Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st April 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj telling a story to all the kids. Sandhya smiles seeing him. Sooraj entertains the kids. He explains them that they should call for help when they really need, if they lie, when they really need help, no one will be there. Sooraj says now lets start the story of king and queen. Sandhya queen and I m the king. The kids sleep. She makes them sleep well and switch off the lights. Bhabho and Babasa look on. Sandhya says I did not know you can say stories too. He is busy on call. She says he acted well like kids, he does not need story books too.

He says its nothing brave, we need one story to narrate kids, practice makes a man perfect. She says she also needs to learn this, you and Ved talk by signs and does not need words. He says even they don’t need words,

he was missing her a lot, now she has come and he feels family is completed. A paper falls and he reads the kids kidnapper article and cries. Sandhya throws the papers. He says he can’t forget this, and misses Vansh. She hugs him and cries.

Its morning, the kids wake up. Sandhya says she will make Golu have bath and then Ved. Ved asks Sooraj to give him bath and he does not want to go with Sandhya. Sooraj asks why, is she beating you, go. Golu shouts. Ved says no, she washes like clothes. Sooraj says she came after long time, you go and have bath by her. Ved smiles and refuses. Bhabho and Babasa ask her to leave Ved. Sandhya pulls him and takes along.

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She makes him bath and he shouts. Sooraj looks on and smiles. Ved calls out Papa. He gets dressed up and is annoyed with Sooraj. Sooraj says I know, but I will make you have bath tomorrow and promises him. Pari looks on and prays her dad comes home soon, then she will also have few wishes. Sandhya looks on and gets sad. Bhabho and Babasa does some charity at temple and a man looks on.

The man falls and they help him. They are shocked seeing his face. Sandhya and Emily have a talk about Ved and Pari. Sandhya says she gave good values to Pari. Emily says she is my everything now. Bhabho and Babasa come home and they are happy that Meenakshi is coming back from abroad, living alone is tough. Bhabho says yes, I have seen Emily living alone since six years. Emily says they all are with her. Bhabho says yes, but family can’t take husband’s place.

Emily says she just wants to see Pari happy. She is stunned seeing Mohit. Bhabho asks him to come inside. Emily moves back. Sandhya and Sooraj look on. Sooraj says its Mohit. Bhabho says yes, our Mohit. Babasa says Lord has sent him after 6 years, we got him in temple and got him home. FB shows how they saw Mohit in temple. She hugs Mohit and cries. Babasa asks why did he become Sanyasi by leaving wife and daughter, did he not think of parents and Pari whom they kept alive by false hope, Emily who keeps fast for him, why did he go.

Mohit says I became very selfish, he did not be in peace even for 6 mins in 6 years, he went to find Lord and he just wandered, no one helped me, I m tired now. He says parents are also Lord avatar. Emily cries seeing him.

Bhabho asks Emily to forgive Mohit, as Pari will come anytime, take him to room before he comes. Emily leaves.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode….Mohit is back …n meena n vikram ill also come..

  2. Waiting to see these scenes in tami

    1. This episode will come after two years…in tamil

      1. Ya…want a long wait

  3. No want to need that’s type of father

  4. For loosing Vansh, I think Ankur suspend Mohit.He becomes Monk. Third class, shameless person.

  5. Leap….it’s a big crap. .
    They separated twin babies becoz of Bulbul. .. again bulbul lost her baby. .then wat she did. .not shown.. After leap not even showing those selfish people (ankur ankitha. Bulbul)

    1. your point is right. but that time story was going for leap.Director took highly shortcut way. Many things are avoided.

      1. Atleast i’m happy that kid is not with bulbul 😛

    2. Yeah. .it’s really good. .baby was not with bulbul. ..
      But don’t know how long episodes will be takes for the appearance of vanish….

    3. I agree with you

  6. Rubbish storyline. Not a single instance is attractive . DABH has fallen from the height of its glory at its zenith in the past to the deep delved earth and buried there today.Very sorry state of affairs indeed!

  7. nice episode.
    Mohit is thief, he is main suspect to cause a big scam in Ankur’s office.

  8. Pari should deny to accept Mohit as her father.

  9. Nice to hear Minakshi is back soon. good news, I wait for enjoing all kids & her comic scene. Miss her a lot.

    1. you’re right. If Minakshi was present before leap, storyline was not affected highly. but she back,nice.

  10. In today’s episode no one says that Meenakshi is coming back…

  11. where are chotu?
    Is Chavi never back Rathi house from Mumbai?

    1. Chotu has quit the show, he is not part of DABH after leap

  12. Now serial got series of masalas to stretch for half a year which is quite predictable from the advent of the leap…. Unnecessarily diluting the characters with pointless flashbacks of this 6 years… Seriously thanx God Ashoka being aired this tym… . Utter waste DABH

  13. Arey yr… Whr is Chaturi?????

    1. Chaturi left the show before leap….
      After leap chotu left….
      Now it’s Rathi’s new generation’s turn

      1. aryan sharma as chotu quites ,but chotu character is not end. young lad is coming but when??? I don’t know.

    2. Yeah u r right. [email protected]
      I think young chotu went for police training. .. Director will give a surprise of chotu as police officer. ..

  14. Very boring and unwanted twists. The children nowadays in all the serials including this are very badly behaved over pampered and rude. May be it is a reflection of how kids show over maturity and rudeness in today’s world. But you could have been different and shown well behaved kids who show child-like innocence and respect to elders. Serial has become so boring and you are dragging it for the sake of dragging. It was my favorite serial for how sandhya became an I PS officer against all odds.

    1. I agree with you. .. I do like this serial beocz of sandhya ips
      But now it turned in to family drama..

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