does not take everything in her hand, then Emily will command over her, as she is educated and will make you dance on her finger, you are pregnant, the expenses will increase, will you ask Emily for money. Meenakshi says I will not ask money from Emily. Her mum fills her ears and asks her to get Bhabho’s keys and all rights from her. Meenakshi says yes, I will become new Bhabho. Emily’s mum hears this and is shocked.

She goes to Emily and tells her everything. She asks her to understand what Meenakshi’s mum is teaching her. Emily says how can she think this. Emily’s mum asks her to take over the control and make Meenakshi do all the work. She says see Sandhya, she has done so many sacrifices for this house, she was a perfect bahu and everyone made her out of this house, if they kick you out too, Mohit does not have work, what will you do if they kick you both out, where will you go, take everyone in your hand, think about Pari’s future. She says its not about greed, but self esteem. Meenakshi’s mum comes and brings Pari. She taunts Emily’s mum and her mum leaves.

The door bell rings, and Sandhya smiles and runs to see thinking its Sooraj. She opens the door and sees Laxman. He brings few items. Babasa talks to Sooraj and says he did not wish him to get away from Sandhya. He says memories pushes person in darkness, I will make the room changed. Sooraj says no need, I m fine, Sandhya is just my past and I m not weak to change my decision, she does not matter to me. Sandhya cries being alone. Sooraj talks to Bhabho and makes her smile.

Sandhya thinks about Sooraj and their marriage. Diya bin baati …………..plays………………. Sandhya comes to the home and sits outside on the road. She cries seeing the home. Sooraj comes to the window and sees Sandhya. She sees him and says Sooraj ji. He shuts the window. Diya aur baati hum………………plays………….. he rests to sleep. Sandhya cries.

Sooraj reads Ramayan for Bhabho. Bhabho says if Lord Raman could not bear to be away from his wife, what can humans do. She sees Sooraj’s hand burning and he not feeling anything. She asks where is Sandhya.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. aa

    chi..what kinda serial is dis????
    babasa u have lost all ua senses and shame too…u became so desperate dat u have separatd sandy,suraj…..nw go n njy wid bhabho/go n eat as u do only dat

  2. chichi

    Guys i think that zakir and sandhya will look better together because zakir has a better personality than sooraj and is more educated and understand sandhya better than sooraj

  3. jitha

    No yar. Sooraj has best personality than zakir but he fails to express it. Pls change sooraj character into positive and supportive for sandhiya..

  4. Mathumitha

    Super stupidity. dnt knw wat hpnd 2 script witter. who askd suraj nd babo 2 cum outside 4m the plane. . unwanted story extension

  5. This suraj is really stupid. How can he do this with sandy. Its not her mistake. In hijack, they wanted him and everything that happnd is because of him. The terrorist were fighting with sandy what was the need of this fool sooraj
    To get out of the plane?

    • venkat

      Suraj is a creep who ruined sandhya life and he boasts himself as a responsible son, let the writer of this serial end the serial as this is a flop serial and feel disgusting to watch it.

      • Red

        Venkat shut up…ok …u don’t watch this serial …ok they r many serials on television u can watch other serials even …plz stop watching diya baati …ok suraj is not creep …3 fingers r on y itself..ok

  6. nisha

    ek din aisa aayega jab bhabho ko kidney ki jaroorat padegi aur ghar se koi bhi dene ko taiyar nahi hoga phir sandhaya chupke se kidney dege .

  7. tt

    Unnecessarily extedning this serial!!
    Baboho may become sick now and needs kidney, Emily & Meenakshi will not donate even if it matches thinking about themselves then Sandhya will donate it and becomes sick or loose motherhod. Then Sooraj & Babasa realize their mistake

      • doubty

        Yea right.. he actualli knows who is responsible for this whole shit.. nd then he turns against his wife so that he can hide the fact that he was actualli responsible for this state of bhabho.. cheap coward husband .. nvr knew such a persn shd gt the best husband award

  8. The serial has taken a nasty turn. Suraj and Bhabhasa have become heartless. How easily Suraj says that Sandhya is my past. As usual Meena’s mom is so selfish and preaches her wrong things. Bhabhsa derseves such horrible daughter i n laws. Suraj is very very mean. Sandhya should teach a lesson to Rati Pari var. Why shoul she beg for Suraj’s love when he cares too hood about her feelings. The entire parivar is thankless

  9. Jeyam Ramachandran

    Sandyas displaying of her sorrow and meloncholy express her superb acting capacity . Let Sandya become a super star.

  10. kr

    Hopefully nobody takes this idiot suraj in their next drama. Sandhya character should not weaken now. Slap this family and stay like Agreema Singh. This world does not need emotions. Do not step in that f’ng home.

  11. aa

    chi,babasa is fit 4 nthng expect eating n dng bakwas drama …n nw such his son also started following his path by dng all d creep…chi no shame they have got…..
    they take help 4m people when time comes 4 them 2 help people they backstep n leave them 2 their hell…chii..chi…

    yup suraj gona pay 4 it….4 sure

  12. shanthi

    Babasa irresponsible person when he was young both husband n wife made suraj leave his education n made him work n put the whole household responsibility on him.
    It was sandhya who brought self confident in suraj n bcoz of her faith n courage suraj won a best chef award in Singapore. But still dat suraj whatever he won he kept that money for his sister’s marriage but sandhya didn’t utter a word. If it would had been meenakshi she would had taken the whole money n deposited in her a/c.
    Now the babasa is telling that eventhough i m old i m capable to look after my wife. What a good joke when he was young he didn’t did anything then what vl he do now.

