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Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arpita managing security check. Sandhya calls her and says there is no peace, its big plan done behind robbery. Arpita says I m handling security, I don’t find anything suspicious, you are proving your theory true. Sandhya says I don’t have time for nonsense, there is something dangerous in devmata idol, I don’t know what is it, I will go and check the idol, you call control room for special force, inform them four terrorists captured a car and entered Pushkar. She gives car number by asking Vansh. Vansh cries and says number. Sandhya says four terrorists re young guys, their motive is linked to ghaat aarti, they have taken lift from car owner Ankur Kothari and then killed him, his wife was also with him, inform control room. She ends call and cries. Sandhya tells

Sooraj that she will check devmata idol and find out, manage kids. He asks her not to worry, I m with Vansh.

The four guys come to ghaat aarti. Bhabho waits for Sandhya. Sandhya looks at everyone and thinks I have to check lotus without making anyone doubt, else they will panic. Everyone pray. Sandhya meets Bhabho. Bhabho asks where were you. Sandhya says Bhabho…. And thinks whats going to happen here, they all are mine, shall I tell bhabho, it won’t be good to say now. Bhabho asks about Sooraj, where is he, you came and he is gone. Sandhya thinks I can go close to idol by doing aarti.

Bhabho asks Sandhya to do puja and gives her chunri. Sandhya does aarti and checks. Babasa says how did Sandhya get big devotee that she is not leaving Mata ji’s feet. Sandhya thinks there is nothing in lotus. The ladies says how long will you take, we have to do puja too. Sandhya checks idol by a bomb detector, and gets shocked seeing the bomb located in lotus. She thinks its electronic chip bomb and controlled by remote. They ask her to go. Bhabho says yes, its done. Sandhya removes the chunri and rushes.

Vansh cries and tells Sooraj that the guys killed my mum and dad, I will beat them, my dad just gave them lift, why did they kill my mum and dad, they should get punished. Sooraj says Sandhya will catch them. Vansh says no, I will kill them. Ved says mumma caught bank robbers, she will not leave these guys too. Sooraj gets Bhabho’s call. Vansh recalls and says the guys had a phone and scolded me when I touched it.

Arpita asks what are you saying, there is bomb in idol, we should inform public and make them leave. Sandhya says no, they will be seeing idol and if we vacate place, they will hit trigger. The guys see the ghaat aarti event on tv and wait to do blast. Sandhya asks about the car. Arpita says we got that car, that husband and wife’s dead bodies are found in that car. Sandhya cries. Arpita asks what happened, did you know them. Sandhya says they were my brother and Bhabhi. Arpita apologizes. Sandhya says we have to find that bomb remote, millions of lives are in danger.

Sooraj calls Sandhya and tells her that Vansh said the guys had folding phone, one of them scolded Vansh for touching the phone, maybe it will help you. Sandhya thanks him for info. She tells Arpita that guys have flip phone. The guys smile. Sandhya calls control room and ask for network jam, there should be no internet call. Arpita asks how will this help. Sandhya says bomb gets activated by mobile networks, if we jam mobile network, we can stop them for some time, ghaat aarti is imp, I think they will activate bomb at ghaat aarti time. Bhabho feels restless and thinks Ved and Vansh are not here, I feel tensed, you have to protect my family.

The guys get the phone. Arpita tells Sandhya that telecom companies are ordered to jam network, but it will take time to jam emergency services. Sandhya says we don’t have time. A man stops the guy and phone falls. The man says I don’t think you want to buy tv, go to ghaat and see aarti. The guy says we got confused by seeing many tvs, we will buy one. The man asks them to decide in 5mins else leave. The guy smiles seeing the ghaat aarti. The guy presses the button and blast does not happen.

They see police there. The guy says network is not there, police got to know about our remote chip bomb, that’s why all networks are jammed, we will go by completing our mission, there is one way. Sandhya says we should not leave the four terrorists.

Sandhya shoots at the terrorists. They throw net and catch her. They shoot Sandhya. She falls down.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Superb Episode.
    Tensing Precap.
    Hope nothing bad will happen to SANDHYA or any other RATHIS.H ope everything will be fine soon.
    But plzzz end the show on a happy note.Plz don’t kill our SOORAJ-SANDHYA couple.They are inspiration & role model of each & every couples.Plz don’t kill just for the sake of DABH go off air.Plzzz….

  2. Really writers are going mad…in every mission they r involving sandhya ‘s finally sandhya dooraj ankit &wife all r going to they r showing is don’t do police job u also die oneday anf ur related ones also..i know what they want to say is we have to do duty towards our country till our last breath..but we don’t like trajedy…

    1. Yes u r right.

    2. If sandy dies this will against the underlying theme of this serial… Wer s women empowerment here??? Storywriter is delivering good idea to bad guys in our society to put a bomb like this….characterisation of sandy is role model to many n inspiring many f us.. If giving death to that doctor is like a stupid thing….don’t irritate us

      1. It’s doctor but character…. Sorry typing error…….. Characterisation of sooraj is also inspiring… Every young girls are wanted a hubby like a sooraj… Wt an amazing characterisation!!!!!!!!!!!! If u also giving death end to sooraj, words are not enough to show our anger…….Hope u listen to our concern.. Mr.storywriter

      2. But it can create a new beginning. Sandhya’s children will take revenge for her, fight to win the terrorists and the criminal
        By the way, i think deepika singh should be chosen to play the role of Kanak – to revenge for Sandhya. It’s a big meaning we can see Sandhya in Kanak – police officer exist forever for her country and her duty at home until she can defeat the criminals – protect for her country
        Sandhya exists forever in her children, fight to defeat the criminals!

      3. Although Sandhyasooraj’s death make us very sad. I always hope a happy end but it’s possible to do it and make a new beginning for DABH season 2


  3. It seems that it’s her destiny that Sandya would fight terrorism till her last breath.? Nonsense.

  4. Don’t kill sandhya sooraj…’s heart breaking

  5. What are they doing? Hope season 2 will be different
    I don’t want to say anything bad. But the bad TRP is not because of the actors, it’s just due to the plot
    We love Deepika and Anas, if they play the main character of season 2 it will be a wonderful option. What do u think everyone?
    God bless Deepika and Anas and lead couple Sandhyasooraj
    End in a happy note and start a NEW-NICE-INTERESTING season 2 with Deepika and Anas
    We will hope everything fine for season 2
    Don’t give up. Everything can happen
    God bless DABH

    1. Anyway Deepika and Anas are nice and familiar to us

  6. I agree with seema and ann please don’t kill surya.

  7. soumitra majumder

    I also want to say dnt kill sandhya and suraj

  8. sandya fails to save her family
    first her parents now her brother
    but she is saving the rathis amily

  9. don’t kill the sandya and surya
    we hope that serial will end happily for the fans

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