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Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya coming there and says I m sorry, I can’t present that witness. The judge asks whats the reason, court stopped proceedings on your saying. She says yes, witness was with me, I don’t know where did the witness go. Sandhya asks for time. The lawyer asks was there any witness, or a failed attempt to save your husband, officer you got half an hour to save him. Sooraj thinks why is Sandhya getting a joke of herself. Sandhya says I know the court rules, that witness was with me, I don’t know whether that witness went by wish or forced to leave, give me one hearing more. The lady lawyer says there is no such witness, she is wasting time, I request the judge to give the verdict. Sandhya asks the judge to check her records and just give time. The judge says police

got enough time for investigation, now the decision will be announced. Sandhya thinks where did Lalima go, if she knew her statement can save Sooraj.

Lalima asks Vikram to open the door and tries. He says its locked, don’t cry. She says let me go, I have to give statement. He says you won’t go to give statement, its good for everyone that you stay quiet. The judge is giving the verdict and Bhabho stops him…. Sooraj gets shocked seeing Bhabho. Meenakshi brings Bhabho. They all look on. Bhabho says I have killed Mohit Rathi. The judge asks who are you. She says I m Mohit’s mother Santosh Rathi. He asks her to come to witness box and say. They all get shocked seeing her. Sooraj asks Bhabho not to do this and stop. Bhabho goes to witness box. Sandhya looks at Bhabho, being shocked seeing Bhabho and Sooraj’s reaction.

Bhabho confesses that she has killed Mohit Rathi. Daisa asks whats this drama, Sooraj said he killed Mohit, and now Bhabho. Sandhya thinks what is Bhabho saying. The lawyer asks Bhabho about her confession, but there is no evidence in police charge sheet that points to her. She says this is new link in this case and requests that investigation officers put some light on it. Satya goes to witness box and gives his statement that Santosh Rathi’s involvement in the murder is nil according to the police investigations, all evidence is against Sooraj Rathi.

Sandhya says Mohit’s relations was not bad with his mother, that we doubt on her, we did not get any proof against her. Bhabho says yes, they are saying right, its all fate, her one son Mohit was like who made his mother kill him, and other son Sooraj is such who took blame on himself to save his mother. She says whatever Sooraj told or showed evidence is just to save his Bhabho. He would have got punished, if I did not come here, this won’t be justice, as my son is innocent, I have done the crime, I have killed my son.

Sooraj says don’t say anything Bhabho. She says my son is innocent and cries. The lawyer asks Bhabho the motive for murder. Bhabho says reason won’t change this truth, I have killed him. Daisa says no one can imagine this. The lawyer asks Bhabho why did she kill Mohit. Bhabho says I won’t give any explanation, I did crime and I accept the punishment. The judge says this case should be seen from a fresh point now, Sooraj and Santosh Rathi will be in police custody till next hearing tomorrow. The family cries.

The lady constable forwards the handcuffs to Sandhya for Bhabho. Sandhya looks at Bhabho. Bhabho forwards her hands. Sandhya recalls Bhabho gifting her a pen as blessing, and doing tilak to Sandhya, saluting her duty. Sandhya’s hands get shaken up. She ties the handcuffs to Bhabho’s hands and recalls her promise to Bhabho. She cries.

Sandhya takes Bhabho. Daisa asks Bhabho how could she kill her son, and the neighbor ladies also ask the same. The man says its parents’ duty is to bring wrong-doer child on right path, not kill him, shame on you.

Sooraj asks Bhabho not to blame herself, as he does not think she did a crime. Sandhya asks them to say the truth, if Sooraj does not feel it’s a crime. Bhabho refuses to say the truth.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Complete crap

  2. Hi Geetha, I went through your comments that the serial needs some twists and turns in order to drag the story and reach an interesting climax. I agree with your. But one thing should be noted. There should be some logic and rationality in the sequences and incidents. But the heroine comes out of a nuclear blast without any scratch on the body. She comes to the court in time after so many impediments. I don’t want the viewers being made fools. That is the thin.

    1. Sir, I watch this as a serial only..please do not expect much logic from serials or films…Compared to other serials in star plus, this one is much better…showing strong relationships,family values..etc..All the actors in DABH are best in their acting. Our Malayalam serials are horrible compared to star plus serials.Hence I like this serial very much eventhough it lacks some logic.. I like your comments very much sir, but in my view, a serial will not be perfect with logic. They can attract viewers only with some imaginations, twists, turns and sometimes superhuman I am ready to bear such things and enjoy this serial very much…sorry sir.. if I hurt your feelings pl forgive me…BYE

  3. The court proceedings were not followed. The judge is ready to declare the judgment without any further enquiry and at the very first sitting. Is there any court in India or in the world that would pronounce the judgment in a criminal case at the very first sitting?

