Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st August 2015 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabho praying to get Lalima for Sooraj. She gets surprised seeing out of the window, and getting glimpse of Lalima at the sweet shop. She thanks Lord for sending Lalima to her. She goes to Lalima and asks is she Durga Prasad’s daughter. Lalima says yes, and this is my brother. Bhabho says I m Sooraj Rathi’s mum, it was his shop. Lalima says everyone knows Sooraj, he is ideal being a halwai, my dad used to say a lot about him. Bhabho asks why is she at shop today, will her brother manage it. Lalima says no, my brother is studying, I decided I will manage the shop, I learnt to make sweets. Bhabho blesses her.

Lalima seeks her blessings that she manages the shop and all her responsibilities. Bhabho thinks she wishes Lalima to bring light in Sooraj’s life, and

Lalima is taking his place at his shop today, I m sure she is the one for Sooraj and will bring happiness in his life. Sandhya dries clothes and recalls similar moment. FB shows her and Sooraj’s sweet moment post their marriage. Sandhya eats jaggery and imagines Sooraj. He says he will be with her, whenever she misses her. She smiles. Diya aur baati……….plays……………

She moves the cloth and smiles. Manjari shouts seeing her, and scolds her for stealing the jaggery and eating it. She asks her to rush to market. Sandhya shows mock strategy to sell. Manjari asks her to leave. Sandhya smiles and thinks to get info about Sooraj and Ved.

Sooraj talks to Sandhya, and she says she will make sweets. Lalima is also making sweets. Sandhya says she will make groundnut laddoo and asks for his help. She asks him to say what to put first, and he tells her to put ghee before groundnut. Lalima hears him and sees Sooraj. She asks her brother is he telling us, he is a superb halwai. He says yes, there is no one with him. She asks Sooraj about ghee. Sooraj is telling Sandhya and Lalima follows the steps to make the laddoo. He asks her to stir it well, its not easy to make sweets.

He says you got it burnt, who will eat this now. Lalima says maybe he is right, I can’t make sweets. Her brother says you can cook well. Lalima tells Sooraj that she will make good sweets and get perfect with time. Sandhya comes to the market to sell the jaggery. She thinks Bharat can come anytime, I should be ready. She sells some jaggery and thinks maybe Garjana man will also be here.
Bhabho tells Babasa that she has finalized Lalima for Sooraj. He says we are his parents so we want to erase the darkness of his life, but why will Lalima marry a married man and who has an eight year old kid, don’t hurry up. She says Sandhya has hurt Sooraj a lot, but everything will be fine, I will lie to Lalima for my son, everyone knows Sooraj is married and has a son, they just don’t know about his illness.

She asks will she not think about Lalima. She says she will lie to see Sooraj fine, Lalima will help me, Sooraj is not ill, he is shocked by his wife’s death, Lalima will make Sooraj fine, I know this. A lady talks to Sandhya and asks the name she wants on her hand. She says Sooraj and smiles getting it written on her hand. She comes out of her imagination. Bharat comes to her and says Sandhya… Sandhya gives him the jaggery. She puts some note on it and gives him. He thinks Sandhya gave some message. She asks does he want more. He says fine, and reads message that she could not reach Chandu, as everyone here calls each other by Chandu, they are checking her by tests and she has to win their trust, its good if she gets some more info about Chandu. She asks about Sooraj and asks him to send her message to them.

He thinks he can’t tell her that her family broke relation with her, and Sooraj is not coming out of home, no one knows about him and his hotel, he can’t tell her anything. He tells Sandhya that his friend Sooraj likes this jaggery a lot, he has sent him, he will make Sooraj have this jaggery, his little son is very naughty, he is fine. He says take care and leaves. Chandu is also present there and sees Sagarika.

Sandhya runs and is caught by some goons. Chandu runs towards her. Lalima comes to meet Sooraj. Bhabho and Babasa look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wating for tomorrow episode. Very excited to watch sandhya’s part.hope they show in starting of the tomorrow episode.??

    1. That man how follow sandhya with gun may be that chandu send them to test sandhya.?? bcoz that chandu is dauting sandhya. Bcoz he is so smart. He easily nt believe anyone. Wating for chandu save sandhya.???

    2. yaaa meee toooo waiting……

    1. yaaa i see in face book…..nice pics

    2. Awesome pictures ?
      Sandya was looking extremely beautiful that for once I thought that if Bharat sir is also stunned by her killing looks ?

