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Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya saying it means Arzoo succeeded to get details of this training camp. She thinks to solve this puzzle and ask Arzoo. Arzoo sees her and goes. Sandhya looks for Arzoo and asks a man. The man says she went towards market. Sandhya says today Arzoo’s kiddish answers won’t work. Vikram likes the card. Meenakshi tells him that its his turn to return the gift. He asks her to ask anything, I will give you, you won my heart by this lovely card. She hugs him and asks for diamond necklace. He sees the names on card and calls her liar to get old card for him. She says fine, I did not buy this card, but I did decorations, my love is also fake. He says stop it, did you pick this card from road. She asks why, am I beggar? I got this from Babasa’s medical box. Vikram says

how did this card come in Babasa’s room.

Arzoo tells Bhabho that she will go washroom and come. Bhabho says she is worse than kids, and gets shocked seeing Arzoo going to gents bathroom. Vikram and Meenakshi think whose card is this, some woman has given this card to Babasa, I think Babasa has an affair. Vikram says it means Babasa is cheating Bhabho. Meenakshi says don’t call Bhabho, I will find that woman and not leave her, I understand Bhabho’s pain, Bhabho saved my house when you had affair with … He says Prema… she says you remember name. He asks how will we find that woman with initial P. She says I will find out.

Arzoo thinks its strange, that ladies and gents toilets are same. Bhabho comes there and looks for Arzoo. Bhabho knocks on doors. A man comes out and asks Bhabho what is she doing in gents toilet, are you small kid, its written on board. Bhabho says I know. Arzoo comes and asks what happened. She starts arguing with him. He calls them shameless. Arzoo gets angry and Bhabho stops her. The man asks Bhabho to take her. Bhabho says sorry and takes Arzoo.

Sandhya comes there and sees Bhabho scolding Arzoo. Arzoo says its not my mistake. Sandhya looks on. Bhabho asks why did she go to gents toilet, why did you not go to women’s toilet. Arzoo says what, I felt its strange. Bhabho asks her to see its written there clearly. Arzoo says sorry, actually, I can’t read hindi, I just know reading urdu, so I could not understand. Bhabho asks what. Sandhya thinks this time table of ATS is in hindi, what was it doing with Arzoo, every time Arzoo’s two faces come infront, what is Arzoo in reality. Bhabho scolds Arzoo. Sandhya thinks to ask Arzoo everything.

Arzoo stops the army man and asks you were you at fax shop, did any fax paper get lost. He says yes, how do you know. Arzoo says I went to take recipe fax paper and I got your fax paper, I will drop it at the fax shop, you take it from there. Sandhya hears this.

The boy asks Ved for Chulbul. Ved says we will not give Chulbul, we don’t want cycle. Pari says Chulbul is part of our family and we all love him,, keep your cycle with you. They leave. The boy gets angry and says I will get this Chulbul.

Vikram asks Meenakshi about accounts. She tells about 10 woman with name initial P. He says Babasa is innocent, don’t think this. She says you also look innocent, even then you were marrying Prema, your dad is much ahead of you, he has affair with P lady.

Golu comes running to Pari and Ved, and tells them that Chulbul is missing. Ved asks did Karan steal our Chulbul… they rush. Karan asks Chulbul to stop running. Vikram gets Babasa’s call. She asks him to talk. Babasa asks Vikram to keep that medicine box safe, no one should know about it, your wife should never know of it. Meenakshi asks Vikram to ask what Babasa kept in the box. Babasa says don’t ask and scolds him. He ends call. Meenakshi says see its proved now, Babasa is thinking about I love you card, he has an affair. Vikram gets sad.

Sandhya goes and asks Arzoo what happened. Arzoo tells the entire matter, Resham has sent Oliyaa recipe by fax, army officer also came to take their fax, my fax was in urdu, I don’t know about his fax language. Sandhya thinks Sooraj was right, Arzoo is innocent.

Sandhya tells Sooraj that Arzoo does not know hindi. Arzoo writes Chotu in hindi, on the sand.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Lol arzoo is a gs actor

  2. The story stands at the same place for past one week. When will it move further? And the superclious comedy of Meena on Babasa’s illegitimate love affsirs is simply awkward.

  3. Plz update silsila pyaar ka….

  4. I think sandhya should keep a close eye on arzoo

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