Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st May 2013 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st May 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st May 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Kajiri walking on the rope with a boy. The boy waves his hand to his mother. Kajiri looses her balance & slips along with the boy. Everyone gets shocked. Everyone shouts. KAjiri hangs on the rope. Suraj asks everyone to calm down & ask not to call their children as it would distract kajiri. Kajiri manages the situation. Kajiri again goes. Chotu shouts Suraj ji Bachao (help). Sandy asks him to calm down. One says that the danger is building up as the building is loosing its strngth. Kajiri saves another boy.


Vikram & dhaisa arrive & inquire about their children. Dhaisa wants to see her grandson. The nurse tells both the girl & boy are safe. Dhaisa remembers that meena too has come.


Kajiri is bit tired.

One says that she is tired & wonders how long could her stamina sustain. Kajiri saves another boy. Goes back to save another. Everyone watches her. Like this she saves many. Only few left.

Both meena & Dhaisa’s DIL lying on the bed. Dhaisa asks her DIL about the grandson. Her DIL is worried. She says that its girl with much hesitation. Dhaisa gets shocked. Meena looks at them & smiles. Vikram listens to them.

KAjiri saves another boy.

Dhaisa asks how it happened. Meena adds fire by saying that she has got boy baby & asks her to wish her. Dhaisa stares at her. Dhaisa takes her granddaughter on her hand. Vikram says that today he has forgave all her mistakes today. Meena asks him he is happy coz of boy baby. Vikram says that it is not so. Vikram looks at his son & wonders. Meena fears that he might have got doubt & manages to ask how is her son (ladessar). Vikram asks her that how can it happen while both of them have fair complexion & the boy is having dark complexion. Chaturi interrupts by saying that it can be only decided after sometime not immediately after the birth. Meena seconds her. Dhaisa notices all these things. Vikram says that it is ok & he will apply multani matti daily. Dhaisa looks at the boy baby & notices something as the boy catches vikram’s finger

Chaturi says that it is meena’s day & exclaims that bhabho will be happy to listen to this & says she will ask for some gift from bhabho. Meena’s mom says that she is happy & make daal baati today. Meena is all smiling.

Thakur asks kajiri to save his grandson now. Kajiri goes. Vishnu asks chotu to go first & chotu denies & vihsnu adds that it all happened bcoz of him as he brought them here & says that he is their guest & warns him that if he doesn’t he will jump from there. chotu accepts. Kajiri lifts chotu. Thakur murmurs that kajiri will not save his grandson. (OMG Kajiri lifted chotu golu molu) .

OMG kajiri having tough time with lifting Chotu. She walks on the rope. Someone says that time left is very short. Kajiri looses balance & thakur shouts be careful. Suraj asks everyone to calm down. Everyone tensed, Kajiri slips but manages to hold on the rope ulta(upside down) Wonder ful to watch.. Saves chotu atlast. KAjiri is all exhausted. Surya gets down chotu. Bhabho hugs chotu.

Precap: Kajiri is all exhausted & almost fainting Thakur asks her to save vishnu but kajiri couldn’t concentrate. Thakur tells that she will not as he rejected her plea when she requested him to save her son.

Update Credit to: DTB

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