Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st October 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya thinking Sooraj is here, he is in danger, if he can come here, I should have courage to stop nuclear attack and prays. Sooraj thinks he did not get any clue about Sandhya till now, don’t know in which state is she. A man sings and asks Sooraj why is he looking sad. He says he is worried, as everyone is asking for the dancer. He talks to Sooraj and says I feel you have some deep pain in your heart, music has power, get your pain out by music. He asks Sooraj to come and sit. The man plays music. Sooraj sings diya aur baati hum……….Sandhya hears him and cries. She tries to get up and gets restless.

She thinks she can understand Sooraj’s pain, how can she tell him she is close to him. Sooraj cries and gets sad. Sandhya tries to open her ropes off

her hands and struggles. The man tells Sooraj that his voice had pain and entered heart, he has really sung well. Sooraj wishes Sandhya comes to him. Bharat shouts Shekhar is lying, and asks minister not to get in Shekhar’s words, he is lying and doing drama here, they can’t b trusted. The minister says our country has always given priority to peace opportunities. Bharat says I agree, but we should not trust him.

Shekhar says right, I told minister about planning a big bomb blast, but Sandhya has shown us the right path, the credit goes to her. Bharat thinks Shekhar knew we will attack on them, so he played safe, I have to show Shekhar’s true face to minister by any way. Bharat says fine, good, I would like to talk to Sandhya once. The minister says Bharat is saying right, its simple, make him talk to Sandhya. Bharat asks what to call him, Shekhar or Chandu. Shekhar says Chandrashekhar. Bharat asks what did I ask, make me talk to Sandhya, is she alive, what happened, did you kill her like Officer Agrima Singh, where is she. He gets angry and confronts Shekhar. The minister looks on.

Sandhya frees her hand and thinks she can’t call Sooraj openly, as garjana men can see him. Sooraj wishes she sends some sign. She thinks what sign to send him. She sees her bangles and smiles. She makes the bangle sounds and he turns to see. He thinks its bangle sound, from which direction is this coming and sees the wall. He says Sandhya… and thinks the sound is coming from the wall, it means….. and thinks Chote Raja keeping jalebi there and man telling about Garjana’s order. He recalls Bharat’s words that one wrong step can get dangerous for everyone. He cries.

Shekhar says talk about peace, I assure you Sandhya is fine, think with a cool mind, its about trust, so I have come here risking my life, if I come here by trusting you, then why can’t you trust me, I will return Sandhya safe. He requests the minister not to insult his trust. The minister says we trust you, and decides that Shekhar and his men can surrender on 2nd oct, he will help them in getting their demands fulfilled and this enmity between them will end, he can get Sandhya along with them. Shekhar thanks him and thinks no one can stop mission mahabali now.

Sooraj goes near the wall seeing no one around and says Sandhya….. He says I know you are here and cries. He asks can she hear him, and asks her to say something for his satisfaction. She says Sooraj ji….. diya aur baati………. Plays………..Bharat argues with the minister and says there won’t be any surrender, they will get any bad news, it will be too late. The minister says its his perception, if his guess gets wrong and if they take any action against Garjana, many more Garjana will be born, mission mahabali is over, this is my final decision, surrender will be big slap on opposition and common people will believe in our party.

Bharat says I hope this turns true. The minister explains him and says we have nothing to lose, and much to gain, we can try. Bharat says we are going to lose a lot, Sandhya, country’s security and pride, you are doing this to strengthen your party, this country may pay the price for your greed. The minister asks does he know what he is saying and asks him to leave. Bharat says Jai hind…. And leaves.

Sandhya and Sooraj try to hold hands through the open brick space and finally reach out. They smile. Diya aur baati…………….plays…………. She asks him to free her from there asap.

Shekhar tells commander that its 16hours and no one can stop us now, not even Sandhya. Commander smiles. Bharat is preparing. Sandhya is glad that her mission will get completed.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Jeyam

    What a foolish minister who did not believe his officer but believe the words of a terrorist? Oh what a pity to see Suraj and Sandya separated by a wall like Anarkali and Shajehan.

    • Varsha

      Superb suraj and sandhya scene… Mind blowing… I love it… They dnt show today rathi family drama that was awesome…?????

    • Varsha

      Ya true… Miss all that character which involved in mission mahabali specially I miss officer agrima Singh most……??????

  2. Jeyam

    It’s been clearly proved that politicians are always aiming as to hoe to get the votes and not about the welfare of the people or country

    • Varsha

      Ya right… Bt some political people r really nice that they always see pain of poor people and they help them also… Bt that political person nt win elections…. That’s was very side… Some time we also get know what people is right or wrong… Bcoz of these kind of bad person we dnt trust on good person….????
      Bt this minister also get know abt garjna sanghtna people plan in few episode… Then he remember that who much Bharat sir explain him abt dnt trust them….???

