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Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabho saying she will keep a puja at home as everything is fine now. Everyone agree. Meenakshi asks who will sit this time, last time Sooraj and Sandhya sat in the puja. Bbhabho says Emily and Mohit will sit this time, as Mohit is starting a new life and he should get Lord’s blessings to succeed. Bhabho says stop playing now, lets go and do the arrangements of the puja. She asks Meenakshi to invite all people. She asks Emily to see items in the store room. She divides all the work. He says I will keep this inside and come. Meenakshi runs to do her share of work. Meenakshi is happy that she can see her Misri in the puja tomorrow.

She comes to invite Taisa and sees a beautiful lahenga. She asks is this for Misri. Taisa says yes, I bought this for her birthday and

takes it back annoyed. Meenakshi says I thought she will look good, so I asked, I came here to invite you for the puja. She asks her to bring Misri also. Taisa says fine and asks her to leave. Meenakshi hears them talking standing out. Taisa asks her bahu not to tell anything to Meenakshi. Meenakshi thinks there is something, what are they hiding. I have to keep my ears and eyes happy. Taisa asks her bahu to shut the door. Meenakshi runs seeing her.

Kavita hears the news that she is winning the elections and talks to Sooraj on phone saying I will come as Bhabho invited me. He says thanks, Bhabho said you might be busy as election result is coming tomorrow. She says yes, I m ready for public service, and I did not become a politician yet. She says I will get the good news tomorrow infront of Sandhya and I will go there as I started my politics journey from that house. Kavita smiles.

Its morning, Chavi packs her bag and says I m excited to go to Bhabho, I will stay there for 4 months and won’t go to doctor. Pushpa comes to her and asks when will she leave. Chavi says in 30mins, Dilip will drop me. Pushpa says my doctor niece is coming in 10mins to check you. Chavi gets tened and thinks what excuse to give. She sees a file and says one min. She says she has to give this file in office and leaves. The puja arrangements are done. The pandit comes and Bhabho scolds Chotu to call everyone.

Chotu brings Sandhya’s pic and she looks at him. Mohit asks Babasa to lower the volume of tv and come for the puja. She asks him to get the Lord pic and calls Babasa. Chotu leaves. Babasa sees the news about Kavita on tv and the cable goes. Babasa says maybe Sooraj did not pay the bill. Chotu asks Babasa to come and he sees Sandhya’s pic. He asks where are you taking this. Babasa says its not a mistake, many people will come and I will hang it at such place where everyone can see it. Chotu says yes, good idea. Sandhya brings the Lord’s pic and gives to Bhabho.

Bhabho asks Sandhya to go to Sooraj’s shop and get the Prasad. Sooraj is making sweets at the shop and Sandhya smiles seeing him. She comes to him and hides her face. Sooraj sees her and asks what does she want. She teases him acting as a customer. She asks for a jalebii and he says one min. She helps him in cooking. He says what are you doing, this is not your work. He understands its Sandhya and tucks her saree. She asks how do you know its me. He says as the work does not suit her.

He says I can know you from very far too. They have a sweet romantic talk and smile. Kavita sees them happy and smiling. She smiles and Sooraj sees her. Sooraj stops her and greets. He looks for Chotu and goes to bring him. Kavita sees Sandhya alone and taunts her. Pushpa talks to her niece and says I will call Chavi. Dilip brings Chavi home and says mum, Chavi is not fine. He cries and says Chavi was returning from office, she slipped and fell from stairs, her miscarriage happened. Chavi starts crying.

Pushpa is shocked and cries. Chavi says I lost my child and cries. Pushpa consoles her. Dilip takes Chavi to her room. The girl looks at her and stops Dilip, asking where did you go. Dilip says she went alone and called me from the way, I went to pick her, I will go to Chavi. She says fine, you, she needs you. Kavita taunts Sandhya. Sandhya keeps quiet seeing Sooraj come.

Zakir tells Sandhya that he brought someone will him, whom she knows since training. Sandhya is super glad seeing Officer Singh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Take Chavi to a Hospital all her lies will be out. If a abortion happens the person has to be shown to a dr. No one tells the person to go and rest, This scene was foolish, her husband should have taken her to a dr first

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