Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with inspector scolding Bhabho and Babasa and arresting them for violation of court orders. They are shocked and clueless. Aryan asks Sooraj what is he saying, about Ankur’s court orders, I did not know, maybe Bulbul also does not know, we were doing big mistake. Sooraj says its fine, I know you were trying to do this, it was right, but now, forget this. Aryan says don’t worry, Bhabho and Babasa will not know this. Sooraj leaves. Aryan says I have to tell this to Bulbul, she can plan anything big.

Aryan calls Bulbul and says we will not make Vansh meet Rathi family, as your dad made court orders of restraining. She says what. He says yes, Sooraj told me, so we have to cancel this plan. She says now Sandhya and Sooraj can’t meet Vansh being so close. Misri cries

an says where did jewelry go. Pari asks her not to worry. Emily says we will get it, don’t worry, why did you take from cupboard. Misri says I thought to take pics, and Pari says we should take Sandhya’s help.

Emily sees Mohit hiding and says no need to call Sandhya, its in home and we will get. She goes to Mohit and scolds her for running with jewelry. He asks what jewelry, I did not steal. She says show this bag, I did not think you can fall so low. Pari comes and looks on. She sees its not in his bag and he acts innocent. Pari looks on and he sees her. He says I was hiding my Pari’s childhood memories, I was thinking to have her pics and things.

Mohit thinks to win Pari’s trust and show down Emily. Bhabho and Babasa say we did not come to kidnap the child, he is our grandson, my bahu is ASP, call her. Ankur comes and says sorry Bhabho, today your IPS bahu can’t help you, and asks her to stay away from Vansh, as its contempt of court to break the restraining orders.

Bhabho says we did not know this, Sooraj and Sandhya does not know about Vansh, what is this order, I m saying true. Ankur says I have proof, and shows the documents with their signs. Babasa says what will we mix in laddoo, we mixed love and wish to meet Vansh, we waited for him for 6 years, arrest us, we did a crime. He cries and says if this punishment to meet my grandson, we accept it. Bhabho cries.

They are taken by constable. Ankur says no need to send laddoos to lab, he did this to make them afraid and not try to meet Vansh, its important to teach them a lesson, give them warning and leave them. Bhabhi hears this and cries. A lady constable comes and says Sandhya that some girls came to meet her, she became inspiration for them. Bulbul also comes with them. Bulbul thinks she has filled happiness in my life 6 years ago, thanks.

She thinks she wish to hug her. Sandhya asks will you go without meeting Bua. Bulbul stops and smiles. Bulbul hugs her and says I m so stupid, you read my name on notepad. Sandhya says I m glad to see you after 6 years. Bulbul says I m trying to match your steps. She gives CDs to her and says it has Vansh’s childhood moments. Sandhya says its valuable to me, but Ankur…. Bulbul says what I thought till now was wrong. Bulbul apologizes and leaves. Sandhya hurriedly plays CDs to see Vansh, and smiles seeing his pics. She sees some cooking CD and says is this given by her by mistake. She sees some recipes and says Sooraj can go in any show as celebrity chef, people will like him and the dishes, he will get popular. She says she will talk to that channel and the cookery show.

The inspector asks Bhabho and Babasa to go home. Bhabho says no need, we will get punishment and go. He asks why, its three hour already. Babasa says yes. Bhabho says we will not go from here, no one min is stil there. She sees its over and gets up to leave. Babasa says I will call Sooraj and Sandhya, you look unwell. She says no need to say or call anyone, forget what happened. He says she is hurt, don’t know what will happen now.

Meenakshi and Vikram come home and meet everyone. Ved asks Bhabho and Babasa why did they get for him from market.

Update Credit to: Amena

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