    • Varsha

      Ya… Tomorrow may be they show bharat sir…. I think Bharat sir do something to save suraj and sandhya as well as our country….???

  3. richa

    i think in upcoming track we will see the differences in upbringings sandy, ankur & rathi family with chote raja vansh & ved….. but letzz hope forr besttt…………

      • richa

        hy anu srry 4 late reply dr i meant ki aage pta chalega poarvarish ka farak shayad sandy c.raja ki parvarish kare aur……. rathi parivaar aur sandy ki parvarish + rathion ki poarvarish ka farak ujagar hoga aage ved vansh & c raja hum acche ki umeed kar sakte hain but ved thoda buraa ho aktah kyunki uske dimaag p bahut bura impression h pure parivaar ka lol hope u got it dr

    • Varsha

      Ya… After mission mahabali they definitely reveal all track means that where chavi go , why emli bring mohit…. And so much track of kothari family also…???just wait for that…??

  4. Darth Vader

    Cant wait for @Varsha to post her usual long troll !

    Even she will now realise that the Indian Government / Ministers are soley in it for themselves !

    My question is, why are they waiting for 2nd October ? Garjana should lauch the attack ASAP – catch everyone off guard, and win the war against the evil and corrupt Government.

    • Romi

      So what you will get in return?? Only baba ji ka tulloo ??
      There is a beautiful thing in this world which is called HUMANITY but I think you don’t know this bcoz maybe you are not a human ??

      • Darth Vader

        can you define human?

        why cant anyone see that there is a great scope for a major plot twist, and change of direction for this soap.

        All Indian soaps are basically the same, and I admit that DABH is one of the better ones, but it is slowly becoming boring. If Garjana are successful in their attack, then we could see how the surviving people deal with blast, and how they can re-build their lives. Making the soap darker is not a bad thing.

        As far as I know, there hasnt been anything done like this, and think the public would engage more, and therefore the people watching it will increase – a win-win for all.

      • Romi

        Dear @ DV ! I don’t agree with your philosophy! I don’t want that anyone suffer from this bomb’s destructions!

  5. christi

    love this mission track of is much better than saas bahu and family enemy track unlike other serial…….

    • Varsha

      True… This show always show duty scene most as compere to saas bhahu drama… That’s why I like this show veryyyyyyyyyyyyy muchhhhhhhhh… I m bigggggggggggg fannnnnnnnnnn of these show…..?????

  6. AD

    Superb Episode.
    I read on yesterday’s comment page that Sooraj will die.Story takes 15 years leap.Whole Rathis including Ved blames Sandhya & she leaves Rathi parivaar.Is that true?
    Plz dont do that.Story will loose its pride.plzzz.My heart broke reading that.
    Today it was superb episode.Hope Mission Mahabali ends soon.

    • Varsha

      That was all fake news… In past I said that suraj is nt die…. If he die… Then how sandhya complete suraj hotel …. After mission mahabali they show suraj hotel scene… So plzzzzzzzzzz its request dnt believe on this fake news…. And also dnt post dis kind of fake spoilers….????
      Sorry for hurting ur feelings…??????

      • AD

        Varsha,No need to say sorry.You never hurt my feelings.I’m also praying that news should be fake.I hope DABH team never do so as if they do so the best show will definitely become the worst.I partly believe only bcoz that person who commented said that is a confirmed news.

  7. Richa

    Ab kya hoga kya sooraj pakda jayega ya bharat team bmb phodege stay tunned bcz tmo is 2 oct nd grjna mastrr plan sb janne k liye kal ka epi dekhiye mera cmnt nhi ok g

    • Varsha

      Funny cmt… After end of tomorrow episode I definitely wait for ur cmts… Hope u also wait for my cmts… Definitely bharat sir do something for saving them….wating for upcoming rocking episodes…????

    • Varsha

      So cute that suraj sing this title song for sandhya… So lucky they both…. Ek dam zakaassssssssss… In starting… ??? hope someone also sing a song for me also….. Bcoz I like this cute scene…. ??????
      So happy… some one plzzzzzzzzzz sing a song for me also….??? So cute suraj u r… U sing a song….?

    • Varsha

      tu suraj mein saanjh piya ji maare sapno ki tu parvaaz piyaji…

      (Your the sun, Im twilight..yet you are wings to my dreams)

      tharo maro milan solage re sathi jaiso..diya aur baathi..

      (you and me together is like candle and light)

      mein jo chalo tho sang chalo ji maane piya..more piya…

      (when I walk..walk with me)

      meri khushiyon mein yu rang baroje piya..more piya

      (fill the colours into my happiness)

      tumne jo dekhe..sapne suhane…

      (the dreams you dreamt so beutiful)

      un sapnon ko…apna banane…

      (I will adopt your dreams)

      tu dhadakan..mein jaan piyaji mare

      (if your heartbeats then Im life)

      hoton ke…tu musukaan piya..

