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Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya and Zakir reaching Delhi by flight. They go to NIB and pass the security. Zakir is stopped and sent to another room. The man asks just Sandhya is allowed to meet the seniors. Sandhya finds the room dark and looks on. She sees the tasks she was given, the footage when she was following Chander and how she has done the physical tests. She says how can this be possible. Sooraj asks the team to give their best, the opposite team is Agni kabaddi club, their record is they have won every match, we will also have same passion to win the tournament, which will make our dreams fulfilled.

Aditi says she has to talk to them. She wishes them all the team, everyone used to laugh on her and them, they felt they are useless, she had trust on them, they kept her trust and

wants them to show they are not losers, and deserve to become champions. Sooraj chooses the players and takes their names. They all join hands.

A senior offices comes to Sandhya. He asks her not to be so shocked. He says they were doing all the incidents to test her physical and mental abilities, it was her tests, which were possible by her senior officer Zakir, he has made this done. He says Chander is not a criminal, he is also an officer, you proved you are same Sandhya Rathi who won best cadet trophy and solved many cases and broken crime wherever she went. She says yes Sir. He says but after donating the kidney, you felt you are not ready to do any physical hard task or field job. He says this was your thinking and fear inside you.

He says it was just a mental block, courage is in our heart, not kidney. He says he is NIB officer Bharat Kapur. She greets him.

He says you have old Sandhya in you, who can’t lose anytime, you have lifted 100kg metal and followed Chander on cycle, you can do anything, I don’t think there is any weakness in her, I m sure you also feel this now. She nods. He tells about the chance that will be any officer’s dream. She says she is ready, order me where to go and when. He says very good and says he wants to tell few things, its high profile mission, she will not tell anything to anyone, not to officers of family, even Zakir is not given the info, he will be given few details, you will get all the details. She asks him to trust her. The senior says the mission is dangerous and every challenge will be risking life, he can’t say anything about the mission, and can’t promise will she come back alive. Sandhya gets stunned.

She recalls Bhabho, Sooraj and Ved. Sooraj and the team goes to play. Avinash gets sad. He thinks Sooraj will not give him a chance, he has to snatch this chance. He keeps the dumbbell over the cupboard and attaches a string to the door. He thinks Sooraj will not be able to play and io will get in the field. He leaves from there.

Mohit sees Emily in her room. He comes and holds her hair. She asks what is he doing. He says she is attracting her love by her hair. He takes scissor. Chavi comes and scolds him. She says she will tell Bhabho and he leaves. Emily hugs her and leaves. Chavi says he has gone mad.

The senior says he wants a courageous officer who will do duty first than their family. He gets a call and says I have to call this call. He asks her to think. He leaves. Sandhya thinks she has got a big chance to do her duty, she should go.

She sees her inner self and recalls her promise to Bhabho, her family, Sooraj, his dreams are waiting for her, how can she go alone leaving them. She thinks she has many responsibilities, Bhabho and Babasa are getting old. Sandhya feels country needs her, she has worn the uniform for being dutiful to country, but she has taken seven vows with Sooraj, its her time to do her duty towards her family. The senior comes and asks what did she think, he wants to know her decision. She looks on.

Zakir says I m so sorry, it was all secret so I could not tell you, its good, I m jealous that you get all great chances than me. She gets teary eyed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Aaj bhi 11:10 bahje update aaya. Plz update fast. Baki ke serials ke updates kitne fast upload karti ho tum. Dis is not fare.

    1. YES…..agree with you.

  2. Feeling sleepy ya. Update fast

  3. Varsha,,actually i like ur comments very much.u always cmnt positive things of dabh..
    let’s be friends??

    1. Ya of course. We are friends.

  4. Baki leke serials ke updates tum 5min main post karti ho auraur dabh itni ders kuy updates karti ho.

  5. Bt thank for updating

  6. I hope us avinash ki vjese suraj ko kuch na ho.

    1. Nothing will happen to suraj.. as already update given. wins the match and suraj holds the championship cup and best player award too….

      1. Ya what u say is true bt in real life suraj is injured

  7. some one plz kill that mohit.mujhe lagta hai aaj jo bhi hua uski vjhese chavi khud zakir or emli ki shadi karvayegi.


    1. Ha ha 😀 😀
      Nice joke….and nice narration

  9. Superb episode…….

  10. This mohit is disgusting !! Hate him to the core…!

  11. I’m not happy with the show about one thing. ….This show is always pointing “Sandhya” as a women. ..With boundaries like relations, promise’s.. 🙁 🙁

  12. Hi frnds have a nice day…

  13. Hi gm have nice day.

  14. Thank god chavi time pe aayi. And she save emli from that mad mohit.

  15. Amena! The credit goes to you for putting things in the worst English! How many mistakes?

    1. ya…so many mistakes in spelling and grammar

      1. It’s k. At least she update the episode. Every one do mistake. It’s natural.

      2. Plz don’t blame her for English grammar mistake

  16. Nice episode.

  17. It’s very nice track. Bcoz they show that how difficult policy life and also show that how lady policies manage there home as well as duty . All Policy are sacrificing there life for us. It’s so difficult decision for them. Hats off to all policies. And Also thanku.

  18. Is show ki vajhse at least hum logo ko pata to chala ki police hamare liye kya kuch nahi karte. Really I proud of them. Also thanks to dabh team. Dabh always give nice example to us.

  19. I like this serioul very much.I do not want miss it.In this episode I most like sandhya and zakir. after both I like suraj ji

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