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Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mamisa telling Sooraj that Bhabho got mad in her childhood, she killed her own brother at the age of 13. Sooraj gets super shocked and says no, how can this be. Mamisa says its truth. He says no Mamisa, tell anything, not this, she is my ideal person, she can’t do this, I have come with hope, tell me the truth. She says I knew this, you will say this, but this is not my story, your mother is murderer of her own brother.

Mamasa asks her why is she saying nonsense, my nephew came after many years and you are saying this. He says I m your Mamasa, and blesses Sooraj. He treats Sooraj well and asks him to come. Sooraj leaves. Mamasa sees Sooraj gone.

Sandhya tells security audit officer about the masterpiece of a warrior. Officer says it looks strange madam.

Sandhya asks the man to stop its rotating machine. Gul’s men wonder where is Gul, it will be bad if they remove the statue.

Gul goes to power control room and thinks to do something. The men think their plan will get exposed. Gul damages the electric wires and fire alarm rings. Sandhya asks everyone to vacate the place. Sandhya checks the short circuit and asks the men to join. The men repair the wires and power comes. Gul asks is everything fine. She says it was short circuit, Mr Basu try to test all detailing by igniting fire, I want this drill to happen infront of me. Basu agrees and says we could this test by igniting a little bit of fire. Gul thinks his plan will be ruined and he has to do something. Basu asks Sandhya to take anyone outside, no ordinary man can be here at the time of drill, we will inform you after drill is complete. Sandhya asks everyone to come.

Chotu sees cricket match and asks Arzoo for water. Arzoo looks outside the window and says I m coming. Chotu hugs her in excitement, and she smiles. He says sorry. She asks will he have tea. He says yes. She gets tea. He likes the tea and asks for namkeen. She goes to get. He thinks Arzoo is lucky, whenever she is coming, there is a hit. Arzoo gets namkeen. He calls her lucky and asks her to go and come again, actually tea has less sugar, go and out sugar, come back fast. She thinks Pakistan’s cricketer is getting out when I come. She does not come. Chotu asks her why is she not coming. She says I have to make food. He says sorry Arzoo, and lifts her, saying we will lose match. Pakistan wins the match. She says we won. He says not us, Pakistan won, if you stayed for 5mins, what would have happened.

Bhabho comes and asks what happened. Chotu says india won, call your bahu a Pakistani, she is glad for them. Bhabho gets worried and scolds Chotu.

Mamasa rushes to Sooraj and stops him. He says whatever your Mamisa said is true. Sooraj gets shocked. Mamasa says whatever world says, I don’t believe this, Bhabho used to love her brother a lot, she came Maayka for first time after marriage, she went to kuldevi temple, she came back without Murli, she cries and said she killed Murli. You will get the truth in kuldevi temple and know what happened that day.

Sandhya and everyone wait outside, while the test is being done by Basu. Fire gets ignited by a small scratch over the pillar. He gets shocked and moves away. Basu blows off the fire. He gets laak inside the pillar and is shocked. He says laak is everywhere here, there are many things wrong here. He checks the statue and sees its made of wax. He says everything is made of laak, oil paint and wax, this will burn up the place, it seems there is big planning done here, I have to inform Sandhya soon.

Basu makes the report. Sandhya is waiting outside. Gul’s men worry. Basu takes the report and is coming outside. Gul attacks him and takes the report. Gul beats him and says you will make report. He takes that report and makes new report. He makes him sign by forcing him, and says write that there is no problem here. Basu calls Sandhya. She asks shall we come inside, is audit over. She hears the sound of fight…. Gul beats Basu.

Gul force feeds Basu some liquid. Sandhya runs inside and shouts Mr. Basu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Gul’s story is going to end.

  2. Hope Sandhya will know the truth of lakshagrah soon. Hope this track ends soon within next 10-12 days.Sandhya scenes good.Sooraj also good. Hope all the mysteries will end & all confusions will be cleared soon.Please end this track sooooooon……
    Okay Episode. Okay precap.
    Hope Director don’t show Sandhya who is an IPS officer after this much.
    Gul is a fool to beat that officer who came for audit.
    Eagerly waiting for upcoming episodes.

    1. Director don’t show Sandhya as a DUMBSTRUCK after this much

  3. Didn’t Sandhya notice that swami wasn’t outside with her? Hope she finds out truth of Gul and lakshagrah before the function. End this track soon.

  4. Now suraj will go to kuldevi temple to bring out the truth of bhabo’s fear!
    What will bhabo do when she know about arzoo being Pakistani ! Arzoo and gul’s game is over- bhabo will kick her out!

    1. Arzoo wants to ruin guls plan she is true pakistani …and arzoo is bhabo ki bhanji ..bhabos brothers daughter ..

  5. Baar baar bhabho murderer hi bnengi kya

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