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Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya coming home. Babasa says she went very early. Meenakshi expects a good news that traffic figures got to zero. Meenakshi says this bag is not ours, its fine, it looks you are very tired, your mind was be asking you to stop using it. Sandhya looks upset. Meenakshi praises Sandhya and asks why did she make the mistake. Sandhya says I m sorry Bhabho, I was in hurry so this happened. She goes to her room and cries. She thinks about SP’s words. Bhabho comes to her and asks what happened. Sandhya does not tell her. Bhabho understands she is hiding and bearing all pain herself. She asks her to share it. Sandhya says nothing. Bhabho insists.

Sandhya says I lost Bhabho, I was wrong, what I thought was foolish idea. She tells her everything what SP told her. Sandhya

breaks down. Bhabho encourages her and says my bahu trusts herself. She shows her the parents’ pic and asks her to see what is her strength. She shows the IPS pic and says you won the post by so much hardwork. She asks how can you think about people, do what your heart says, I can’t understand how can you follow others, do what you want, else you will be just Sandhya, not ASP Sandhya.

She says its bitter medicines and will take time to show is effect. She asks her to be patient. She says I m illiterate but a man has to trust himself, wait for the result, if you fail, then it does not matter, Lord blesses you, you fight with the world and try to prove yourself again, we all are with you. Bhabho holds her hand. Sandhya says yes. Sooraj hears all this and feels sad. Its night, Chavi comes to her mum in law Pushpa. Pushpa says I will make breakfast. Chavi tries to tell her that she might be pregnant and her symptoms. Dilip comes woth sweets.

Chavi says you are becoming grandma. Pushpa is happy and hugs her. Dilip smiles and hugs Chavi. Sandhya and Meenakshi are in balcony. Meenakshi talks to her and says its winter weather and see Sooraj is sending letters daily. Sandhya asks what do you mean. Meenakshi teases her and says Sooraj called you in red saree again. Sandhya says I can’t trust you, last time it was a misunderstanding. Meenakshi says how did I think wrong. Sooraj comes and says you were right Meenakshi, you said what I told you to tell. Sandhya is stunned.

Meenakshi thanks Sooraj else Sandhya fooled her. Sooraj asks Sandhya to wear red saree and come. Sandhya says I have work. Sooraj says you can do it later. Sandhya says you look different, what happened. He says nothing, we won’t get sleep thinking about result, so we can go out. He holds her hand and she agrees smiling. Diya aur baati…………..plays……….

Sandhya comes dressed in a red saree and asks is his scooter not working. He says yes, its annoyed too, as it has a heart, as I did not take care of it. She says is it, so tell it that be annoyed, as you will give time to me, and I have right on you. He says its saying that you came now, its old. She says love matters. She says we have to be together for long. She smiles. Diya……………plays………… they have an eyelock. It starts raining. They leave together on the scooter as she holds him and smiles.

Bhabho says she is happy today, as Chavi is pregnant. Everyone is happy. Sandhya talks to someone on phone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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