  2. I hate bhaboo’s character. Bcoz of the following reason:-
    1) bhaboo say that sandhya is always do office duty nt home duty:
    Bhaboo I tell u that always sandhya do first home duty. Sandhya always respect others. First she change ur thought. Ur own son means mohit. Nt give u respect always argue with u BT sandhya always respect u what u say she always do that.she never argue with u. Ur own son nt do so much for u and ur husband BT sandhya always think first bhaboo and bhabasa wish, she always keep u and ur family happy. And u say she dnt want family.????

    2)bhaboo say that sandhya dnt love suraj and ved:
    Bhaboo I think u forget that suraj won that cooking competition with the help of sandhya. If sandhya nt give suraj recipes to that website then suraj never win that trophy. Another when ved dnt like suraj professional means halwai. That time also sandhya explain ved . and she bring respect in ved’s mind that our professional doesn’t matter that which duty we do. Only matter we r happy to do that work. If sandhya nt do this then now also ved hate his father.BT bcoz of sandhya this nt happened. Bcoz of sandhya Now ved respect his father.and u say sandhya dnt love suraj and ved. ????

    1. 3) bhaboo say that always sandhya choice office duty in between house and office duty:
      This is wrong bhaboo bcoz remember bhaboo that scene when suraj know that rajkumar is terrorist that time suraj beat that rajkumar and rajkumar put the gun on suraj on that time sandhya save suraj.if sandhya nt do this then suraj is nt with u. In that hijack time she first save family then she kill that rajkumar. In that also if suraj or bhaboo nt coming between her duty then that rajkumar nt shot bhaboo. After that she save u donating her own kidney after all she know that after donating kidney she nt do office duty properly then also she do this. No one of ur family agree to give u kidney. Only sandhya do that and also sandhya hide her identy. Sandhya also do chavi mind change she realies chavi to his mistake. And she make her independent. Now u see chavi is best fashion designer. Bcoz of sandhya chavi totally change. Bcoz of sandhya vikarm and Minakshi now happy.if sandhya nt change ur mind den Minakshi now in her mother home. She released both Minakshi and vikram there mistake. Bcoz of sandhya vikram bring Minakshi home. And u forget all this ur home happiness.. ????bcoz of sandhya this happened.?

      1. 4) sandhya die on duty :
        when sandhya know that u and suraj also going that train then how many times she say that u can go with bus BT u dnt agree for that. Then she tell this to bharat sir and then bharat sir do his second plan. Then suraj go that couch which they blast. When sandhya know that she save suraj. first she do this. If sandhya nt save suraj then suraj also die in that blast. Then u see sandhya. And bharat sir second plan is to bring sandhya’s body. Which they use that time when bhaboo see sandhya. If bhaboo nt see sandhya then they tell something that sandhya is going to her duty.and they do not do sandhya’s fake death this situation only bhaboo’s fault and u bleam our sandhya. Bcoz of sandhya now ur son is with u.??

      2. 5) bhaboo say that sandhya broke suraj dream:
        Bt one thing i tell u bhaboo that u broke suraj dream nt sandhya. Dr. Say that suraj was scare when he see fire. And that time u say that now suraj hotel never work. Bt one thing is only suraj nt work that hotel as chef so many people also join in that hotel. Suraj at least open that hotel. I now that suraj is scare of fire BT u can do one thing u can send suraj in one or two days in a week.or when suraj go that hotel for his support some one go with suraj. After all suraj is owner of the hotel. Bt u skip her dream.??????? If sandhya in this situation then sandhya never do this she definitely do this which I say now.??????

      3. 6) u say that no one come between surya. They r one nt two. U always say that sandhya is perfect for suraj and now when sandhya die on duty then u say sandhya is nt perfect for suraj. Now u do suraj second marriage. ????

      4. 7)sandhya love only office duty:
        If suraj in sandhya place means suraj is officer then bhaboo will proud of suraj. After all he die for nation. And she never bleam suraj. And also bhaboo nt thrown that breve medal. She take that medal and put on wall. And then she explain sandhya. And also bhaboo dnt speak bad words against suraj in front of sandhya. Which now bhaboo do in front of ved. And also bhaboo dnt do sandhya’s second marriage which now do with suraj second marriage.
        If this happened to suraj then bhaboo definitely do this which I said now.?

