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Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with pandit lighting the sticks. He says its wet sticks, and can’t be ignited. Bhabho thanks Lord and thinks no other problem should come. Meenakshi says I kept dry sticks, how did it get wet. Vikram asks what did she say. She says nothing. Bhabho says how can she get dry sticks again, and asks Lokesh to come with her. Meenakshi also goes. Bhabho tells Lokesh that marriage should happen on mahurat, the Jaipur is in darkness, who will get sticks at this time. He says I understand, but how will marriage happen without rounds, we will wait for sometime. Bhabho says mahurat will pass. Mohit says he has a solution. Meenakshi thinks why is Mohit jumping to get this marriage done, I will lose 5 lakhs. Mohit tells about a registrar and they can get them do legal marriage. FB shows

Bhabho and Mohit discussing about the marriage and havan kund problem, and he suggests about registrar marriage, Lokesh will agree having no option. She says fine, but how to explain Sooraj. He says Sooraj trusts you a lot, don’t worry. She agrees.

Mohit and Bhabho tell this idea to Lokesh and he agrees. Sandhya thinks Chandu left and she could not catch him. Sandhya asks the crowd not to be worried, and not come this time. Someone holds her hand, and she gets shocked. Its Chandu. He asks where was she, he was finding her, someone stole a big thing here, what will I answer Manjari, come with me. She sees a diya and says this can ignite fire. She thinks to keep the diya near Lord idol, she has to go back with them as Sagarika, she could not contact Sagarika.

Lokesh says I don’t have problem with this. Meenakshi says how can this happen. Mohit argues and thinks Meenakshi does not want this marriage to happen, maybe she changed the sticks, I will make Bhabho pull her ears once this marriage happens. He says I will get registrar and goes. Vikram scolds Meenakshi and says I told you many times not to do this, you changed the sticks, if you do anything now, then you see.

Sandhya cries and prays in the temple. Mohit gets the registrar. The man notes tye names of Sooraj and Lalima. Meenakshi prays that any miracle happens, if Sooraj loves Sandhya truly, then this marriage won’t happen. A little girl sees the diya and says it will get blown off if its here, I will keep this inside.

The girl takes the diya. The man asks Mohit to take the signs. Bhabho thinks she has to take Sooraj’s sign and do his marriage with Lalima. She folds the paper and asks Sooraj to sign on the papers, as its rules of the Dharamshala. Siya Ram…………plays……………… Bhabho shows the signs space to Sooraj asking him to sign. Sooraj says fine, I will sign. He signs and gives Bhabho. The girl keeps the diya in temple inside the Dharamshala. Sooraj sees the fire and recalls Sandhya’s death. He says fire and shows Bhabho. He starts reacting hyper and panicking.

Lalima lifts her ghunghat and sees him. Meenakshi smiles seeing the diya. Vikram and Mohit hold him. Meenakshi says he got mental attack again, bring any injection. Lalima and Lokesh are shocked. Bhabho tries to calm Sooraj. Sooraj tells about Sandhya, save her from fire. Lalima cries. They all try to calm Sooraj.Meenakshi starts acting and crying. Bhabho makes Sooraj rest in her lap. Lalima recalls Bhabho’s words. She thinks Sooraj did not see her till now directly.

Lokesh consoles Lalima and says its cheat with us, so they wanted to hurry the marriage, to make you marry a mad man. She cries miserably. He says such fallen people, don’t cry Jiji. He cries and pacifies her. Ved cries and says no one is taking Sandhya’s name at home. Sooraj is resting. Ved says Bhabho was making Sooraj marry Lalima. Sooraj hears this and asks Bhabho is this true, answer me.

Sooraj folds hands and asks Bhabho to say once, where is Sandhya, else he will find her in every lane, every city…. Ved cries. Sooraj says I will find her everywhere.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. How can bhaboo lie his son.after all suraj trust bhaboo very much and this time bhaboo broke suraj trust. This time hope suraj to forgive bhaboo.???
    For my cmts they get 2 to 4 hours to post
    Always they get so much times.??yaar what to do.bcoz of this I get so angery on bcoz of this I post little angery on this new changes. Bt plz dnt take so much time.I can wait. Bcoz of this my mood off.I cmts less. Sorry guys for less cmts. And also sorry if I hurt someone feelings.???????

  2. But Baboo will not give up. She will start a new drama to convince Lalima.

    1. Ya.bhaboo never change she definitely again do emotional drama in front of suraj. Bt this time lalima never accpet this.????

