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Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya coming home and seeing Sooraj sleeping. She apologizes to him and says she is feeling bad as she could not give him time. He wakes up and says whats lost should be cried for, instead we should see what we got. She smiles. He says he will just come. She think she will online checking for Sooraj’s flight and logs on. He brings coffee. He says leave all this, Disha will do this, have this coffee. He says Bhabho is coming with me. She says what. He says Bhabho came to shop, and she decided this. She says its good, she will not worry now. He says yes. She sees page not found. He says do this later and shuts it. They have coffee. She says its very good.

He takes her cup and drinks it. He says yes, its very nice. She smiles. He says I told you about talking

to Zakir. I have written alphabets and rounded few alphabets based on what he reacted on. She smiles seeing his smartness. He says he wants to make every moment memorable before he goes. They lie down and he touches her. Tu Sooraj mai Saanjh piya ji………….. diya aur baati……………….plays………………He kisses her and she hides her face under saree being shy. He kisses her face through the saree end. He moves it and holds her hand. He gets closer to her and they sleep together. Zakir’s paper is kept there and Sandhya does not see it.

Its morning, and the hijack day has come. Bhabho and Sandhya pray in the house temple. Sandhya says you took good decision to go with Sooraj, you are his strength. Bhabho says you are his inspiration. Sandhya says she needs her blessings. Chavi talks to some ladies and they praise her that she is doing so much for girls and speaking against domestic violence. Chavi thinks she called Mahila Samithi women and Mummy ji should come from bank. Pushpa comes and Chavi introduces her. Pushpa talks to her, and asks I gave you Rs 50000 to deposit in bank, did you do shopping. Chavi says no, you know Mohit lost the job, and he did not like asking Bhabho and Emily, so I helped him, he will return it soon.

Pushpa says you should have asked me, it was my sister’s money, what will I tell her, she is asking me. Chavi says fine, I will get the money for you and cries. Sandhya tells Sooraj that people will love by your name, you will win everyone’s heart in Dubai food festival. She says she can hear Sooraj Rathi…. He says I m hearing that ASP Sandhya Rathi has done her duty well, and India and city are safe in her presence. She looks at him. He hugs her and asks did she hear it. He says this is protective thread, Bhabho asked you to tie it to me. She says yes and takes it. She gets message on walkie talkie and goes. Sooraj says its fine, go. Sandhya talks and does not get signal. She goes out to talk.

Chavi cries and gives Rs 25000 to Pushpa. Pushpa says this is wrong, I want Rs 50000, call Mohit and tell him I need money today itself. Chavi says give me some time, and holds her feet. The ladies see them and scold Pushpa for asking dowry from Chavi. She says I will call police now and get you arrested. Dilip comes and asks whats going on, how can you trouble my mum. The lady says she was pressuring Chavi to get Rs. 25000 from her brother. Pushpa says yes, its my money which Chavi gave to her brother as loan. Chavi says yes, she is right, don’t talk in our house matters. The ladies say don’t worry Chavi, we are with you, lets go to police station. Chavi says no. The ladies scold Pushpa, else they will protest against her. They leave.

Chavi tells Pushpa that she can’t money from her family now, please understand. Dilip looks on shocked. Chavi says I love Bhabho and respect her, tell me how to tell them that she is asking me money, you have to decide who is right and who is wrong. Dilip says I m much hurt by all this, I always wanted my family to be happy, and did not know things will go so far. Pushpa says yes, I also tried hard, to keep my family united, but now I want you and Chavi to go from here and be happy far from us. She says I can’t bear this problems every day, I will pay the price to be away from my only son, but won’t break your marriage, take your wife and I will explain my heart that I don’t have any son. Dilip is shocked.

Disha comes to meet Sooraj and shows the special mugs for food festival. She says I will keep this on your laptop busy as its delicate and can break. She hears Sandhya talking about RK’s hanging on time. She keeps some items and asks Sooraj to come, as she is waiting outside. Sooraj gets ready in a suit. He asks Sandhya to see how he is looking. She says you are really looking nice. She keeps the spy camera pen and says its perfect now, I won’t be there, but I want every moment to record in this, to that I can live those moments, and mail me the recording, I will be part of all that. She hugs him.

He says you are always a part of my life, I m feeling I m leaving my heart here.He hugs her. Diya aur baati…………….plays……………….She does not tie the protection thread to him.

Sooraj is leaving with Bhabho. Disha turns and sees Maya there at the airport.

Update Credit to: Amena

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