Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sandhya answering the media and people defending the govt rules and asking them how many of them give their contribution. She asks them to do a good indian’s duty and not blame police and govt. Sandhya asks them why can’t they help and simply question. She tells about the hijack known before and she was hit by the car, no one helped her on road being a good citizen. She tells no one has time for doing duty and come to get rights.

Babasa comes there and says his son helps everyone. He asks ACP Rathi why did this happen with this son if he did his duty and his wife is responsible citizen and even then they are dying for govt law decision. The man says Sandhya has no family and won’t understand their pain. Sandhya says she understands their pain. She goes

answering duty call. The media asks for answer. All passengers fall in seats as the plane is crash landing.

The plane position is seen and Sandhya sees the plane going in sea. They try contacting pilot and Sandhya asks how did it disappear. The man says it means the plane is crashed by terrorists. Sandhya asks him to check technical fault. The man says I can’t do anything. Sandhya talks to pilot and Maya on the mic. She does not get any answer. Mr. Chowdhry stops her and gets scolded for bad results. Sandhya is upset as everyone is concerned to give answers. Sandhya asks for an answer as a wife as her husband and family are in plane. Sandhya asks him to give all passengers back. She scolds him for thinking about answer and not passenger’s life. She asks him to think what will he answer people about their families as this fear will kill them. She asks how will she go back home. She cries with fear of losing her husband and family.

She asks what should she tell my family. She panics asking everyone to say what should she tell them. The media questions people about govt decision was right or wrong, on 2310 hijack rescue. The reporter gets breaking news and tells about 2310 crash. Mr. Chowdhry tells media that he is not sure about plane crash and they all are trying to contact the pilots. Rathi family gets disheartened by watching the news.

Sandhya recalls her marriage and sees Sooraj’s sweet shop. She recalls Sooraj and cries thinking about their marriage journey. She comes home.

Meenakshi wipes Emily’s tears and asks her to have faith in Sandhya. Sandhya sees her family shedding tears. Meenakshi asks Sandhya to get back Bhabho by finding the plane by any way. She says you area big officer and can do anything. They ask her to bring family back and keep her promise. Emily says you could explain police about their wrong decision but many families died because of one mistake, how can you do this. They are worried thinking is their family alive or dead.

Sandhya walks in jail and goes to shoot Rajkumar angrily.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Enna koduma sir idhu!!!!!

  2. Guys todays serial is a big crap. Nonsense story n drag on. Common earlier episode Suraj had gun in his hand and prema had hairpin held to the girl threatning to kill her. He could have easily placed the gun on captured leader terrorist head n asked for relase of girl. This did not happen. Also has he forgotten the spy camera pen he has?. Such a dumb episode. And today they are emulating malaysian airlines story to drag the serial. Such a dumb program.

  3. What happened in the episode of18th. Why it was not posted till?

  4. Crap!
    This is too much really miserable they r simply draggin this serial so much.

  5. This episode too much dragged. They are simply running episode

  6. I completely agree with mcmgold comment. Suraj character is such a dumb one. He should have pointed the gun on Maya and released the kid. Sandhya – no action. i stopped seeing there faces.

  7. All passengers could have jointly leap upon threatening prema and could have easily stopped her. DABH has lost all good names.

  8. Piolet. should taken charge when maya lef the cockpit. He should ave . Dumped the fuel and turned the plane around to india for Emergency landing.
    So many men on the flight could not take over prema. Wow. Why they did not tie Prema’s hands her back when she was coming back from the bahroom.
    Air command why they did not tell Sooraj and other tactics to handle the terrorists.
    Where do you ever see a child playing with ball on the flight . iles are so small .
    This whole track is garbage .

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