      (ur the smile to my lips)

      tharo maro milan solage re sathi jaiso..diya aur baathi..

      (we are like candle and light)

       tum jo sang ho lage re mujhko sara jaha..apna mujhe

      (if your with me then the whole world feels like mine)

      milke chalenge  he yeh kasam jho saath tera mujhko mile

      (we will walk together..promise if you walk with me)

      raahon se kaante hum chun lenge..

      (we will pluck all thorns from our way)

      dhoop mein chaya banke chalenge…

      (will be the shade in the sunlight)

      jag se nirala hoga saath piyaji maare sapno ki tu parvaaz piya

      (unique to the world will be our relationship.. you are the wings to my dreams)

      tharo maro milan solage re sathi jaiso..diya aur baathi..

      (yes we are like candle and light)

    • Varsha

      Nice answer given by bharat sir to chandu…. Bharat sir ask good question to chandu…. That he want to talk to sandhya…????

    • Varsha

      Bt that chandu again lie…. So sad that bharat sir can’t do anything…. How much Bharat sir control their angery mood…?????

      • Darth Vader

        the minister has been bought, and this is the problem with corruption !

        No politician can be trusted !!!

    • Varsha

      So much time bharat sir explain minster that plz dnt believe on this idiot chandu… Bt this minister is only thinking of his sit…. Shem on u minister…. ???At least once u believe on Bharat sir….???

  8. Varsha

    Bharat sir say true that…. On 2 Oct hear we wait for there…. And one side they attack on us….. After there mission complete… Then definitely we loss so much in this mission….??????

    • Varsha

      It’s better that we take some action against this garjna sanghtna…. If we nt take any action then we pay more amt of these there minister decision…????

    • Varsha

      So much Bharat sir control there anger ness….. So many ways Bharat sir explain them abt garjna sanghtna…. Bt all waste….?????

  9. Varsha

    Wowwww what a idea sandhya u use bangles to call suraj… Superb… And then come to near that wall….?????

    • Varsha

      Then suraj talk to sandhya… And sandhya also talk to him… Then they touch each other hands… beautiful scene that was….. So happy… So sweet that scene… ?????

    • Varsha

      Wow again they give full suspense Precap… May be Precap they show that bharat sir do some where…. I think Bharat sir do to meet himanshu…. And then they show how they take himanshu frm that train accident…. Hope my these thought will come true…..???????

  10. R

    If something hpns to sooraj and sandy pair I can’t bear that
    Is this really true that after mission mahabali the serial will take 15yrs leap and suraj will die
    Pls writers dnt let that hpn
    I read Frst dt suraj will die and later read dt it’s a fake news Bt again they are saying sooraj will die
    Wt will hpn actually? Suraj wil be alive rite?

    • Varsha

      Do many times I say that dnt believe on this fake news…. Suraj nt die…. Plz I request u dnt sperd rumours… It’s so irrating…. ??
      Last time I say that suraj nt die…. Fake news is this….???
      Sorry for my rude cmts… Hope u understand me…. If possible then accpet my sorryyyyyyyyyyyyy and forgive me….????
      Now just enjoy upcoming episodes… Nt discuss future story… Plz…??

  11. Raj

    Both touch their hands after a long long!! this was the most emotional ,lovely and sensitive scene of todays episode..
    Waiting for tommorrow’s episode eagerly..

  12. Romi

    Great episode!!! Now sandya will cut, chop off, burn alive and be headed all garjana men and their supporters! Bohat maza ane wala hai! Wrong doers should always be punished! They don’t deserve any sympathy! Just go ahead sandya and don’t think about anything else!

    • Romi

      Himanshu was garjana’s master mind like sheker who was killed by police in a train accident. He was manjari’s son and sagarika ( sandya’s) pretended husband ( not in real but was planned by Bharat sir and sandya) ) to catch and reach to his gang)

  13. Nice episode. I’m very happy that finally sooraj finds sandhya. I think now Bharat, zakeer and sandhya alone fight against gharjana. It’s very important that sandhya should know that she can stop bomb with her finger prints.

  14. annu deepu

    finally 2 october came.. what will happen after this?? dont know to explain my pain..

    hope everything will be fine friends…

  15. rekha

    Awesome touching episode of dabh. I could see the true love of sandhya and sooraj. Superb dabh team.

  16. Darth Vader

    So Sandhya was able to free her hands and mouth – great, but at the end of the episode, you see that she was also chained up – where did the chains come from ?

  17. Darth Vader

    Indian Ministers are soley out for themselves – they do not care about the people who elected them to their position.

    It is time for the system to change !

    down with the Indian Government !!!

    • Darth Vader

      My comments have always been similar – I think this soap is one of the better ones, but it is going down the same path as others which i hate !!!

      the writers and producers need to try something different.

      we already have too many goody-goody soaps, someone who has the power needs to take the leap, and change the direction this soap (or another one in a similar situation) and make it darker.

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