Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shekhar being in the jungle and asking his men to find Sagarika. Sandhya sees the bomb ready and Garjana planning to ruin the country. She thinks she can’t let this happen, she has to inform Bharat asap. She goes to the control room. The man asks her to feed the activation info in the computer. Sandhya sits there. The man goes out. Sandhya thinks to send info to Bharat from here and stops seeing the man coming. She thinks its big risk, Garjana will be alert, I can’t make any wrong move, I have to go out from here, else they can know me. The man says this is the remote by which we can control it.

She tensely keeps her hand on the finger print scanner, and does not see. She thinks to get the remote and make it reach her staff, then they can control the bomb.

She thinks to get the remote by any way, and sees the man getting his eye scanned to unlock the safe. The man keeps the remote inside. She thinks the scientist’s eye scan is needed, I have to get the remote before the box closes. Shekhar checks the systems. The man says Sagarika is nowhere Shekhar. Shekhar says Sagarika can be in problem too, we have to reach the culprit, find her everywhere.

Sandhya rings the alarm. The scientists go out to see. Sadnhya gets the remote before the box closes and runs from there. She runs to the exit. She gets stuck near the door and types the code. She thinks how to find the password and tries.

The man comes to Shekhar and tells about Narayani calling him, maybe Manjari has come in the state to say the traitor’s name. Shekhar says lets see who is the traitor, who has dared to come in Garjana. Sandhya thinks to leave from the secret place soon. Bhabho and Babasa ask Sooraj to open the door, as she got Prasad. They don’t find Sooraj inside the room and worry. Vikram, Meenakshi, Mohit try finding and say Sooraj is not here. Vikram says Sooraj was with Ved. Ved cries and says Lalima has sent me, she was here.

Meenakshi says Lalima has taken Sooraj. Bhabho says Lalima is going to take a dangerous step, I have stopped her, but she is still doing it, we have to stop her. They all rush to stop Lalima. Sandhya thinks how to get password. She hears someone coming. She applies kumkum on the buttons and thinks that man will also touch the buttons, then she can know the password and go out. She hides and looks at him.

The man enters password and leaves. The door closes again. Sandhya checks the buttons which got cleaned by his touch and presses those buttons without kumkum. She gets the right password and rushes out of the fountain. She removes that radiation proof suit and gets into Sagarika’s getup.

She hides that suit in the soil, and covers it with plants. She goes from there. Lalima prays to Lord to get courage to make Sooraj fine by her step. She lights the diya there and looks at Sooraj sitting far. She makes her dupatta catch fire. She walks infront of Sooraj. Sooraj recalls Sandhya’s final rites. He says fire and shouts. He says Sandhya …. Fire…. And panics. The family comes there. Vikram stops Sooraj. Lalima walks towards the hut. Meenakshi asks Bhabho to see what Lalima did.

Bhabho asks Lalima to stop. The man stops Lalima and says don’t go inside, the water pipe has some problem, they can’t extinguish the fire. Lalima says no, I can’t move back now, Sooraj’s state is such because of me. Bhabho gets shocked. Lalima says I trust my Lord, Lord gives us life and will protect us too. The man asks her not to go inside. Bhabho asks Lalima to stop.

Lalima steps inside the hut and it catches fire. Bhabho tells Lalima that this fire will not make Sooraj fine, his state is getting worse. Lalima says I trust my Lord, Sooraj will save me, he has to win over his fear. Lokesh comes and gets worried seeing this. Bhabho asks Mohit to get water. Vikram says call fire brigade, call for help. Mohit puts water. Bhabho asks Lalima to come out. Lalima asks Sooraj to help her and stands inside the burning hut. Sooraj says Sandhya………….

Shekhar comes to Narayani and asks did Manjari say anything. Narayani says she was signing and trying to say, maybe about our enemy. Shekhar asks Manjari to try and say who is Garjana’s enemy. Manjari tries to say. Sandhya thinks she has stolen the remote and now has to inform Bharat soon. She walks to the village and stops as someone holds her hand.

Sandhya sends the message to Bharat by the laser pen. Shekhar comes there and slaps her. Sandhya falls down. Sooraj gets to see Sandhya’s pic in newspaper.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Jeyam

    It was an intriguing technique that Sandya found the code number to open the door. But Alas has been caught. Who will save her? And Will Suraj save Lalima?

    • Only interesting… Sorry joking… Bt mind blowing episode… Full episode was nice…sandhya was mind blowing… Nice idea by sandhya…??????????

  2. anu

    sandhya done good job ….sandhya u always rocks…………..some body had put a comment in telugu….plz guys dont put like that………..we r not mad people ………..we like this serial each and every moment….nd we will share our thoughts abt episode….DABH always rocks ……….plz dont do it again…

    @padmavati u told that we r mad people …..plz dont tell again……if u r not like out comments plz leave this page….

