Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st August 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya asking Arpita to see suicide note carefully again. Arpita checks. She shows the Swan logo and says its not common one found in any notepad. Arpita says yes, its especially made in diary, we should find this diary manufacturer and then we can find that person. Sandhya says yes, once we reach this logo stationery, we can find out details. She makes the Swan logo on a paper. Arpita says I will send this to rest of police officers. Meenakshi thinks why did the lady call me here today. She asks the lady did anything wrong happen. The lady says nothing like that, Misri will go Dubai, there is no doubt that she is talented, but one thing makes her weak, grooming, I mean she should look good, her beauty should be groomed, else Misri will get back, despite being talented.

Meenakshsi says Misri is beautiful. The lady shows her pics of models and says they have style and presentation, if Misri shares stage with them, her confidence will get low.

Meenakshi says this is dance competition, why is beauty needed. The lady says beauty matters in dance or singing competition, trust me, once Misri gets styling, she will shine like gold, she is like my daughter, so I m taking personal interest. Meenakshi asks her what shall I do. The lady asks her to take her to good parlor and get necessary beauty treatments done, like new haircut, makeup etc, its common thing.

Meenakshi thinks its not common thing in my house, if Vikram knows this, he will kill me. She says I understood and leaves. Lady smiles and says this is called increasing value of product. She says Misri is my black cheque. A girl is pulled by hair and dragged by that lady. She calls Makrand and asks him not to worry, I will groom them and you won’t identify them, whether they are from small city or foreigner. The girl is groomed and tries to run away. The goons catch her. The lady says you look great. The girl says leave me, I want to go home. The lady says I m spending thousands of rupees on you, shall I leave you, you better accept all this.

A printing press man tells Sooraj that your sweets are sign of happiness in every Pushkar house. Sooraj asks him to make good card design. The man shows him some logo samples. Sandhya comes home and Bhabho asks her to come to them. Sooraj checks the logos. Bhabho asks her to see the designs for sweet box and cards. Sandhya does not see that swan logo and goes to attend call. She tells Amit that she is trying to find Mansi. She asks for some more time.

Sooraj, Bhabho and Babasa like other design and finalize it. The man says he will make it and leaves. Bhabho says Sandhya did not see it. She says its same if you see or I. She says sorry to Sandhya for being on call. He says I just wish you find Mansi. She says its important to get that girl. He says I trust my Sandhya completely. Diya aur baati…..plays……………

Misri talks to Vikram. He calls her lucky charm, whenever she comes, customers come. She says no, its because of your hardwork. He says daughters make a father more responsible, I know you and Meenakshi feel bad when I ask you not to go here and there, its just because you are valuable to me, you are my life and everyone loves their life, you are going to Sudha’s house, I will miss you.

Misri cries and says even I will miss you. Meenakshi thinks I m sorry to lie to Vikram, Misri is not going to Sudha, not to fulfill her dreams. Vikram says I can’t stop Misri this time, else Meenakshi will kill me. She says I heard you will learn cooking there. They laugh. Meenakshi asks Misri to come with her. Misri leaves. Meenakshi thinks Vikram loves Misri a lot, when she earns big name, Vikram will be proud, I will tell him everything when Misri returns from Dubai.

Sandhya greets Bhabho and asks Kanak not to trouble Bhabho. Bhabho says she loves me and does not trouble me, Sandhya troubles me. Sandhya says yes, you love just Kanak, you forgot me and Sooraj. Bhabho says you do all work wrong, I feel enemy sent you to trouble me. Sandhya says I did not trouble you intentionally. Bhabho says I know. She gives Kanak to Sandhya. Kanak takes paper from Sandhya’s pocket and drops it. Sooraj picks the paper and tells Sandhya about the slip. He checks the logo and tells Sandhya that printing press man got this design too.

Sandhya asks did he show this design. Sooraj says yes and asks Bhabho does she remember. Sandhya asks are you sure Bhabho. Bhabho says yes, it was there. Sandhya asks Sooraj to make her talk to that designer, it will be great help for me. She gives Kanak to Bhabho. Sooraj calls that man. Sandhya asks him about Swan logo, does he remember for whom did he make it. the man says yes, I printed it 4 days ago, there is Hans garage, I made that design for them. She thanks him and recalls Amit’s words.

Lady talks to Meenakshi. Meenakshi tells her that you can’t take Misri to Dubai. The lady says I will take care of Misri, she is like my daughter. Bhabho, Sandhya, Sooraj and Vikram get shocked seeing Meenakshi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good Episode
    Track is very interesting and there is a great message to the society too.
    Love this track a lot.
    Suspense Precap.
    Eagerly awaiting for upcoming episodes.

  2. Meenakshi can never be rectified. Are there any such characters in real life?

  3. I hope sandhya sooraj stop her from sending misri to Dubai n question the lady about the dance

  4. No one can stop Sandhya, she will be succesful. This track is difficult, how to solve it Mishri and Mansi, oh i cant, but SANDHYA can

  5. Very nice episode….cute moment kanak also helping her mumma by dropping logo from her pocket…..hahahahaha bhai beti Sandhya ki hai 🙂

  6. KANAK scene simply superb.KANAK Rockzzzz.Eagerly awaiting for today’s episode to know what happened to MISRI & why MEENAKSHI changed her decision to send MISRI with that lady.

  7. I think Kanak will be an IPS officer, intelligent and nice, kind like her mother
    Best wishes for Rathi Fam, especially is SANDHYA, SOORAJ, VEDANSH, KANAK
    Best wishes for Diya Aur Baati Hum

  8. If I guess right,MISRI has allergy of Make-up.That’s why MISRI & MEENAKSHI were crying thinking MISRI can’t go to Dubai.

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