Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj bringing Sandhya to police quarter. He says like you don’t have anything important than your duty, there is nothing imp to me than my family, so I sacrifice you today. Laxman says Sooraj has given request for new quarter two days ago. Sandhya is surprised. Laxman says I have done all cleaning. Sandhya asks Sooraj about this. Sooraj says this is not Babasa’s decision, but mine. I have always respected your duty and did not come in between your duty, but everything changed in one moment, it took away my Sandhya and broke our relation. He says you will know me, that my family is most important for me, and when Bhabho was shot, then I had taken this decision. She looks on shocked. He leaves her alone and goes. Sandhya cries.

Bhabho calls Sooraj and says

no…. Everyone rush to her. Chavi tells Babasa that Bhabho is calling Sooraj. She asks where is Sooraj. Where is Sandhya? They get speechless. Babasa says its time for your medicines, have it first. Emily brings water and medicines. Babasa says have it. Bhabho says no, where are Sooraj and Sandhya. She says I got it, Sandhya would have gone for duty. She has to go, she has much duties on her head. She says but where is Sooraj, did he go to shop? Meenakshi says yes, he went to shop, as it was shut from many days. Bhabho says how did he go without telling me, just see him. Sooraj comes and says Bhabho…… Everyone is shocked seeing him. Sooraj says how can I not come when you call me Bhabho.

She asks where did you go, don’t go like this, I feel scared. Sooraj says I went to get this blessings for you. Meenakshi thinks Sooraj is back, it means Sandhya is back too. Meenakshi and Emily go out and does not see Sandhya. Sooraj pacifies Bhabho. Bhabho says Sandhya has returned her pride to her, and shows her bor. Sooraj looks on. Vikram says its good Sooraj came but where did you leave Sandhya. Sooraj says at her home, police quarters. Meenakshi says you will meet her there and come here. Sooraj says no, we will not meet each other, I did this not because its Babasa’s decision.

Meenakshi thinks Sandhya will pay a big prove now, why did she not listen to Babasa. Babasa is shocked and says I did not ask you both to get apart, I know you can’t live without her. Sooraj says its not because of you, and reminds his words that he will balance between wife and mother. He says its not tough to balance my life, as they both are imp for me, but if its about keeping relation with mother and IPS officer, choosing is not difficult, I have chosen my mother, I don’t regret what I lost for her. He leaves. Everyone is shocked.

Meenakshi talks to her mum and says I m her because of Bhabho, Sandhya and Sooraj. She says whatever happened is very bad, Babasa and I explained Sandhya, but she did not listen to me, I m a woman and I know the fear to be without a husband, I know Sandhya loves Sooraj a lot and can’t be without him, they have always supported me, I won’t let this injustice happen, I will tell Sooraj to get Sandhya back. Her mum stops her and says Sooraj won’t agree if you say. She says he even won’t listen to Lord. Meenakshi says I will ask Vikram to explain Sooraj. Her mum asks is she mad, Vikram has left her home, and ask her not to get into this matter and just watch it. Sandhya cries and thinks about Sooraj’s words.

Sooraj reads Ramayan for Bhabho. She asks where is Sandhya.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Red

    No problem. …looking a change in serial …Wd out sandhya. …actually sandhya wants a leave that’s y she is out of d house

    • Pp

      Suraj is not good husband, because of his force Sandhya went for IPS training and became police officer. How can he leave her now..

  2. chichi

    This rathi family is soo selfish !!! They are only thinking about bhabo n sooraj but sandhya had to think about 75 innocent lives !!! The viewers are not dumbo’s the writers should change the story line!! This ia what happens when educated people get married to illiterate families

  3. shanthi

    All guys r same they r not ready to leave their family. For thm their family is everything. Whenever anything wrong happens they point out fingers on wife. They want wife’s to sacrifice her family n look n his family.
    How disgusting suraj is what was sandhya’s fault in plane hijack dat he left sandhya alone. Suraj i hate u… U too proved u r not a perfect husband

  4. superfan

    what the hell is going on…When sandhya asked suraj to go he came back again and because of him bhabho came there…so its you Mr. Rathi who is responsible for bhabho’s injury not sandhya. Why you put your nose in everything, she is a trained officer not you and putting everything on Sandhya…wow

  5. i thought every women should get a husband like suraj but not anymore.he proved me wrong today.arey wow suraj u care for ur parents a lot.that good.but for ur mother there so many people per sandhya has no one with has.even sandhya has lost her parents in a bomb blast.may be she is poilce officer phir be even she has feeling naa.even she respect bhobho as her mother.suraj if u have said sandhya be here till bhobho get fine but not ur also behave like a stupid man to say that sandhya did the mistake.ur impossible suraj.u guys good for nothing.useless track of storyline.

  6. surya

    sooraj does lot fr sandhya…bt now y he did like this!!!he is a perfect husband bt now he is also hurt his wife…y diya aur baati get sad!!! pls join them together sad fr u sandhya!!!

