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Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya asking Bhabho to take decision and tell them, you are experienced and elder, you always take right decision for family. Sooraj says yes, I always agreed to Bhabho’s decision, whatever she will think will be for family’s good. Bhabho and Babasa go to their room. Babasa says I know this decision making duty has put you in dilemma, choosing either of Sooraj and Sandhya is like choosing which hand to cut, I know they are your heart, Sooraj is always your Shravan son, any mother would be proud to have such son, and Sandhya has always won your heart by becoming your son, you blindly believe her, you took promise from Sandhya to give priority to family than her job, she did that, she left her job and sacrificed such big thing.

She says I m Sooraj’s mum, but

Sandhya gave me more respect even when she was not born to me, how can a mother differentiate between two children, they asked me to decide, what can I decide, when I know well that they both are standing each other to save their dreams, its such unbreakable love, they have become stubborn.

He asks her not to worry, since you came in Rathi family, you always took right decisions, I m sure you will take right decision even this time, you won’t let injustice happen with either of them, I have spent 50 years with you, I trust you.

Emily comes to room and wonders who made Sparsh sleep, even Pari’s uniform is ironed, who did this. Om comes and says I did this, you work hard in parlor and get tired, and then all this work, I can’t help in parlor work, but can help in this work, there is one more work, if you are not tired, shall we go for movie? She smiles and says yes, I will tell Maasa and come. He says I told Maasa, you just get ready. He calls Mahen and she gets shocked. Om says Ritu, Emily and I are leaving, we will meet you at main gate, you get the tickets. Emily says sorry Om, I can’t come, I have headache, you and Ritu go. Om asks why did you not tell before, I will give tablet. She says don’t be adamant, I won’t come. He looks on.

Its morning, Meenakshi tells Vikram that Bhabho will say whose dream will survive and break. Bhabho comes there. Bhabho says this decision is very tough one of my life, Sooraj’s shop dreams, Sandhya’s police duty dreams, I m asked to choose any one dream, I did not imagine that I will get such testing time, your dreams will get against and I have to choose one, I have thought a lot, I decided that till balaji temple maha utsav, Sooraj can’t sell his shop, and Sandhya will fulfill the challenge she took.

FB shows Bhabho crying and praying. She sees Sandhya struggling in the shop’s kitchen. She thinks whats Sandhya doing at shop at 5am. She goes to Sandhya and asks are you here since night, but I did not decide anything. Sandhya says I don’t know decision, I can’t spoil my valuable 12 hours while waiting for decision, I have just 12 days, see I have made one round jalebis, this is my life’s first round jalebi. She smiles. Bhabho looks at her. FB ends.

Bhabho shows the jalebis to Sooraj and says its not perfect in shape and sweetness, but it has all night’s hardwork, Sandhya made this by working for 12 hours, Sandhya did not make tea ever, she has made these jalebis. She says you are halwai, you know this determination and hardwork should get one chance, is this right to fail anyone without giving a chance, tell me Sooraj, that’s why I took this decision.

Bhabho asks Sandhya to go and work hard, Savitri’s real determination can get husband’s life from Yamraj, then this is just a small test, Lord is with you. She blesses Sandhya. Sandhya smiles with tearful eyes and hugs Bhabho thankfully. Everyone smile.

Sandhya reads magazine and says Sooraj ji, you guide me now. The containers fall down. She gets shocked and sits to clean the mess. Arzoo gets Sooraj there. Sandhya says it fell by mistake. Sooraj asks Arzoo to clean all this and remove everything from here, I don’t want anything here. Sooraj says halwai work can’t be learnt like this, one can learn work at the shop’s kitchen. He asks Arzoo to keep all the items there, anyone who wants to learn can come there at shop. He asks Sandhya why is she staring, she can learn at the shop. Sandhya hugs and thanks him. Chavi looks on worried and goes. Sandhya smiles. Diya aur baati…………plays……….

Sooraj instructs Sandhya. Sandhya sees the fire catching Sooraj’s hand. Meenakshi shouts to Bhabho and everyone about the fire. They all rush to the shop.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Emotional beginning
    Happy ending Episode
    Superb Episode
    Eagerly awaiting for upcoming episodes
    Hope everything gets fine soon
    DABH is always the best
    Love SOORAJ-SANDHYA couple the most

  2. SANDHYA’s love for SOORAJ & her family can’t exist in real life
    But in reel they are best in the world
    In my point of view
    DABH is the best ever romantic family story aired in INDIAN Television Screen

  3. Perhaps the accident may help recuperation of Suraj of his health.

  4. U people r moving serial very slowly and extending it so long, it’s disgusting. Soon people will loose interest in this serial. Why can’t you people start new serials by closing saathiya, this serial, ye hai mohabathin and yeh ristha Kay kehatha hai. Please start some comedy and horror serials too, then all star plus viewers will be happy to watch the channel

  5. I like it this episode. jansi please don’t say again this, we love DABH and we see the serial since 5 years u don’t like it so u can move other serial, and don’t say end DABH, we loved it.

    1. Sony I too like DABH that’s your am also watching it, but extending one serial for such long time will not be nice. Some people get bored. Instead of this serial they can start new story with same cast. It’s like people will have different taste. If u like it, it’s not that other should like it.

  6. I knew he would help her

  7. Glad this rubbish show is ending 15th Aug

  8. sony i agree with you

  9. today episode so nice and good desition take that bhabho ,sony i agree with you because i am very big fan of dabh but i am very hurt end dabh , because we see since 4 years i no telecast good srerial in star plus because i am see that only telugu serial but now i am see hindi serial the one and only so nice and so cute serial is dabh, my life time see the best serial is dabh , love so much suraj&sandhya and dabh team.

  10. Please any one tell me diya aur baati hum ending on 15th August 2016?
    This news was true or fack?

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