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Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Puru giving the gun to Arzoo. He says its automatic gun, you just have to pull trigger, I know you did not use it before, but hatred makes a person do anything. Sooraj worries for Sandhya and looks for her. Sandhya reaches out of the duct and says I have less time, I have to reach Arzoo. Sandhya gets shocked seeing Arzoo aiming gun at her. Arzoo cries and says you ruined my life, why should I keep relation with you, when you did not understand relations, you are just a police officer, who can sacrifice any innocent person for your use, you did wrong. Bhabho and everyone pray for Sandhya and Arzoo.

Bhabho lights the diya. The man says its just 15mins to reach hospital. Puru thinks if Arzoo shoots Sandhya today, all the problems will be away. Sandhya says no Arzoo,

trust me, its not like you are thinking. Arzoo says do you know meaning of trust, you played big game. Sandhya says no, I did not cheat you, I know I shot you being mistaken, I m sorry, I have accepted my mistake infront of media, I have told them that you are innocent, you are not terrorist, forgive me. Arzoo says you ruined my life, this terrorist stain is on soul, not face, its painful, you deserve punishment. Sooraj looks for Sandhya.

Ved prays for Sandhya. The enquiry committee is on the way to hospital. Puru is waiting in his car. Arzoo says that day when I got conscious, I melted seeing your false tears, I trusted you again and gave you innocence proof, what did you do, how can you ask me to trust you now, tell me. Sandhya says I understand your pain, trust me, I did not wish bad for you, whatever bad I did with you, I regret a lot, forgive me, I m not scared that you will shoot me, but I m scared that if you shoot me, you will become a terrorist. Arzoo says I became terrorist when you shot me, this pain won’t go without shooting you, you shot an innocent person, I m punishing the culprit who did wrong with me. Sooraj runs across corridors.

The man says we will reach hospital in 5mins. Sandhya kicks the gun and makes it fall. Arzoo and Sandhya fight to get the gun. Sandhya says you punish me, but don’t shoot, else you will be proved wrong. Arzoo says I will kill you and die. Sandhya takes the gun and says fine, shoot me, if you want to kill me and lessen your pain, then get your anger out, I will not stop you, I will not let you become that minister’s puppet. Arzoo says you made me puppet and slaps Sandhya. She throws Sandhya and hurts her. Arzoo cries getting her anger out.

Sandhya goes to her and holds her. Arzoo sees the gun and snatches it. She aims at Sandhya again. Commissioner and enquiry committee reach the hospital. Everyone pray at home. Arzoo says I learnt this from you, sorry but this time I won’t give you any chance, you did a lot with me, there is one punishment now, your death. Sooraj is still running and finding Sandhya. Sandhya looks at Arzoo.

Arzoo shoots. The sound alerts the police. Diya gets blown off. Bhabho sees that and gets shocked. Puru hears the bullet shot. His assistant says Arzoo has shot Sandhya. Puru says don’t jump to conclusions so soon, eating hot burns the mouth. Commissioner and everyone rush to see. Everyone at home worry seeing the diya blown off. Arzoo comes running towards Puru, while holding the gun. She reaches him and says I killed Sandhya, come, we have to leave now. She tries opening the car door. Puru asks the man to drive. Arzoo asks him to open the door, you promised to make me leave from here and reach Pakistan, I killed Sandhya on your saying, stop. He leaves. Arzoo sits crying.

Commissioner and others reach terrace and does not get anyone there. Commissioner says who would have shot bullet. Constable comes and says Arzoo has run away, she is nowhere in hospital. Chotu and Ved light diya again. Chotu asks Bhabho not to worry. Chotu wipes Bhabho’s tears. Bhabho prays to Lord to save Sandhya and Arzoo. Arzoo sits in police jeep and cries. She recalls how Sooraj came on terrace and stopped Arzoo from shooting Sandhya. Sandhya asks Sooraj to explain Arzoo, she is coming in Puru’s words. Sooraj says yes, trust me Arzoo, if you can’t trust Sandhya, if you trust me, fine, else you can shoot me before shooting Sandhya. Sandhya says no, don’t do this, when world did not trust you, Sooraj trusted you, he gave you blood when no one was giving you blood, your life is saved because of him, if you do this, you will regret all your life, I m saying truth. Arzoo lowers the gun and aims at Sandhya. She shoots in air and runs to Puru. Puru leaves and then Sandhya and Sooraj go to Arzoo. Arzoo cries and hugs Sandhya. She apologizes to Sandhya and says I believed Puru, and did not see your tears. Sandhya says everything will be fine. FB ends. Sandhya and Sooraj take Arzoo in the police jeep.

Commissioner asks staff to find Arzoo at every checkpost. Constable informs Sandhya is missing too. Arzoo apologizes to Sandhya and says if Sooraj did not stop me, I would have not forgiven myself. Sooraj asks where are we going. Sandhya says where truth is declared and heard.

Puru gets to know Arzoo and Sandhya are missing. He asks his men to shoot Sandhya and Arzoo. Sooraj, Sandhya and Arzoo look on, as commandos stop them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think that they will put an end to the serial after Puru is disclosed of his felony.

  2. police should catch up with the commandos before they harm them

  3. I think sandhya n arzoo will shoot puru

  4. Good episode, i hope they made good upcoming as well

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