      5. So for all this reason I hate bhaboo’s character now a days.??sorry for the late reply. Tomorrow episode should be interesting.??

      6. bhabhoo plss read it hope u change after reading this…………….

    2. Ya @varsha your each words are very true ……………

      these words are also in my mind ………….

      that’s why i hate bhaboo character………..sandy and sooraj also knows bhaboos character but both r give respect bcoz she is in mother position and sooraj loves soo much and sandy she lost father and mother in bomb blast that why she sees own mom and pappa in bhaboo and babasa…..

      bhaboo is so selfish bcoz she think only for own kids …………. she didnt bother bahu’s and grand children also she wants own children happiness………..

      i hate bhaboo character…………..

      1. Ya.sandhya always see her own mom and dad in suraj’s mom dad. Bt bhaboo dnt see sandhya’s love to family.????

  3. hey hey we were missing varshu nd now v c only varshu comments 🙂 🙂 🙂
    dabh rokss…….. hope the suspence is unveiled soon………….

  4. Ya @ varshu ur each point is true i agree ur words bcoz its true abt bhaboo from the begining she is doing this only ….

    sooraj will understand sandy and sandy will understand sooraj they are made for each other they are one….

    from their support rathi family is moving nicely now both people are distrubed that’s why bhaboo is doing these type of things……………..

    1. Ya.only sandhya handal situation in rathi family. Only sandhya fully care and help all members with heartly without selfishness.??this is the sandhya. That’s why l like her character.??

  5. Sandhya regards Sooraj to be her strength, will he change path and accept Lalima in his life?

    1. No.suraj never accpet lalima by heart.bcoz sandhya is in his heart for lifetime.?????

  6. writers/dabh team if u read this soo plss bring some relavent,acceptable and logical twists in story which i/we can digest…….. noo illogical story pls,…………..

    1. Hope they show lalima as suraj’s only good friend. ?Not at all any relation in between them.??

  7. bhabho ko bas aapna khoon hi dikhta h aapne bete aur beti………… voh aur kisi ki parvaah nahi karti………mujhe yaad nahi ki kabhi bhabho ne bina sandy ya kisi aur ke samjhaye bina apne beton k elava kisi aur specially bahuoon ka support kia ho……….. xept hijack case jahan unhone sandy ki side li thi…………. but voh bhi matlab k liye kyunki voh apne pota/poti dekna chchti thi aur jaanti thi ki sooraj kisi aur se shaadi to karega nahi toh unki khwaahish aadhoori reh jaayegi…………………… bhabho naa kabhi sandy ki side leti h naa emily ki meenu ko alag rakho toh hi aacha h she is diffrent case………………….bhabho ka charecter bhut matlabi banaya h…………

    1. aur bhabho ne ek baar kha tha ki sandy k aane se unke ghar me change aaya h nd saari paramprayen change hui hain……… par ab voh change kahan gaya??.babasa theek kehte they….. bhabho ko dar h ki uski bahu k dil me uske bete ki jagah koi aur le lega emily-zakir marrig case)…………… itss justt she wanna imprison nd control other’s life ,,,,,,,,,, jaise ki kisi baat ka badla nikaal rahi ho………..unhe aur kisi cheez se matlab nahi h. yahan samaaj ka toh koi case hi nahi h kyunki bhabho ne samaaj k khilaaf kai kaam kiye h …………….. eg emily marrig.. sending sandy to work,…………etc….. jo ki unki society m nahi hota hai…………………

      1. last but not the least…
        babsa bhabho se zayada samajhdaar h…………. aur bhabho k bacchee xept sooraj sab 1 no ke bhondu hai……………

      2. Ya @true say richa . bhaboo is like that only i watching this serial from the starting bhaboo ka swabhav vaise hai usko har bath samjane padthi hai aap ooo kisi khi nahi sunri…..

        bhaboo ko har koyi class dena hi padtha hai habhi babasa kabhi sooraj and kabhi sandy har ek time pe galath nirnay lethi hai….. ab patha nahi kya hoyega…………..

      3. ryt anu baho hamesha galat nirnay leti hain aur baad mein use sab ko bhugatna padta hai………..sandy bhi aapni duty chod ke hamesha musibat suljhaane m lagi rehti h ……….aur duty pe kum focus karti hai aur usi k kaaran aaj mohit jail se bahar h us bike case se choot gaya……………….aur unka ghar juda hua h varna aisi bahuoon k hote hue kab ka batwaara ho gaya hota… agar sandy itna apni duty pe conc. karti toh heigh post pe hoti………….. naa ki without a single promotion in 7 years……….aur bhabho kehti h ki sandy ne desh ko chuna………….. vo 1 dum tubelight h unhe sabkuch late samajh aata h aur specially samjhana padta h…………..

