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Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya being on the way. The minister inaugurates a place and talks to commissioner. A man comes to attack the minister, but commissioner stops him. They fight and the man falls over Sandhya’s car. She looks at the man. He runs away and she follows him. They run to the top of the under construction building. She catches and beats him. She aims gun and says if you do anything, I will shoot you, surrender to police. Her hands start shaking. She recalls shooting Arzoo and thinks I have shot an innocent person. The man sees a truck moving towards the building. He jumps down and falls in the truck. He escapes, while Sandhya is lost in thoughts. Arzoo asks what happened, your hands did not shake when you shot me. Arzoo asks her to shoot. Commissioner comes there and sees

Sandhya’s hands shaking. She drops the gun and cries. She turns and sees commissioner.

Emily goes to Maasa. She says I m feeling guilty, take me to police station, I will tell them that Purvi’s accident happened by our car. Maasa says are you mad, you are my family too, Pari will lose mother if you do this, and Sparsh’s mother won’t come back, don’t tell this to anyone, promise me you won’t tell this to anyone. They hear police siren. Maasa asks Emily not to come out. A girl comes and catches Maasa, holding the recorder. She says you are caught for cheating, when will Om Bhaisa come. Maasa asks her to go and rest, Om will come. The girl asks Emily to go and leaves. Maasa tells Emily that this girl is Chandni, Om’s sister, she is mentally a kid, they came here in village after losing their parents, Om has another younger sister. Emily asks how will you manage this responsibility alone. Maasa says I did not think this, lets see what Lord wishes. She looks at Emily. Emily cries.

Sooraj tells Bhabho that something happened, I m worried for Sandhya. Sandhya hears them. Bhabho asks him not to worry. Sandhya goes to them and says yes, I m very worried, I need your help. She cries and says this honor is a slap on my face. Bhabho asks what are you saying, how can honor be a slap on your face, you saved so many people, you deserved this honor. Sandhya says no, Arzoo saved everyone, she is innocent, I did mistake in knowing her, I shot her. I thought Arzoo is with Gul, when I checked, I came to know Arzoo is right, she came there to save us, I could not do anything. Sooraj says we are with you, tell everyone that Arzoo is not terrorist. Bhabho cries. Sandhya says I m helpless. He asks what. She says I can’t tell anyone, my senior officer gave me strict order that this truth should not be known to anyone, I m not able to do anything for Arzoo, I m feeling guilty, I don’t know what to do to make things fine.

Bhabho scolds her angrily, and says you did not ask anyone when you did mistake, you shot that innocent girl, you did a big sin, Arzoo is this state because of you, you are getting good name and she is fighting with her death there. You should use power for justice, not to shoot any innocent person. Sooraj says you are right Bhabho, I told Sandhya many times not to doubt Arzoo, she has still tagged Arzoo a terrorist and shot her. Sandhya cries and says I did mistake. Bhabho says Arzoo got punished, you will also get punished, you will also suffer like Arzoo. Sandhya wakes up from her dream and says no…. She sees her uniform and Arzoo holds it to show her. Arzoo reminds her oath to fight against criminals, protect all innocent people. Resham curses Sandhya. Sandhya worries and sees Ved. Bhabho says you did big sin, you will get punished. Sandhya shuts her ears, and cries.

Sandhya sees Sooraj infront of her. Sooraj asks her not to come close to him, because he can’t help her, he did a lot to fulfill her IPS dreams, just for this day when she shot an innocent person, I wish I did not fought with my parents for you, I would have not seen this day, you crossed all limits, you broke your promise. She cries hallucinating all of them blaming her. She says I annoyed even Sooraj along with Arzoo, Resham and Bhabho. She says she lost faith on herself.

