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Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya saying I wrote something from my heart, shall I read it. Sooraj sees Bhabho, and tells Sandhya to come home and read it infront of him. She says no, the writer in me can go away, so hear it now carefully. She reads a handcuff tied them years ago such that, police tied a thief. Bhabho and the man smile. Sooraj smiles hearing her shayari. Sandhya asks him to listen carefully and does more shayari related to her police background. She asks Sooraj did he not like it. He says its good. She asks him to say wah wah. He tries to tell about Bhabho.

She tells another shayari. Bhabho asks Sandhya to end call if she has killed shayari. Sandhya stops hearing Bhabho, and asks is Bhabho there. Sooraj says yes. Sandhya asks is she hear all this. Bhabho says yes, I m with

Sooraj. The man holding Sooraj’s phone smiles. Sandhya ends call and laughs. Bhabho sees Sooraj smiling. She thinks Sandhya is my Sooraj’s shine, she manages Sooraj anyhow, she is away on her duty, but brought a smile on Sooraj’s face. She says your wife is strangely unique. He says yes and smiles.

Emily meets Chavi at the shop and says groom’s family is coming to see Ritu, pack jalebis and samosas. Meenakshi comes and asks Emily did she come to see Chavi’s work. Emily tells about Ritu’s relation. Meenakshi asks her about Om and her relation. Chavi asks Birju to pack the things. Birju says jalebis are not made gas got over. Chavi asks why did you not tell me before. Birju says I did not tell Sooraj ever. Emily says I will buy jalebis from some other shop. Meenakshi compares Chavi with Vikram. She praises Vikram and goes hearing his call. Emily pacifies Chavi.

Meenakshi goes home and tries helping Arzoo with gas stove. Vikram comes asking her for tea. He scolds her for just gossiping. She says gas got over, what shall I do. He says it was big party, they left without having anything, all because of you. She asks him to listen. He goes. Meenakshi tells Vikram that he will be annoyed for four days now. Arzoo asks Meenakshi to check the gas first, I have to cook for Sooraj. Meenakshi sees the cylinder missing and asks Arzoo about it. She asks Arzoo to wait and goes out to see Chavi making jalebis, using the house’s cylinder.

Meenakshi says so madam took the cylinder, Vikram scolded me because of her, I have to teach her a lesson. Arzoo thinks to cook khichdi for Sooraj soon, Bhabho has gone out to temple, I can get cylinder on Sooraj’s scooter. Arzoo is on the way. The constable asks her to wait and show license. She says I m in hurry, I have to make khichdi for my brother. He says show license and papers. She says I don’t have anything. He says its crime to drive without license. She says I have to make khichdi, else Bhabho will kill me, let me go, I m getting late, I m Sandhya’s Devrani. He asks really, come put the vehicle at side. She says I will show photo, wait. He gets hurt by her and says you have raised hand in policeman, now make khichdi in lockup. They take her.

Sandhya talks to doctor and says I want to know if Ayurvedic tablets make Sooraj recover. Doctor says yes, it will heal slow, but effective to end the disease from roots, don’t worry, I will write medicines and start his treatment soon. Sandhya promises Sooraj to make him fine soon.

Vikram is in market. Babasa calls him and asks about old stove. He says I don’t know about Meenakshi, Arzoo and Bhabho, they all went out, cylinder is missing. Vikram asks what, I will send someone and get the work done. Babasa asks him to arrange cylinder. Vikram says yes, sure. He ends call and thinks how to do all the work. Arzoo calls Vikram and says I did not wish to trouble Sandhya, so I called you, a constable called me and got me to police station. He asks what are you saying, I will come. He gets a rickshaw and leaves.

Later at home, Meenakshi says I will tell you. Vikram says wait. He asks Arzoo how did she raise hand on constable. She says my hand has hit him unintentionally, I went to get cylinder. He asks how did cylinder go from house. Meenakshi says I will say. Bhabho comes home and asks Vikram where was he, I was waiting there at temple. Vikram says Arzoo went to get cylinder and fell in problem. Ved’s teacher comes to drop Ved and says Vikram was going to come to pick him, Ved was waiting for one hour, I know big incident happened at your home, but it does not mean you will keep the boy waiting. Meenakshi says sorry, this won’t happen again.

Babasa scolds Vikram and says did Sooraj do such carelessness like this. The man comes and asks for khichdi, he has to give medicines to Sooraj. Bhabho asks Arzoo why did she not make khichdi. Babasa and Bhabho scold Vikram for not getting cylinder. Meenakshi says you are scolding Vikram, all this happened because of Chavi, all these problems happened, how many things would Vikram do, Chavi is responsible for all this, she took the cylinder. Vikram says I will not leave Chavi. He goes to Chavi and slaps her infront of everyone. Babasa shouts Vikram. Bhabho drops aarti plate and cries.

The people show the insects in the sweets and scold Rathi family for making people ill by selling such sweets. Sooraj cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh my goodness ! So depressing episode ! Full of problems! Chavi should have checked the cylinder be4 hand , vikram and other ladies should Also have arranged one extra at home ! Vikram shouldn’t slapped chavi in front of people! Meenakshi came back to her true self! Very disgusting !
    Precap is worse!?

  2. Good Episode.
    Bad Precap.
    Hope SOORAJ will get fine soon.
    Eagerly awaiting for upcoming episodes.
    VIKRAM can never become another SOORAJ.
    BHABHO praising SANDHYA scene was awesome.
    SANDHYA’s shayari was also superb.
    SOORAJ-SANDHYA-BHABHO scene was the best of today’s episode.
    Really love this track.Even if SOORAJ is paralyzed,SANDHYA & BHABHO are giving positive energy to him & are making him smile.They are not giving a chance for SOORAJ to feel his illness & pain.By seeing SOORAJ’s smile,family also gets happy.
    So this is giving a positive energy to all.So I love this track.
    But end this track soon plzzz.
    We can’t see SOORAJ like this for so long.Plz make him fine soon.plzzz……

  3. Today episode was very very super. Suraj and sandhya scene was very super and funny. Bhabho acting well. Anas and deepika made for each other
    Lovable couples. Lovely story today.

  4. If the situation is like this then suraj will left with no choice but to leave his bed and illness and take over all the family’s responsibilities ! Vikram and meena are selfish! They can’t sacrifice their happiness for the family’s happiness like the way surya does! Poor ved he had to wait for long, sandya should have to remind it to vikram though!?

  5. Suraj and sandy scene r superb….precap is very bad and sad…pls dnt spoil suraj shop…

  6. SANDHYA shayari scene was so funny.
    Precap is not for next episode but it’s weekend episode scene.It will be after 2-4 episodes.Very disgusting precap.
    It’s either VIKRAM or that other halwai (who wants to shut SOORAJ’s shop).
    Whoever it is, hope everything will be fine soon.

  7. Pls end this track soooon

  8. What a episode…u r absolutely right kousalya…sooraj and sandhya r made for each other….MASS PAKKA SERIAL…

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