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Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya thinking it’s a do or die chance for her today. She waits for Chandu and says she will go to her dad, she will die and wears the rope loop. Chandu comes and stops her. She says my dad did good work and gave me good upbringing, the govt officer called my dad a traitor, I can’t bear my dad’s insult. She asks him not to stop her. He stops her and asks will he death get justice for her dad, do something to shut the mouth who has called her dad a traitor, who has insulted her, and it has just one way…. He shows the gun and asks her to take revenge for her dad’s insult, this will give a way to answer govt, she can join Garjana, there are many people in Garjana, who have been bearing injustice and humiliation by govt, welcome to Garjana. She thinks now she

will ruin Garjana by being part of it.

She holds the gun and asks Shekhar how did he have this gun, how is he related to Garjana. He says he was troubled by govt, Garjana gave him this gun, their families don’t know their identities, they live dual life, this is rule of Garjana and she has to obey this rule too. She says when she was taken by Garjana, was he there, did he ask her questions. He says yes, we asked you as we have to be careful. He asks her to make herself strong and high to take revenge of her insult, then Garjana will support her, the govt has ruined them and did injustice, so they are fighting against govt.

Sandhya thinks govt did mistake, but they are trying to rectify them, they are fighting and punishing innocent people, past mistakes’ punishment can’t be given to future. Shekhar asks her to be ready, as she will be joining Garjana tomorrow. Emily covers Lalima with blanket. Lalima gets up and talks to Emily. Emily asks why did she give false hope to Sooraj, did she think what will happen to him when he realizes this is lie, he is innocent and truly loved Sandhya, why did she do this, when he gets to know the truth, this can be deadly for him. She says if this happens, I won’t forgive you, you feel no one supports Sooraj, Sooraj is more than life for Bhabho and Babasa, Sooraj is like my elder brother. Lalima says glad to know this that Sooraj has his family, I know I don’t have any answers for your questions. She says she did not come to hurt Sooraj.

Manjari wakes up and does not see Sagarika. She thinks where did Sagarika go at night. Sandhya recalls Officer Singh’s death and thinks she will tell about Officer Singh’s sacrifice to everyone and also do the ashes immersion herself, after mission Mahabali ends. She puts the ashes in the pot and hides it in soil. Manjari sees this and thinks if she asks, Sagarika will lie. She goes to tell Shekhar and wakes him up. She says Sagarika is not like she looks, and tells about hiding a pot in soil. She asks him to come and see.

She takes him to Sandhya and asks him to see. She says she has kept something here. Sandhya says no, there is nothing. Manjari starts digging and gets the ashes pot. Sandhya thinks her truth will come out. Manjari says she has stolen things, check. They get some saree in the pot. Sandhya says yes, this saree has my dad’s insult hidden in it, so I kept this safe, so that my anger does not get less. Shekhar asks Manjari to get her treatment done. He takes her from there. Sandhya recalls Manjari seeing her, and how she has kept saree in the pot instead the ashes. She hides the ashes in another pot and recalls Officer Singh, wishing to give her honor very soon.

Its morning, Babasa asks Emily for tea. Bhabho does puja. She talks to Ved. Ved is glad that its rakhi today, and says last time it was so much fun, mum has… Sooraj says your mum made halwa, and asks Ved is he missing Sandhya. He says I m also missing Sandhya, let Lalima come, then we will ask her when to go and find Sandhya. Lalima comes and says she went to temple and brought pure chandan for him, she will apply it to him. She does tilak to him. Meenakshi asks Bhabho to see how clever is Lalima. Lalima says she has good news for Sooraj. He asks what. She says she spoke to Sandhya today. They all get shocked.

Sandhya meets Manjari in Garjana team. Sandhya gets shocked. Manjari trains her to aim right and gives her the gun. Sandhya shoots.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. luv u sandhya
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  3. goog evening guys………..waiting for today episode to see sandhya expression when she sees manjari in grajana team……nd plz dont rathi family drama ……….

  4. Sandhya is one type of dirty person. She goes any limit to fullfill own selfishnes like Indrani Chatterjee.

    1. If u dont like it plz stop watching…..and dont comment.. dont use bad words abt sandhya…..she is not selfish….she is fighting abt safety of indians….dont talk like bhaboo…

  5. I think kani naam k insaan ka cmnt galti se yahan a gya h bhula bisra cmnt dabh no kani cmnt its strange busy ppl get tyme to cmnt here

  6. I dont get it how cud busy suprstars like kani get time to remember us common ppl… I thot they dont remembr us 🙁

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