Sandhya goes out and a man catches her. Sooraj looks for Sandhya and tells Bhabho that Sandhya is not here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why should SANDHYA feel guilty? Why is she haunted?Why the blo*dy writers and director want to defame SANDHYA?
    Okay Episode.
    Who kidnapped SANDHYA & why?Is he GUL’s man?
    Eager to watch upcoming episodes.
    But end this bakwas track & please make SANDHYA fine.Plzzz……
    Now I’m watching this show just for SOORAJ & SANDHYA.
    DEEPIKA’s performance as SANDHYA is awesome,superb,mind blowing.
    SOORAJ is also good.
    Just Bcoz of that.
    Some episodes are good, but some others are worse.The track is irritating & much dragging. Plzzz end this bakwas track and give back our romantic cute brave SANDHYA with that beautiful smile back. We want that sooooooon……..

    1. The irritating scene of today’s episode is EMILY is feeling guilty without doing any mistake.
      SANDHYA’s performance in today’s episode is awesome. She is dying by guilt feeling. But why?She shot ARZOO as ARZOO’s behavior was fully suspicious as well as she even tried to stop SANDHYA from doing her duty.
      SANDHYA is feeling guilty as she did a crime by mistake and bcoz of misunderstanding.

    2. SANDHYA feeling guilty & her hallucination scenes are heart touching. Really.
      Resham,Arzoo,Bhabho and Sooraj cursing Sandhya scene will make us cry.Such a touching scene.
      For how many more days we have to bear this guilt feeling crap.

      1. Next meena will feel guilty for doing nothing!!? It looks like rathi bahus are suffering from some mental disease called ‘ guilt’ without doing any guilt!!
        As suggested by someone previously , they should consult a phycatrtrist!!??

  2. The apparition of Aarzoo follows Sandya wherever she goes. The director has decided to make Sandya a mental patient. And the viewers also become mentally imbalanced if they continue seeing this serial.

  3. Stupid, horrible episode. Please put an end to this

  4. What the crap is going on in the show…..

  5. The mooooost unrealistic and irritating serial ever. An inspiring serial at one time and most loved too is the most hated serial today. The writers have written their own obituary. Why are you showing sandhya as a weakling and a mental wreck ? She has absolutely done no wrong …..and for all the hard work you did in building her character so beautifully, just with the entry of that mushtandi whose behavior is suspicious, every thing gone waste . Shame on your writers. For all her rona Dona, Arzoo mutandis is still alive and out of danger. You lost valuable viewership

  6. I thnk sandhya shldn’t feel guilty… coz why arzoo did fight with sandhya when she was going to open the tank .kisiko woh baatkuyn nhi dikhai de raha hai.sandhya arzoo k upar goli chalai majburi me aur wo kr bhi kya sakti thi??abb toh imp only arzoo ko hi milti hai jo ki nhi hona chahiye

  7. I think sandhya is going true a faze because of arzoo

  8. Yah show aab itna achaa nahi raha. Story hay hi nahi even director bhi nahi samaj paa raha kaha story suru karey aur end. Chotu ki entry bhi batayi ek nayee story dalney jab laluma ki sadi ho rahe thee tab phir to story ka satyaa-naash kar diya
    Har baat jab aarzoo ki entry hui tab ek terrorist ki zalak hi dikhaye
    Town hall mey entry chori chupkey kyo
    Sandya key uper pahlaa hamlaa kyo kiya??
    Voh kisi ko bachaney jaa rahi thee toh sandya ko help karti team work karti
    Par yahaa kuch bhi nahi thaa

  9. I understand that Sandya is suffering from visual hallucinations which is one of the symptoms of bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. So it needs either the director or Sandya to be treated by psychiatric health care person so that the spectators may not be affected with such diseases.

    1. Yeah….you are right Jeyam Sir, But not sandhya…to be treated….only the one who created this crap(Writer and Director) Should be admitted in mental Hospital for further Good Track…

      …..Anyways……Let me wish for Director/Writer………….Get Well Soon……….yarrrrrrrr

  10. Crippled serial … Please stop showing this non sense …..writer are u saneand rven know how police should be and portrayed in public …. Dont makr joke of the dignifed position

  11. If aarzoo was innocent why was she acting I’m mysterious manner n she could open mouth n told Sandya that she is opening tap

    1. The answer ( from directer’s side) arzoo did not know the meaning of tap in Hindi as she speaks only urdu

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