    • What it’s true… Plz dnt use bad words to words my friends… If this happened again then I can’t bear this any more… If u want use ur mother tough they plz when u post ur cmt that time u plz translated that cmt also…?????????

      Plz do this again.. This is last time say this….???

      Hope u understand this…???

      Any really any one use bad words… I can’t imagine that use bad words… It’s really bad…???????

      Suraj acting was superb.. Touch to heart.. How he shout sandhya…???????

  3. anu

    first sandhya think give the information to bharat sir abt oct 2 nd then she changed the idea …she thinks its big risk….very good sandhya its big risk…..nice u take that remote well done

  4. anu

    chandu searched for sagarika its nice chandu…. bt chandu ka dusra roop dekhenge kal se….coz sach uske samne a jayega…………..

    • Actually when shekhar is in shekhar character that time he was nice BT ????????when shekhar act in chandu’s character that time he was really bad…???????

  5. anu

    precap also very suspense and tension precap………..waiting for tomm maha episode sooraj will fine tomm and he see news paper… tomm real mission mahabali starts………..

  6. Shaurya

    When Sooraj’s hand became senseless,Sandhya made a dangerous situation for Sooraj. today’s episode, Lalima makes same trick.

    Bechara Sooraj !!
    All woman is headache for him.

  7. anu

    bhaboo acting also super in today episode …………………….she is worried abt lalima nd sooraj……i think by tomm suraj will come out of the shock……….i am waiting for ur scenes come and search sandhya nd do the help of sandhya

    • Romi

      Yes agreed ! Today bhabo left her selfish nature only for lalima? But sad for lokesh he was so restless for his DiDi ‘s wellbeing !

  8. anu

    lalima act also super she is taken big risk for suraj…………….lalima apka koshish kali nahi jayega………..

  9. anu

    vikram and meena action also super how both r worried abt suraj and ved he is think abt suraj how nice ved…..from tomm u will get pappa ka pyaar…………….and as well as ur mumma………..

  10. AD

    I think Chandu slaps Sandhya as he came to know Sandhya went to jungle without his knowledge,but not for Manjari matter.

    • Hope so… Bt this nt happened… If this happened then he can’t slap sandhya with badly he shout out sandhya nt slap… So that’s why… Chandu slap sandhya bcoz may be he get know Sandhya’s truth….?????

  11. Romi

    The epi was excellent ! Sandya is so intelligent . She got the remot and got out of that place safely !! Bharat sir was right to choose her for this mission . Hats off to you officer sandya

    • Ya… Bharat sir choice right best police officer… All character suit on sandhya… She do all character very well… Hatts of deepika didi…????????

  12. Xxxxxx

    It is very thrilling to watch the way sandhya comes out. Sandy is so expressive I am able to understand the story even though I don’t know Hindi. Richa plz read my reply to your yesterdays comment.

    • What a idea sandhya … She put nicley that red color on that keypad… And for that help of that color she come out frm that place… Superb.. Mind blowing.. Ek dam zakaassssssssss..?????????

    • Oh chitttt chandu get know Sandhya’s truth… So sad for sandhya bcoz sandhya dnt give full information to police officer.. With the help of that lesser pan…. ?????????

    • I think they show that Precap for that my thought is suraj save lalima… So for when he enter in that fire to save lalima… He get injured… ?????

    • Yeipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee suraj see sandhya’s drama pic… Bcoz of sandhya’s eye he identified that ledy is his sandhya… Superb…???????

    • Waitinggggggggggggggggggg to see tomorrow one hour special episode… At 7 to 8 clock… So excited to watch suraj expression when he see sandhya as well as chandu’s expression when he know that sandhya is police officer…????????
      So dnt forget to watch tomorrow one hour special episode… At 7to8 clock…??????????

  13. anu

    Ya for that remote gharjana people sandhya kuch bhi nahi kar sakte………..well done sandhya kuch bhi ho key tho aap khe pas hai……………gharjana people bus aap kho torture karenge ise jada kuch bhi nahi karsakthe……………waiting for suuraj how he find sandhya and how he will do help of sandhya………..waitinggggggggggg

    and i want bharath and zakir also involve in this situation….

  14. anu

    and sandhy kha haath scan huva na so chandu know that remote issue i think so that’s why he slapped sandhya………….

  15. anu

    guys any way DABH rocks………waiting for tomm maha episode………….we will meet tomm with our maha episode comments…..Good night………….

  16. big fan

    There is a difference between liking and obsession, varsha you don’t need to describe everything that happened again in comments. Forgive me everyone.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.