Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st February 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st February 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st February 2013 Written Update

SurYa come out of the college near their scooter. Sandhya sees the college name board and has flashback of when Suraj brings her there for the first time when he says that he was worried as he could not get her admission in college but God has shown him this night college and it is true that when God closes one door, he always opens another and he wants her to be happy. Seeing her worried, Suraj also voices concern over her studies.

Meena enters her room after talking to Bhabho. She is elated as Bhabho will somehow win the challenge easily and Sandhya will not become an IPS and then Meena will give a grandson to Bhabho and be the queen of the house. Suddenly, she remembers vaidrani’s assistant telling her about stopping medicines in between may not give her good result and Meena thinks of going there and getting the medicines. On the other side, Mohit speaking to Emily on phone and tells her that he will meet her near vaidrani’s clinic. Meena ensures Vikram is sleeping and gets ready to go. Outside her room, her saree is stuck to a wooden desk and she is trying to take it when Mohit opens the main door and goes out. She then goes out and wonders how the door is open.

Sandhya reminds Suraj of his words and says God will not meddle with so many students’ future and she is hopeful that they will find out a way in a day or two. They leave from there.

Meena near vaidrani’s clinic, sees the seal on the door and about to find out the window which is open. She listens to Emily’s voice who is asking Mohit when he will inform their family. She tells him even their family had problem as he is a hindu but she convinced them so she insists him to convince Bhabho soon. Meena is excited to know their story and wants to see their faces also but then resists as she has to finish her job first. Emily is worried as she has lied to Bhabho that she is income tax officer and Bhabho would reject her by just seeing her, so she wants to meet her and apologize for that. Mohit asks her to wait some time until Bhabho forgets this issue. Emily wants to go as her brother will be waiting and Mohit offers to drop her there.

Meena finds out the open window and pushes it, enters the clinic and remembering the assistant’s words, finds out her medicine bottles. She takes a bag and fills it with those bottles and comes out of the window where Mohit and Emily are also coming. Meena sees Mohit holding Emily’s hands and recognizes it was them who were speaking outside and is shocked. Mohit is also startled and leaves Emily’s hands but then manages to notice medicine bag. Emily excuses and leaves from there.

SurYa return home. Bhabho is still awake and wonders why they are back early. She checks whether Sandhya is having fever and wonders what is the reason. Suraj informs that Sandhya’s night college might shut down as they are going to build a temple in that place. Bhabho asks then how will Sandhya complete her studies and fulfill her parents’ dream. Suraj says that Babaji has assured them that he will come out with an alternative. Bhabho is concerned.

Meena and Mohit in front of vaidrani clinic. Mohit tells her that so she is taking vaidrani’s medicines. Meena hesitatingly denies and tells she took one or two times and her name is registered in their book and so she went to strike out her name before police sees it. She tries to divert him saying she could not believe Mohit could do such a thing. She scares him saying Sandhya is only educated and Bhabho is angry on her but Emily is a Christian, totally different culture, food habits, everything. She reminds him of Bhabho’s words that whoever goes against their parampara will be thrown out of the house and Mohit would be the first. Mohit tackles her saying he also knows about her taking vaidrani’s medicines and if he tells Bhabho, she would be the second one to be thrown out. Meena is scared thinking if he tells Bhabho, then the ATM issue will also come out. So, they both think over and request each other at the same time not to tell Bhabho. Meena is thinking that she will remain silent until she has the baby boy and then will inform Bhabho.

Precap: Sandhya says she is worried about the night college and lost sleep. Suraj says he too lost sleep and suggests they play some game. Looks like they are playing blink game, looking at each other’s eyes smiling.

Update Credit to: b2011

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