  13. shanthi

    Suraj bcoz of u n bhabho ashu lost his life.u peopl r murderer of ashu. When maya askd ur
    mom to cal up sandhy n ask her to release rk otherwise she will ashu that time u both didnt bother to call up n ask sandhya to do what maya say hu died bcoz of u people carelessness. Y suraj when ur mom got shot u lost ur world y u n ur mom r only da human being that innocent ashu was also a human being he was a world for his wife n his parents.
    U suraj n whole selfish rathi family dont have capacity to understand what trauma sandhya has gone through during hijack.
    Zakir eventhough an outsider could understand sandhya’s pain n supported her but her own selfish rathi family just betrayed her.
    I hate u suraj n whole rathi family. By suraj’s force only sandhya got ready to bcom Ips officer to see these days. But hats off to u Sandhya n love u bcoz eventhough after living with that selfish family for many year u didn’t bcom selfish like them.

  14. shame on u suraj how can u say sandy is ur past.all the mans r same.u not even want to c her picture u sent it to her.we really except this form u suraj.ones all was saying a man should be suraj always.but not anymore.create makes the suraj character fall low.this not fair.anyways now it waste of time to watch the show.agar the show goes like this then soon it may lose it first position in trp.

    • Red

      Shame on u….plz stop talking rubbish abt suraj rathi. Ok priyaroli. ….. …The best serial in star plus…..1 trp always. ….ok

  15. simar

    sooraj did this to show everyone about sandhyas importance..sooraj and sandhya are the evergreen jodi…bhabo definitely support sandhya

  16. surya

    yeah i agree with u simar…sooraj n sandhya is d best couple!!!so make them togethr soon as possible…it will be nice to watch…i love sooraj n sandhya!!

  17. Red

    U knw this track is put up becoz of public demand …..ok
    ….nd even suraj don’t wanna do this track anymore….ok. guyz ….stop talking anythg abt suraj rathi

  18. Red

    Love suraj rathi ..he is the best husband …son…Every thing. .ok love suraj rathi. .His acting is awesoeme

    • Rsmani

      RED, how much you received from DABH to pass positive comments while all the characters in this serial are showing negativity?

      • Red

        What is ur problem. …rsmani it’s my wish love suraj rathi. ..he is the best…
        u r negative…diya aur baati hum is the best serial ever. ..nd suraj rocks…..u negative u losser get lost. ..u plz don’t watch diya baati

      • dumb viewer

        I think ‘Red’ is none other than the maker of this useless serial. How else do you justify a scum of a person like Suraj as a model husband and love him.

        Any other person not associated with the making of this SHIT will be able to like this SHIT.

        Surprises me that people say this is no.1 serial…..Serial deserves to be taken off the air and the remaining episodes should be thrown in the waste bin…..SENSELESS IDIOTS….


  19. chathumal

    yes of course babasa is a rela fool he thinks only about his wife and children . sooraj took his side and he is the biggest fool according to me. babasa and sooraj should recall what happened in the plane, when they were not allowed to eat or goto toilet in the plane if sandhya was not there everyone died now

  20. diya

    Real fool is sandhya. she shd have bashed babasa and sooraj there itself. who asked babo to come out of the flight and dance around. if sooraj was so much in love to give his life for sandhya now what happened. Sandhya too lost her parents in bomb blast. she is a single woman without her own family. To leave her in police quaters alone is a cheap stunt by the directors. If meenakshi,mohit and vikram can be accepted after commiting several blunders why not sandhya. A man who leaves his wife alone in distress is just a coward and nothing else. sooraj does not deserve sandhya.

  21. diya

    The new vikram is a spoiler in the seriel. The story per se now looks very shabby. too much of flamboish stuff and drama. If sandhya does not conceptualise the plan in the whole hijack drama sooraj would have long gone and seperated from his baboo once for all. And btw babasa if sandhya was not bahu of that house what he would have done. bcoz of her only their fly is back

  22. G P

    I don’t know why writers didn’t find another best way to extend the serial. They are poisoning the flavor of the serial. Very cheap emotional drama.

  23. aa

    bakwas story line as of now……
    y d hell does d writers shw a happy family???every where drama,fightings,mis understndgs etc etc……
    dumbest is babasa n sandya 2 go out when they askd her 2 go……
    chng d story linee stupids

  24. xyz

    what the hell is going on in serial? why is suraj so merciless? is that true love? he doesnt even feel sad by seeing sandhya crying.stupid fellow.selfish creature.

  25. nagina

    Wtf guys..everyine have their own thinking and yu shouldnt ask people to shut up..everyone have their own feelings abt this show..
    you should be shut up..f**k off

  26. khushi

    Wtf guys..everyine have their own thinking and yu shouldnt ask people to shut up..everyone have their own feelings abt this show..
    you should be shut up..f**k off…

  27. aa

    chi…in coming track babasa is adamant in bringing sandy back home………..
    what d hell need for babasa 2 use his brain vch he hasnt used it 4 yrs……….mental babasa…u only deserve 2 die …

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