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Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya confronting Arpita. Arpita asks what are you saying. Sandhya says you won as I trusted you, not because you are more smarter than me, you changed the fax and wrong car number, that’s why I caught the wrong man. Arpita denies. Sandhya shows both the papers. Arpita recalls how she changed paper.

Sandhya says truth comes out, I understood this, but why, what do you want. Arpita says the same thing for which you joined duty after 15 months, you are acting innocent now, when you got to know about promotions due after 2 months and joined duty, so that you get my promotion. Sandhya asks did you do this just for promotion. Arpita says you are taking it so light, I have earned my place in this department and worked hard when you were doing duties towards your home,

when I was getting promotion, you came back.

Sandhya says it means you forgot to respect senior officer, I joined duty, but the reason is not promotion, my thinking is not small, I understand your game now, you wanted to make my image low and your image high, I will advice you, being dreamer is good, but you should not forget training, we should not cheat officers, go ahead by your hardwork, I can expose you and get you out, but I won’t do this, I know you are talented, use this talent in right direction, don’t play such games with me, next time I won’t forgive you. Sandhya leaves. Arpita thinks Sandhya’s name will not get in promotion list now, and I promise I will become next SSP.

Sooraj meets Om. Ved apologizes to Vansh. Sooraj cries and pacifies Om, saying that was also Lord’s wish, Emily is going through sorrow. Meenakshi pacifies Emily. Emily cries and says I was not happy knowing of my pregnancy, I could not feel like becoming mother, I was just complaining, I was thinking of Pari, Sparsh and my duties, that’s why Lord snatched this baby. Meenakshi says don’t say this. Emily says my baby knew I m not happy with him, that’s why he went. Meenakshi hugs her. Vansh hears them.

Sooraj calls Sandhya and says your guess was right, Vansh was lying that he was ill, he has come to Pushkar to know his real parents, he got to know that Ankur and Ankita are not his parents, he told this to Ved, they reached hospital and Vansh was checking register in record room, I reached there on time and stopped him, we have to stop Vansh till Ankur comes, I spoke to Ankur, he said he will come Pushkar by tomorrow, once he comes, we will explain Vansh. Sandhya says it will be too late, we could not know what Vansh is going through, I think we should talk to him today itself, I will see, I don’t have meeting now, I will come home, we will talk to Vansh.

At home, Sandhya and Sooraj talk to Vansh. Vansh says I know you both are annoyed with me, if my mummy and Papa know this, they will be annoyed too, I had no way to know my real parents, if I asked this to you two, even you would have not told me.

Sooraj says nothing like that, why do you want to know, don’t Ankur and Ankita love you. Vansh says they love me a lot, if I did not hear them, I would have not know they adopted me. Sooraj asks why do you want to know. Vansh says I want to meet my real parents once and ask them why did they give me to others, now Kanak is born, you love her a lot, and when Bua comes from duty, she asks just about Kanak, did my parents not love me, did they not need me, I have seen Meenakshi and Emily in hospital, Emily said she did not wish to have her baby, so her baby went away, did my mumma also not wanted to get me, did they make me away for this reason. Sandhya cries.

Sandhya says no. Sooraj says kids are like gifts for parents, and parents can’t see child away for a moment, as children are parents’ heartbeat, who become their parents’ identity, when any parents leaves baby, there is some big reason, Lord Krishna was given birth by Devki, but was raised by Yashoda, even then everyone knew him by Yashoda’s name, Vansh is lucky to gave Ankita, she loves you a lot. He hugs Vansh and cries. Sandhya too hugs Vansh and cries.

Sandhya tells Bhabho that if I have given Vansh away, it does not mean I don’t love him, how shall I explain Vansh. She hugs Bhabho and cries. Bhabho consoles her and says you took this decision, and you are keeping that decision till today, how will it work if you fall weak now, about Vansh, Ankur is coming tomorrow, Vansh will get all answers and all misunderstanding will get cleared. When Vansh knows why you gave him to Ankur to save Bulbul, he will know your big heart, he will respect you and Sooraj, no one can do such big sacrifice. They cry.

Sandhya talks on phone. Officers decide to put her on trial, if she proves herself then its good, else we have to give Pushkar charge to Arpita and transfer Sandhya. Sandhya gets worried.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Now it’s Sandya’s turn to prove herself.

  2. So Emotional Episode.
    Again challenge for SANDHYA.
    Eagerly awaiting for upcoming episodes.
    VANSH-SANDHYA-SOORAJ parts & SANDHYA-BHABHO parts were so touching.
    VANSH doubt can’t be said to be wrong as whoever in VANSH’s position would have asked the same.
    Hope VANSH don’t hate his SOORAJ-SANDHYA for this.Hope VANSH will understand SOORAJ-SANDHYA’s love for him.

  3. Richa

    awwwwwwwwww sooo emosnalllllllll

  4. Very nice episode . Surya and vansh part was nice.


  5. I think sandhya should set a trap for arpita n catch her

  6. awwwww so nice and emotional. I wish all upcoming episodes will make dabh fans more happy ??

  7. I saw the latest news about DABH
    They are saying VANSH will hate SOORAJ-SANDHYA after he came to know they are his real parents.But it is similar to YHM track after the 7 years leap which is now rolling.Why DABH team is copying such stupid f**king track.Please make something yourself.VANSH will become jealous on VED too.Plz don’t drag this f**king hatred b/w child & parents track for so long.End the bakwas.
    Give something good & positive.We want RATHI family to be happy forever.

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