    2. ya she will definitely do one more drama…

  3. I feel at least ved should know his mother is alive. He’s a kid and it is difficult for him to bare this. On top of it his father’s condition also not good. ?

  4. someone kill that mohit, family will be good and emily will get some new peaceful lfe.such a disgusting bastard he is.selfish dog

    1. oooooooo tho sachi bewakuf hai …really i hate mohit

  5. lalleima please slap bhabho,shameless can she cheat a girl without parents like hurt lalleima will be

    1. Lokesh will teach lesson.

  6. @anu, this will happen. Wait for time to come like i told that marraige will nt happen.

  7. Thank God marriage drama ended…but I really don’t like that at every time director is proving that criminals are more intelligent than sandhya and due to any miracles sadhya wins at last. I think he should stop this kind of script. I will love this so if he will make sandhya as aankhe’ s karnal dhyanchand with love tarka. He should make stories as aankhe ( best show of DD1 around 2003) that we will proud on sandhya like karnal dhyanchand.

  8. Yes…. marriage cancelled …im a lot happy … nice infact very nice episode

  9. Superb episode

  10. Guys, Sooraj signed on the paper what if lalima also signs? Baboo or Mohit can register their marriage right?

    1. yaa but it cant happen lalima never accept sooraj bcoz he is totally love with sandhya ….she knows every thing na

      1. Yes, it is really painful. We could not see Sooraj like that, just think about lalima. I think Lokesh will definitely try to take revenge.

        I want Sooraj come out of this situation. At least if ved knows that his mother is alive then it will be very good.

        How can Baboo tell ved to forget his mother. Very bad.

  11. Good morning frndzzz
    Nice episode…finally marriage stopped.. Lalima ran away…


    1. REally @ad its very nice scene i am seeing in hotstar again and again…..that too in precap sooraj words r excellent abt sandhya…

  13. Guys good morning…. have a nice morning

    guys dont relax abt sooraj and lalima track again one more drama will start….sooraj will see sandhya in lalimaa …(usko sandhya ka yaad dilatha hai ) nd one more thing baboo will start again one more drama…

  14. Guys…I have a question..

    Sandhya and Bharat…taken himansu into custody…after that not shown any introgating scenes….

    Actually when Sandhya 1st time meet Bharat in market selling Jaggers…she wrote a note to give more info abt chandu…..that time they can show himansu…and after abt…chandu meeting Chris…
    Y don’t they show bharat introgating scenes… If not then y they have to take himansu …custody
    Wat they are doing vit him…main person of the plan with them and they still finding for answers….how illogic it is…

    I know that hamansu way not..a child to tell everything to police.. But they have to show…some intragating scenes naaaaaa

    1. @ns4 u r true they show some intragating scenes … will better.. i think himanshoo kho hide karne ka reason sandhya kho jungle me place karne ke liye bcoz of she find wt is this gharjana exactly nd wt they r planning…this is my opinion

  15. Now Lokesh will definitely try to take revenge on rathi family. First kill the Mohit.

    I feel writers should make ved know the truth.

  16. suraj acts so well…2day episode atlast marriage cnt happen very nice…meenakshi also acts well…

  17. Guys dont relax sandhya wapas ane thak bhabo ki koshish chalti rahegi…

  18. ok SP does not seems on a mood of showing fb about the leap time sooo lemme predict them………… hope u like my stories.. 🙂

    ok about ankur and family ………….
    sandy have died and her body is kept at rathi house for mourning………….just then bul bul enters crying…. and bhabho and sooraj are sitting dumbstruk not moving and without a single tear rolling down their eyes which means they are in a great shock……….. their house is full of people showing their sympathy and meenakshi’vikram, emily are managing everything as usual meenakshi is doing all work and blabbering/mumering/talking to herself about the condition and tthinking about all money lostr in caring for these ppl and that now sooraj don’t have shop and sandy is deadand whole responsibility is now on her and vikrams shoulders and she hav to loosen her pocket now ………………… bul bul comes to ved and consoles him and ved hugs her and cries …………she goes and talks to sooraj and bhabho but they dont spoeak anything……….. now ankur and ankita enters with vansh… and sit near sandy’s body……. and ankita goes to bhabho and puts her hand on her shoulder and tries to console her and gt her out of shock ankur also joins her .bhabho suddenlygets up and fumes/bursts on them………….. she tells he and her sister hav taken away her happiness and peace and speak bad about them. them infront of all ankur and ankita asks her to slow down her voice………….. but bhabho continues…… ankur also gets furious and speaks bad to bhabho and goes and holds vansh’s hand who is with bul bul and ved and asks bul bul to get up and leave and announces that he don’t haqve any reklation with rathi’s now their only bond (jodne waala dehaaga ) sandy is no more so he also haveno relation with them ankita and bul bul tries to stop him but he leaves with vansh ………………………….
    lol hope u like it and here ankur is vilian there is other side of it too were bhabho is the villian … i will post that assumption later till then i hope u liked my assumption. lol 😉