    1. yes jeyam sir…i dnt knw whether laugh fr this or getting angry….really getting irritated..stop this bakwassss mr.director

  4. total cap
    ab to bol do ki khunni kon h

  5. total crap
    ab to bol do ki khunni kon h

  6. one month has passed still they are dragging this out of sense story….hw come a person who accepts the crime n wudnt wish to reveal the truth behind the crime…wen will lalima come n tells the whole truth????? ………..wud u wanted to show sandy as an empowered woman ????or else making fun f her by showing her in a mad way??????????…..its ridiculous to see the proceedings of the court……i came across one good quotes that “it is better that 10 guilty persons escapes than an innocent will suffer”…….main principle f our judiciary s to protect the innocent by laws nt to finish the case in a hurry!!!!!!!

  7. Jyotika patel

    I think mohit tried to rape lalima as revenge….which bhabho and sooraj saw…and bhabho killed him with stone…
    They are hidding it as lalima is engaged

  8. I totally agree with you jeyam sir . l really loved mission mahabali but the end was so disgusting and now to attract the viewers they killed a family member making every person a culprit in some or the other way. And now are really disappointing in the climax .Zakir is absent who loves Emily and is not with her in her worst days. Though not for losing her husband but her child’s father.No reality just fooling the audience.

  9. Guy’s remember this a serial
    jahaan hero ki baajoo se goli nikali jaati hai or woh drive karta hai
    audience ko bewkoof samajhte ho kya

  10. wht d hell!!!? still i dnt think its bhaboo.mayb its lalima who killed mohit.

  11. tamanna parvin

    tragedy of life agar ho to woh isi serial mai milega.matlab muskil se sayad sandha aur suraj ki zindagi kavi 2 episod v aram se guzra hoga.kuch to raham khao director sahab.

  12. I think Mohit must tried to rape Lalima that’s why Bhabho killed him and they don’t accept it as a crime .

  13. Whatever the end may be, but this Mohit Track is disgusting and making the audience fool! No intelligence. Sandhya is shown as an ordinary constable not as an IPS Officer at all. Great insult to Police Deparment and Judicial System. Nothing to learn morally or socially and not even anything educating to youngsters. Nothing entertaining exept meenakshi. All is well that end well!. But here all is failure if end is stupid. An intelligent officer like Sandhya should not have problem tracking the culprit. If the witness is so important then how can Sandhy leave Lalima for even a minute.

    1. i agree with u ..true say

  14. Where is zakir ?it will be nice of zakir comes and helps his friend sandhya in this case .did zakir actor quit the show ??

  15. For this track, Bhabho think that she kill Mohit but Mohit just fainted not die. After surooj leave to call Police, kamal come out and kill Mohit since she return back to the field and see that Mohit try to rape lalima. It is my doubts.

  16. It seems by pushing the police to make arrest asap the investigation was jumbled. How can they have 3 people coming forward for commiting. the crime. Evidence is botched. If the body was found in the well it is pretty obvious that some else is involved . How does Vikram know where Lalima is in the court house? Why is he holding her hostage? Why would you leave an important witness unattened.
    One thing i find it difficult to understand all stones look a like how do you know which one it was? They should have done blood spatter spray on all stone to find out which stone showed blood on it and then send to forensic lab. All stones were handled without gloves infact all evidence was picked up without gloves.
    No research was done how a murder investigation is done. No murder is solved in a weeks time.
    I have read some of the comments that they dragging the story. Do you know in real life some cases are never solved. What are you watching ? Serial has to gain momentum in the story that called suspense.

  17. Disgusting. Judge is so hurry. With first hearing he is in hurry to give judgement. Baboo came to court directly from bed.

  18. It’s no surprise that the rathi family is doing this to sandhya. They always isolate her in her difficult times like hijacking,mission drama etc.. They see her only as a police office not as their daughter in law. Complete waste

  19. On poing through the comments posted by our viewers we can come to the conclusion that the producers and story writer don’t knoe legal and criminal procedures. More over the sequences are hurried and not synchronizing woth the events occurring. On the whole the output is a humpty dumpty confusion.

  20. I don’t understand…really bhabho killed mohit…? But what secret vikram & meenakshi was hiding…
    And why lokesh told that he killed mohit..
    But hope that bhabho not killed mohit…:)

  21. may be lalima killed mohit then
    why lalima went there
    is there any unkonwn fact anout lalima in that vedio
    is the murder happened for her protection or
    there is any reason???????????????????

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