Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st July 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st July 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st July 2013 Written Update

Momily room

Mohit shouts at emilysaying that what she did & tells that Bhabo & babaasa will take revenge on him not her. Adds that what did she think?? can she beat sandy who came third in Rajasthan… Emily tells that she is trying to solve all the problem & to salvage the gift money which went on chit fund… Mohit asks what should he understand. Emily tries to say that she would tell bhabo after winning the money about the loss. Mohit tells that emily is trying to show him down & blame him for everythin. Ems tells that it is the only option left & she can’t tolerate when bbhabo taunts him for not giving money & tells that what is the big deal in trying & adds that bhabo always tells that one must try … She also adds that she is average

student & not like sandy…
Mohit thinks to self that it is on one way helpful to him as bhabo would forgive his chit fund loss if she wins the amount. He tells ems saying that she can do whatever as she is giving lectures on wifely duties…He tells that he will not talk abt this to bhabo. Ems tells that she will do the needed.


Suraj is in his shop. Sandy serves him food. Suraj asks sandy whether bhabo ate Sandy nods… He asks about ems… Suraj tells that he is confused with ems decision. Sandy tells that she is too & she has never shown interest in education like this before & tells that she must have taken this decision with due diligence. Suraj tells that they must talk abt this to ems. Sandy asks him to have food first… suraj says that they must finish off this first & both leave…

Aangan (mohit looks everything from balcony)

Ems tells bhabo that she wants to take part for the family. Babasa asks family??? Ems tells that she knows that they have spent so mch money for sandy.. Adds that sandy will work hard for this too & if she participates then the chance of winning is better when two participate… SurYa enter too… Ems tells that she needs one chance & RP’s pride will be increased…Meena tells that where did she find such bahaana for this??? Adds that bhabo has already told that no one can talk about this & asks whether she is trying to go beyond the words of bhabo. Bhabo tells that she has no probs wih ems participation.. Mohit gets shocked…

Meena asks bhabo that she herself told … Bhabo tells that it was true & thi sis also true.
Bhabo tells that she has no difference between the members of the family. If she has given permission to one why not the other & she will not treat them partially. Meena wonders what is happenning in this RM & Bhabo changed her decision. Ems leaves.. Bhabo in balcony drying something & flashback. is shown

Bhabo hears the convo of Momily… & her intention to save him from bhabo & bring back his pride in Rm by winning the competition. Bhabo is worried. Ems comes & falls at her feet apologising for hurting her… Bhabo gets shocked. She tells that she takes decision with due diligence… Asks her not to repeat this.. She also asks ems to send mohit to her along with pen & paper. Ems asks her why??? Bhabo asks her whether she shd take permission from her to talk with her son… Ems gets worried.

Precap: Chavi & Meena silently watching TV in SurYa Room. Bhabo enters the room & stares at them … CAlls emily & asks her to take away the remote. Chavi & meena get tensed

Update Credit to: Shobhana_dabh

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