    1. well there can be one more case that bhabho speaks ill about kothari’s nd sandy and demand vansh or show them that she wants vansh ankur fears to loose vansh and gets overpossessive nd breaks relation and leaves…………… and they leave japur city………….. and chotu cant bear conditions and leaves………………….

    2. @richa it is ur imagination or it is happening in onscreen…

      1. @ anu it is my imagination…………. nd can u plss tell mewhich case is possible bhabho ditching them or ankur ditching???

  19. ok now bhabho’s side……………
    the whole rathi house and haniman gali is mourning………….. and ankur and family enters and they seee bhabho and sooraj sitting as lifeless satues and ved hugging emily and crying and all children trying to calm him down…………………..and bul bul ankita and vansh come to him and talk to him ankitaleaves them and joins ankur who is with bhabho trying to talk to them……… but itss ofno use ankur feels badand gets up and turns……………. all of sudden bhabho gets up and says ankur ji ab aap yahan kya lene aayen h aap ne aur aapki behan ne humara sab kuchh toh cheen liyahai … and bad mouths sandy he defends her and counts alll her favours and sacrifices for rathi family and nation etc………… but bhabho is not in a mood of listening and asks him to shut and he get furious and moves towards bha bho but suddenly is stoppeed by someone ……………. it’s mohit who was seeing the drama hiding some where and waiting for a perfect chance to enter he insults ankur and defends bhabho and he is about to speak about vansh and ankur asks him to stop as children are also there but he doesnot butsuddenly bhabhoi speaks and asks kothari family to leave and breaks all relationds………….. they leave ………. and mohit takes advantage of situation and gain control over bhabho’s mind and re-enters rathi house…………… and everyone is displeased……………..

  20. Most disgusting mother, mother in law and grandmother.
    She always portraits herself in front of the Gods but she is so evil and calculating. Lying when ever she can to suit her needs. Treated Sandhaya so badly and now trying to behave like a darling to Lalima. Thank God Lalima escaped this woman’s plan.

    Now its time to bring the family happiness back again. Sandhaya must come back to Suraj and her beautiful boy Ved. He is so cute and acts beautifully for his age

  21. Richa (titli)

    ..Sory for any gramatical error or use of indecent lang or any words dat hurt u …… M not a gud writer m sry agar ganda likha…. Lol

    1. Thank u NS4 for posting this link….it nice to see sandhya nd singh sir… 🙂

  22. Richa (titli)

    @ anu thats my imagination dr i wrote na my prediction

  23. spoiler of dabh

    Sooraj is angry and questions the God about taking Sandhya away from him. He hurts his hand by continuously ringing the temple bell. Lalima comes and makes him understand that Sandhya is alive. She brings Sooraj home. Lalima is teary eyed and in pain, but she is trying to lower Sooraj’s pain and bandages his wounds. Sooraj is in Sandhya’s memory, and feels good when she puts haldi on his wound. She even tears her dupatta and ties on his hand. They are getting connected by heart. Lalima’s gesture makes Sooraj remember Sandhya’s resemblance.

    1. It makes Baboo again only Lalima can bring happiness in Sooraj life. What if Sooraj also started seeing Sandhya in Lalima? That will be very bad. So I believe till the mission ends we will keep suspense about Sooraj and Lalima.

  24. Guys plz dnt reveal spoiler na.its request. Dnt post that upcoming story. Plzzzzzzzzzz…… Bcoz of spoiler I have nt much excited for upcoming episodes.???????????

  25. Spoiler:
    Lalima loves Sooraj and hates raathi family. She will try to enter Sooraj life. But yet to be known whether she will succeed or not. Till now Sooraj true love saved him, what if Lalima injects his love…

  26. Sandyako Sandy.she will loose her she will have to marry the nuclear bomb.stupid writers.I think they should undergo a serious physiotherapy

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