Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabho asking Sandhya and Sooraj when will they become parents, a family gets complete by a child. She says you both don’t understand this. Sooraj says actually…. Sandhya holds his hand and stops him. Bela says she did all the work, and she wants to take kids to circus. Meenakshi says fine, dry these clothes and go. Emily talks to her about parlor course and she may not go for it. She says tell Mohit to send you, as Sooraj has sent Sandhya too. She says Bela will take care of Pari. Emily says I will talk to Mohit today.

The traffic builds up and Bhabho says she wants to go home and see the grandchildren. Misri and Pari are begging there. Bela says their parents will not come here. Sandhya and Sooraj see the traffic jam. She says it will take much time. He

says we should tell Bhabho. She says its not needed. He says Bhabho is adamant and she does not know you gave her the kidney. She says its temporary, after I recover, we can make her wish true. He says he is not in hurry. She says but I m in hurry, we will talk to doctor. She says we will buy something to Chavi and Bhabho.

Chotu says a tempo broke down and it will take time to repair, and asks Chavi to come as they will get some food. Bhabho says come soon. Sandhya sees the little girls begging. Sooraj says they are so small and they are begging, they should have books and toys in this age. Sandhya says yes, its legal crime. He says lets talk to their parents. Sandhya calls Kohli and talks. Babasa and Bhabho go to do some shopping for kids. Pari sees Sooraj and Sooraj see them.

Bhabho and Babasa also see them, and they all are shocked. Bela says its their Taui ji, run from here. Bhabho takes the girls and Sooraj stops all the kids. Sandhya asks Misri who got them here. Misri says Bela Didi got her here. Sandhya says who is this Bela, where is she. Sandhya says I will not leave her. Bhabho says what days is Lord showing me, I have to go home and get answers from the two queens.

Meenakshi acts like Bhabho and Emily laughs. Bhabho comes and calls them out. Meenakshi says coming, and greets her. She asks her to see the home, as she has kept it clean. Emily says yes, your sons are getting food on time and they have put on 2 kgs of weight in your absence. Bhabho says great, you both did which I did not imagine in my life.

Bhabho asks them to bring the girls. Meenakshi says she kept the maid and she takes them to park and circus. Emily says Bela keeps good care of kids, and also home. Meenakshi says yes, we pay her good salary, who listens everyone stopping us every time. Bhabho signs Chotu. Chotu brings Misri and Pari. Meenakshi pushes Misri away and asks Chotu why did he bring beggar’s daughters at home, they cleaned the home, take the kids back.

Bhabho asks them to identity. Meenakshi says we don’t know any beggars. Bhabho asks them to identify their daughters, as they are so happy being separated that they could not identity their child. Bhabho cleans their faces. Meenakshi and Emily are shocked seeing Misri and Pari and hug them. They ask who did this and cry. Sandhya says the maid whom you gave the home and kids. Meenakshi says Bela. Sandhya says the maid took them to park and circus and made them beg for money on roads. They are shocked.

Sandhya says we got then kids begging on roads. Vikram comes and hears all this. He says where is Bela, call her. Mohit comes and asks who did this. Sandhya says Bela has run, but police will get her. Meenakshi says I will kill her, she made my daughter beg. Emily apologizes to Pari and says she will get Bela punished. Bhabho says why are you cursing her, you both depended on her, you could not take care of a child and send them to beg on road, why did you keep maid, I can’t understand how can you give child to a stranger. She scolds them.

Sandhya says yes, its good we saw them, else don’t know what would she do, how can you do this with your children, give me Bela’s address or phone number, so that police can find her soon. Emily says we did not take her address. Sandhya says what.

Meenakshi says what will we do if we get more duties. Sandhya says I manage home and duty. Meenakshi says you won’t understand us, as you don’t have any child.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Anyway begging episode completed…..
    It seems “New Track” of taunting sandhya not having child, will going to revel the truth to family

    1. Expected…. but not sure whether Sooraj will reveal the truth or he will tell some like to hide truth…

  2. Sandhya should slap Meenakshi for what she said(precap) & what she did till.

    1. Not Sandhya.. Sooraj should slap Meena now… From the beginning she talking lot of non-sense with Sandhya so Sooraj should react strongly now…

  3. NOW all r back of sandy 4 d sake of children

  4. Yes…because unable watch this begging episodes…Thanks to directer.

  5. bhabhu rocks…..bhabhu only can control meena…emily try to be like sandhya not meena….

  6. Actually i’m getting negative thought about sandhya preggny. sandhya decided to consult a doctor.So i think a big shock is waiting for us. That sandhya can’t have a child in her life.

    1. I got this dream. 🙂

      Sandhya will give a birth to two babies (boy and girl). She will make boy as IPS officer and girl as IAS officer… 🙂 or boy will take care of Sooraj shop (another sravan) and girl became IAS officer…

      1. Great dream. . But Never come true

      2. Think different… y IAS, IPS
        y not Army, navy

  7. losing their position, Dabh has back their old smell.

  8. It would be ridiculous if Sooraj does not say anyhing after what Meenakshi said…

    1. Yes, Sooraj should slap Meena now…

      1. Jst cool guys. . Not need that much of reaction. .from sooraj or sandhya.

  9. Sooraj should react strongly now….. else he will be useless husband… He should slap Meena either physically or verbally….

  10. Stupid sandhya. .. This time also she making jokes about bhabu’s wish.

  11. I expected that Sandhya or Sooraj ‘ll see children begging on the way while they return to home after tour even before 2 days itself.Only difference-all family members saw.

  12. I expected that Sandhya or Sooraj ‘ll see children begging on the way while they return to home after tour even before 2 episodes itself.Only difference-all family members saw.

  13. At last…Sandhya! again Became a target to all. ..including bhabu
    —> targets aimed

  14. Sandya has taken 15 days leave. She is supposed to lie on the bed for healing the wounds. Similarly Babho too. But these two roam about all places like swimming pools, among the crowds(in children’s begging scene ) etc. AnIPS officer like Sandya does not know how to follow the fundamental precautions after a major operation. Most of the viewers think about her sacrifice and praises her in this column but nobody is dare enough to condemn her highly irresponsible actions after the operations. In fact, the hospital authorities won’t allow Sandya nor Babho to stir out of their beds for 15 days after such major operations.Even this simple fact is not known to the director. Absolutely idiotic.

  15. nice serial. director sir dont twist the serial that sandhya cant have a child. we wish sooraj and sandhya have a child. soon..

  16. I agree . As an ASP and a police officer the country needs she should not have donated her kidney. Ok if she donated , why should it be kept a secret even from her husband and behave so irresponsibly by getting into the ways , not taking rest and abusing her body in all ways. Being generous and very duty bound is good but not at the cost of her own health. This is a wrong message you are giving the viewers. Mena should finally be taught a lesson and even after all that has happened she has not learnt a lesson.

  17. i think sandhya will recover soon and go to her duty again

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