      4. Koi bhi itna nahi karta jitna sandhya ne kiya hai rathi family ke liye.?? hope bhaboo release her mistake very soon.??

    2. Ya.jab tak bhaboo ke bête ya beti ke saath asa kuch nahi hota tab tak bhaboo ko asas nahi usne sandhya ko kitna pain diya hai.or bichari sandhya ne kitna sacrifices kiye hai family ke liye.????

  8. good nyt sweet dreams. and happy friendship day and hav dabh dreams…………..

  9. agar sooraj ki doosari shaadi ho gayi toh kyaa sandy ghar me fir se entry maar payegi?? lol i wiswh it never happens……….

  10. sandy kabhi bhi sab ko save karthi ati hai kabhi family members aur kahi logo ko save karthi hai ….

    ooo ek achi bahu and ek achi police officer bhi hai …. unkho dekh ke har koyi inspire hota hai ..

    sooraj ke bare me kuch kahne ke liye shabd hi nahi he is perfect human being….. that’s why i love sandy and sooraj……….i am big fan of both….

    1. sahi kaha anu aur bhabho ko samajhna mushkil h ki unki bahu kitni talented h ab har koi to police officer nahi ban jaata isme mehnat aur samajhdaari aur talent lagta h jo ki sab m nahi hota…….aur desh m hazarron police afsar h jo ki iss desh ki raksha karte h agar unki family ya unki khud ki soch bhabho jasi ho jaaye aur sirf family k ho jaayen toh R.I.P country hume koiii nahi bcha sakta…………………sab maare jayenge har jagah mamaani .voilence etc…… no poace……..

      1. sorry i meant peace not poace…………….

  11. All time DABH rocks ………….Good night sd….

    1. K.gnsd.wating for tomorrow interesting episode.?? hope they show more Sandhya’s scene.??and Minakshi comedy scene. As well as ved cute scene.??

  12. You all guys are right ??
    Bhabo is a very stubborn woman! She doesn’t think before doing something! She takes all her decision in high emotions that’s why all of them are proven wrong ??

    1. bhaboo is alwayes think her own son..for them she can do anything.hope understand her mistak very soon..

      1. yess u r ryt varshu & romi bhabho charecter is v selfcentred

      2. Gud afternoon guys…………. i hate bhaboo character now a days ….. bhaboo ko nahi dhikayeto acha rahta………..

      3. Gud noon Anu……

        it looks now a days you all @(Richa,Anu,Varsha) are much angry on Bhaboo

      4. ya @ns4 i am very much angry on bhaboo behaviour….

        i dont like it. mujhe tho serial dekhne me dar lagra kuch ayesa dikhare ki ooo digest nahi kar pate……… i am not expecting this in serial…………

  13. No comments from morning……All are buys….

    i think all r celebrated frindship day with their frnds….till night…so not awake till now

    Anyway i’m here…my 1st comment today..

    Good Morning Guys…

  14. i am expecting today in sbs or sbb me apni fav serial ke bare me kuch batayega……wait and see…

  15. Today SBB they show that suraj second marriage is on the way and now in few days we see suraj look as bride. They also say that in this week may be suraj engaged with that lalima.?????

    1. What the hell can suraj agree for this BT I know suraj never heartly accpet lalima as a wife.????

      1. that bhaboo is so idiot she give shagun to lalima. Then suraj come down then bhaboo say today is his engagement. And suraj think that his engagement with sandhya. Bcoz he see sandhya in lalima.??

      2. Bhaboo how can u do this with ur own son.u didn’t tell suraj abt his engagement on last min u tell suraj that today now ur engagement. How ridiculous bhaboo u r.??hate u bhaboo.???

      3. First lalima reject bhaboo’s perposal then bhaboo give lord shiv example that we pray shiv and parvti nt shiv and sati. Then this words tuch lalima and she agree for the marriage.?????

      4. They also say that ved is nt accpet this marriage. He is very agree on this decision. Bcoz he never accpet any ledy as mother. Fir ved only sandhya is his mother.???????

