Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st June 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maasa asking Om not to worry, they are also family and will understand them. Sparsh comes running and hugs Maasa. Bhabho asks Emily how did she get hurt. Meenakshi says Purvi has…. Emily says nothing, I got bit hurt. Om looks on and recalls Purvi. Purvi blindfolds him and says I don’t want you to see any girl except me, many girls come to your clinic.

He says I m doctor, patient is patient, male or female does not matter. She says it matters as my husband is very handsome. He says I have many appointments, I have to go. She says fine, first appointment is of Sunita, it may happen that she meets with an accident by my car. He asks do you know what you are saying. She says you need to understand, I can go to any limit when any girl comes close to you. FB ends.

Om says Purvi would have done this, I will do aid. Emily says you just know to blame, you are the biggest cheater, you are not suitable for love and trust. Maasa asks her to stop it, do you know Om, Om is my grandson, he is one in a million, you have no sense that’s why you chose husband like Mohit, now you got a husband like my Om and you don’t value him.

Bhabho shouts asking Maasa to stop it. she cries and don’t say a word against my daughter, being innocent is not a crime, I know she took many wrong decisions because of her innocence, but she always worked honestly to rectify her decisions, she has won our heart with her selfless love, she became our daughter, a mother can’t see injustice happening with her daughter, whoever it may be, I will not hear anything against Emily, she has bear a lot, now she won’t bear anything. Emily cries. Bhabho tells Sandhya that once again, you have to take this responsibility of getting justice, you have to stand against relations, you have to get justice for both these troubled wives, support them, their hope is linked to you, decision is in your hands. Sandhya looks at Maasa and cries.

Emily sees Sparsh sleeping. Meenakshi goes to her. She gives her water. She says if you want anything else, tell me. Emily says nothing, you go and rest. Meenakshi apologizes and hugs her. She cries. Emily asks what happened. Meenakshi says I used to trouble you a lot, I used to taunt you and wished to get rid of you, when you got married, I was very happy thinking you are away now, but today seeing you today, I feel why did you go from here, why did I wish bad for you, sometimes wishes get true, I wish to take all my prayers back, forgive me. Emily cries and says I did not get away from you all, I did not forget my family, if I did not get away from here, how would I see your this avatar, I m lucky to get such family, this family taught me to raise voice against in justice and fight. Meenakshi wipes her tears and says we all are with you.

Maasa tells Sandhya that I m glad hearing your good news, congrats, I m feeling bad that this is happening at this time, I feel my family has questions for me, Bhabho did not meet my eyes and did not raise her voice, today her anger, annoyance and questions was there, but I did not see respect in her eyes, I can see respect in your eyes for me, because our relation is from heart, right? Sandhya reminds Maasa that their relation also started with bitterness, but we gave time and chance to each other, everything got fine, why did you not give chance to Purvi. Maasa cries and you can ask villagers, Purvi gets mad at times and behaves very crazy, I have no proof of her madness, but you have met many criminals and read faces, do you think we can do this.

Sandhya says don’t you think you did wrong. Maasa says yes, I lied, but if you see from my sight, you will not find this marriage wrong, Purvi ruined Om’s life, Sparsh got a mother and Pari got a father, no one can point to Om and Emily’s pairing. Sandhya says even when your intention was right, your way was wrong. Maasa says I know, what would you do. Purvi comes there. Maasa asks Sandhya to do anything if she thinks she did mistake, I never had courage to tell you, I thought everything will be fine, but things got worse. She sees Purvi there. Purvi starts acting and apologizes to her. She says I don’t want to go jail, I will do as Maasa says, I will give written statement that I have troubled Maasa, Maasa did not keep me locked, I came here as Emily said, I forgot that Sandhya is Maasa’s fav bahu, she can’t go against Maasa. Maasa asks Sandhya not to get in Purvi’s words, she is filling poison. Purvi says if you don’t trust me, and gets some paper. She signs on a blank paper and gives to Sandhya, asking her to write anything, I don’t want justice.

Purvi says Maasa always scared me with your name that you will send me to jail, I m scared for Sparsh’s sake, I will go away with my Sparsh. Maasa says Purvi is acting, don’t get in her cheat. Purvi cries and asks Sandhya to write anything on the paper, but not make her away from Sparsh. Maasa and Purvi cry. Sandhya thinks whom to trust, I have to find out the truth.

Purvi tells Maasa that Sparsh will not wake up now, as she has given him rat poison. Maasa gets shocked and runs out with Sparsh in her arms. She tells Om to save Sparsh, Purvi gave him poison. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wat a quick update amena thank u soooooo much

  2. I think purvi had nt given poison 2 sparsh i think she lied 2 make every 1 mad

    1. Correct Hema.

    2. Me too feel Purvi lied to Maasa to bring SANDHYA & others to her(Purvi’s) side completely & prove Maasa wrong in everyone’s eyes.
      But plzzz end this track soon.Plzzz…..

  3. good epi


    As usual nice episode…… watch upcoming episodes….

  5. Puvri is a horrible girl n y is she doing all this i hope sandhya find out the truth soon

  6. Purvi seems to be dangerous.Sandya has to use all her marbles and astuteness to find out the truth.

  7. But y is purvi so mean towards masa what is masa and oms mistake
    She didn’t give sparsh poison she just said so masa will tell the rest of her family and sparsh will wake up this will prove masa wrong and Emily will shout at masa for blaming purvi

  8. EMILY-MEENAKSHI scene was so touching.Really very emotional.
    Meenakshi is too good.Love her character so much.

  9. Sparsh is purvis son so why did she poison him or unless thats not her son? ?kitna suspence hai yaar

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