Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st January 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st January 2014 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st January 2014 Written Update

Suraj prays to God that Sandhya has worked hard to reach that point and he cannot let her lose for the loss of bag. He also prays that if they do not get the bag Bhabho would feel guilty and he would not be able to tolerate it. He prays to God to somehow get the lost bag. Bhabhasa is seeing the watch and they are running out of time. Suddenly, the driver comes with the bag. He says he was looking for them and was going to report it to police station that he found him. All thank him and explain how important the bag was. Bhabhasa asks the driver to drop them to police academy who refuses saying he has to pick up school children but will arrange for another taxi.

Rathis go to Police Academy in another taxi. On route, they are very happy as Sandhya is going to achieve

her dream soon. Bhabhasa jokes saying that people say it is not good to be friendly with policemen but now don’t know whether to be laugh or cry as his daughter-in-law is going to be one.

They reach Police Academy and the security guides them to go to the administrative office. They reach the office and Sandhya gets emotional seeing the National Flag. They enquire and a person takes them inside. He asks others to sit down and takes Sandhya inside. While they are waiting for Sandhya, Bhabho remembers she forgot to give the jewels back to Sandhya and is worried as without jewels, Sandhya would not look good. Bhabho is patiently waiting for Sandhya.

In the house, Meena is feeding Kanha. Vikram is taking sarees from the house to the shop. She stops him and offers help but Vikram shuts her up saying she needs to just look after Kanha and he would manage. Meena is hurt. Mohit brings Pari down and Emily follows him. She asks him to hold Pari for a few minutes more as she needs to prepare food for Pari. Mohit scolds her to go to beauty parlor as she is getting late. Chavvi brings his lunch bag and he asks Chavvi to prepare Pari’s food as Emily is getting late to the parlor. He scolds Emily to work hard and keep up time or else she would lose customers. Emily is helpless and goes to parlor with Pari. Chavvi is hurt by Mohit’s words as he reminds her of her punishment to do all the housework and asks her to prepare Pari’s food too. Meena sees Chavvi upset and wants to instigate her further. She leaves Kanha and goes to kitchen and starts talking sweetly and starts preparing daliya while instigating Chavvi against Emily. Chavvi understands her motive and shuts her up saying she is aware of Meena very well and not going to fall for her words.

In police academy, Bhabho is impatiently waiting while they show Sandhya wearing her uniform, belt and tying shoes. Bhabho asks Suraj how long will it take for Sandhya to come and when about to answer her, Suraj sees Sandhya coming towards them in cadet uniform. He and Bhabhasa stand up immediately and see her in amazement. They are very happy seeing Sandhya in the uniform. Sandhya is very graciously marching towards them. Bhabho is stunned looking at her and very upset. She keeps staring at her and drops the handkey with jewels down. The jewels fall down and bangles bang Sandhya’s shoes. Sandhya understands Bhabho is not happy. She then takes the jewels and places them in handkey and hands over to Bhabho and ties the handkey firmly. Suraj is happy and in tears looking at Sandhya and Sandhya too looks proudly at Suraj with the new title song in the background. Bhabho interrupts them and gives the jewels to Sandhya. Just then announcement is made asking all the trainees to gather in the ground. Sandhya is confused and Suraj asks her to go and they will follow her. Sandhya leaves and Bhabho is stunned.

Precap: All the cadets are in the ground. An officer announces them that they will be under the training by Inspector Singh and Inspector Singh’s entry is shown coming in her bike and stops. Bhabho, Bhabhasa and Suraj are seated on chairs with other people.

Update Credit to: b2011

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