      5. At least bhaboo u think ved’s emotional when u decide the suraj second marriage. Bichara ved. He is little child. Bhaboo in front of ved now a days always use bad words against sandhya and now she cross the limit that she bring new wife and new mother for suraj and ved.???? why bhaboo u dnt think ved’s emotional. Ved is so upset this news.???

      6. Suraj ki iss bimari ka bhaboo ache se fayda utha rahi hai.Bichara ved. Jab bhi bhaboo sandhya ke bare main bura bolti hai tab Bichara ved sirf sunta hai. Use bolna hota hai BT wo bol nahi pata hai.after all he is son of sandhya.he always give respect to elders just like sandhya.???????

      7. Hate u bhaboo.??? u cross ur limit.I can’t see that scene between lalima. I just love to see nakshwadi, sandhya,ved, suraj, Minakshi comedy, emli and child scene.???
        I want to give bhaboo’s unlimited slap. U broke our, ved,suraj and most important sandhya’s heart . ???? I never forgive u bhaboo. What u do.u r biggest selfish u prof that.??

  16. wt is going on this serial i dont know…… bhaboo shaadi tak agayi…. too much

    sbb me sooraj ki shaadi programme bataya…………..

  17. sooraj shaadi is not a drama really it is happening… ooooooooo.noooooooooo…..

    guys kuch to comment karoooooo

    1. Ya cmt that above. Really bhaboo is goan mad.this is ridiculous.????

      1. ya really @varsha bhaboo is doing wrong with sooraj mujhe tho rona ara hai …. kum se kum sooraj khi health ke bare me tho socho………..sooraj akhir thum tho shock se bahar avooo aur ake note padho sandy ayegi wait karoooooooooo

  18. kya karhi bhaboo e jho kari hai galat kari …. we all are thinking some marriage drama take place in rathi family … bhaboo to usko sach kardiya …sandhya kya hoyega tera ….but ved is not accepting that …sooraj shock se bahar avo ake dekho kya hora hai ved ke saath anyay hora hai aur sandhya ko to vaada bhi kiya that mare jeevan me kise aur ladki ke liye jaga nahi hai….bhaboo sooraj ka bhimari ka faida math uthaooo….plzzzzzzzzzz what is happening lalimaa kuch to karo akhir tum accept kyu kiya hai………….

  19. mujhe tho bahut gussa ara hai serial me ise twist kyu lagare…. it is only twist or it is happening shaadi hogayi aghe kya hoyega……………ramjaane……you people are hurting dabh fans as well as sooraj and sandy fans uda sandy ne sooraj ko imagine kare hai idar bhaboo lalimaa ko le are hai ….

    mai tho e expect kari ki lalimaa ko sooraj ka bhimari ke bare pata lagetho acha rahta…..then she will treat bhaboo….i hate u bhaboo

  20. yeah i also saw it bhabho bahur matlatbi ban rhi h aur anjane m sooraj ki life bhi barbaad kar rhi h……….. bechaara ved……….. aur emily bhi bade maze se bhabho ki madad ke rhi thi thaali pakadkar khadi thi……….
    anyways lalima was looking pretty ………..

    1. I dont like llimaaa……….plz sorry to say this….

  21. already spoiler release the new also for dabh….

    Bhabho takes Sooraj’s proposal for Lalima. Lalima refuses to the proposal, as Sooraj has a son and was married to Sandhya. Bhabho convinces her saying Shiv ji is named with his second wife Parvati, and not his first wife Sati. Lalima agrees to marry Sooraj, which makes Bhabho happy. Sooraj is not informed about this proposal. Bhabho does the shagun ceremony with Lalima. Sooraj comes there and everyone get silent. They hide the matter from Sooraj. Lalima wants Sooraj’s approval in the relation. Bhabho reveals Sandhya’s death incident to Lalima and how Sooraj is staying in her memories. She gives Sooraj’s responsibility to Lalima. Lalima tries bringing Sooraj out of shock of Sandhya’s death. Sooraj starts seeing Sandhya in Lalima and their bonding begins

  22. sooraj toh lalima ko sandy samajh k engagement kr rha h baad m kyaa hoga?? jab use hosh aayega ………..ya fir jab sooraj lalima ko sandhya keh kar bulayega toh bhabho konsi kahani bun karr sunayegi lalima ko…………….

    1. shaayad bhabho k is dhokhe ki vajah se lalima villian ban jaye…………? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?

      1. bhabho sab kuchh satyanaash krke hi rahegi aur unhe koi daant bhi nahi paayega kyunki sandy bechaai bhi thodi giulty h aur bhabho ka faisla thoda jaayaz lag rha h sooraj ki pehli patni (sandy) bharat ko chod kar sab k liye mar gayi h toh itss a legal 2nd marrig……. 🙁 🙁 🙁 but bhabho ko kon smjhaye yeh insaaf nahi h … unhone sab k saath anyaye kia h soorsj,sandy lalima,emily……….etc………….

    2. Richa put it in English.

  23. What the hell… is going in show.. stupid brainless mad bhabu ….what are u doing….

    its not twist… its madness of writer.. Stupid stupid…..stop this nonsence…. can’t bear this nonsence…

  24. Bhabo ki Khud ki beti ghar baity hai ? uss ki shadi ka nahi sonch rahi ?
    I wish bhabo ko next year best saas ka award na mile ?

  25. For those who didn’t watched SBB………See what bull shit Bhabu going to do……………

    1. Still one year left anything can happen… people vote the acterss by sensing what type of charecter(+ve or -ve) are playing at the time of award nomination

      1. My dear @rock
        Bhabo is a negative character from the very first day! She’s is a self appointed goddess of truth but she contradict herself every time!
        And I bet after one year she’ll be the same….. Hypocrite ?

      2. And what she did in Emily case! Here Emily was also innocent! Not at fault but still the greatest bhabo was angry at her! And made her to apologise to HER! Is bhabo not a negative character for being injustice??

  26. No one can save this serial… writer and production team gone mad…..for TRP and money.. so they last the common-sense and destroyed the show

    Brainless and Useless writer

    1. i agree with u…really writer and team gone mad…..

    2. The writer gone crazy only in bhabo’s case! He has made her brainless and senseless!
      Other things are going very well bcoz police life is the soul of this show! So that’s nice to watch adventures but not the risky ones bcoz we can’t digest it easily!

  27. Still 2 hours and 15 mints left for todays episode……

    Very excited to watch Sandhya chasing scene…. what sandhya will do… waiting waitinggg

  28. Mujhe lagra khi engagement tho hoyegi sooraj ka lalimaa se uske badh lalima sooraj shock see bahar layegi uske bad shaadi aur shaadi ke time pe sandhya ayegi i think so…….

    aur e bhi hosakhta khi sooraj kha shaadi ho bhi sakhta team ka writer jho hai sab paaghal hogaye @rock ne thik kaha sab log trp ke peche pade hai ……

    har ek press meet pe sooraj ehi bolra bhabhoo hai na mujhe sambal ne ke liye …..oooo kya sambhalege pata nahi…………..ooooe tho kari sooraj khi shaadi…….

    bhichari sandhya last akheli pad jayegi………..

    lekhin aaj sbb me bataya khi 6 question jho solve hona hai ooooo kaise honge dekhna hai in upcoming episodes…..

    solve karenge ya nahi tho aur bhadayenge ………..i dont like this saperation track mujhe tho pahle se patha tha eysa kuch hone wala hai……….

  29. horrible nspoilers today. bhabho told lalima about sooraj condition……. hw will lalima blame bhabho noww…………

  30. Still one doubt is running in my mind…… not even reveled in the show….

    After 3 months –>How was Mohit returned to rathi home….no justification about mohit
    wats the logic in it??

    1. Ya some logic is there…………………..

  31. still one hour left for today episode….

    waiting for goons chasing sandhya scene……. how will sandhya escape..what chandu will do…
    was Chandu going to save Sagarika or going to observe Sagarika????

    1. ya waiting for today episode for sandy only

  32. In few days they definitely reveal the how mohit come in rathi family.???

  33. It’s better suraj marry that lalima. And lalima break that house.and lalima disrespect bhaboo. For that lalima when come rathi family as bhau then suraj never recover. And if suraj recover then he hate should bhaboo just like that when suraj nt talk to sandhya when that hijack drama over. If really this happened to show then that time bhaboo understand his mistake how she hurt suraj,ved,and sandhya.?????

    1. Well said varsha ??
      I also wish the same though I’m against the 2nd marriage but sometimes I want lalima to teach a lesson to bhabo, mohit, chavi,meenakshi and vikram ??
      Then they will realise sandy’s value ??

  34. Half an hour for ti see how chandu save sandhya. Again we see chandu’s plan flop.??????

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