  7. Kan

    Ridiculous serial! Can someone pls explain y are the rathis and especially boring babasa blaming Sandhya for all this??? She saved everyone this old lady who has no sense runs behind her son in midst of firing n sandhya to be blamed! Amazing! Nothing left in this serial they shld end it with dignity.

  8. chinky

    Suraj too proved he is not a perfect husband. How can he leave sandhya alone this way. This is what happens when educated are married to illiterate.

  9. Harsha

    Sandya has safely sent both of them into the flight,sooraj as a hero jumped out of the plane n the bhabo like a fool came out of the plane following her son….if sooraj thought for his mother,then y didn’t he give the food plate to her n send bhaboo in those 10 passengers….believing sandya der were two guys zakir n arjun fighting, how can she leave them to those terrorists….at least babasa told to go from home as a couple but this sooraj proved DAT he z the perfect son for the perfect pig(babasa)…..its good to have love for mom but no in this way,leaving a girl who came with him for rest of her life…..wat punishment should vikram get for thinking to get prema marry n these babasa got prema home….

  10. GS

    I guess Sooraj is in some trauma. Now Sandhya should leave Pushkar and go somewhere else for some time. Also I guess Sandhya can’t continue as IPS officer without family.

  11. aa

    time for sandhya to stand up for herself.

    sooraj’s excuse that he is doing it for his family – is sandhya not his family?

    and don’t forget all the mess was made by sooraj at every step … all paths lead back to sooraj as he made made mistakes to allow the hijack to occur and then afterwards for releasing the hijackers for a stupid asthma pump.

  12. G P

    I don’t understand what’s going on. I hope writers and makers are not in any trauma. This serial got popular because of the couple Sooraj and Sandhya now they got separated. Seems they want to increase or maintain TRP rating by creating this kind of emotional drama.

  13. G P

    We know that Sooraj has lot of love and respect on Bhaboo but at the same he cannot ignore a wife like Sandhya. Very sad. 🙁

  14. G K

    Now other family members (at least Meenakshi and Emili) should support Sandhya otherwise there will not be any meaning for her good things done for family.

  15. Red

    Guys plz stop it……abt talking so rubbish abt suraj…….ok he is the best husband. ….no one can compete him…..he is the best

  16. Deep

    Why don’t you just speak for yourself and believe in whatever the f**k that you want to.. and let everyone else speak their own minds and give their own opinions…instead of forcing your obsession for Suraj Rathi on everyone… you stupid piece of f**king shit head. This is a free society, where there is a freedom of speech, you asshole. You guys know who I am talking about.

    • Red

      Deep ….its my wish I will say whatever i like …nd u guys have so much problem Wd suraj so better u don’t watch that serial …..ok…plz don’t watch it……watch other cheap serials ok… suraj rathi… u stop watching diya baati ok…deep..stupid….go to hell

  17. Achu Us

    If sandhya obeyed babasa’s decision,everyone would be dead.she and zakir only saved bhabho and suraj by killing Maya ,dish’s and prema.then why this stupid babasa doing like this.I think so surah is suffering from psychiatric problem.he should consult doctor.
    Writers and directors please don’t make story like made the story unrelated to the topic and it is the worst episode.
    I can’t bear this twist.
    We are watching TV for eagerness and pleasantness. But today’s episode spoiled the happiness of the mind.

  18. nina

    This is typical Man’s world. Who ever is writing this serial should try and improve the society’s thinking where women are concerned.
    Not same old thinking. It would have been great if they acknowled Sandya’s effort which almost got her killed.
    Her trauma no one sees . Even her own husband.
    The worst part of the story. How can Bhabsa and Menashki see the video in Sandya’s office? Computer shutdown and need password to resume . That was totally enthical and breaking the law. They should not have been allowed to go home. In case the information they saw gets leaked.

    When sandya ordered all passenger to be taken back to India?Why the Plane’s personnel did not take over and shut all exits? This whole story line is backward in thinking. We are in 21st century but live in 18 th century.

  19. sumi

    Suraj lost all respect in my eyes….hope he is faking…because he was suppose to support both mom and wife… body saw sandhya’ pain when they were hijacked…..

    • Red

      Ohhhhhhhh really she was in pain….omg u go nd help her……suraj lost respect from ur eyes not from the world eyes….ok…I think u ppl don’t knw the importance of mom……ok………If problem don’t watch the serial. ….ok…For ur kind info

  20. Hi YouTube what is wrong with soraaj why has he abandoned sandiya for? I feel so sorry for sandiya so much poor sandiya I’m not surprised with soraaj who would leave there wife in the middle of nowhere?

  21. Peace

    From what Suraj did to Sandhya, I do not think I will trust any man alive. I have always looked up to Suraj, Wishing that all women had loving and supportive husbands like him. After everything they went through together and the whole hijack episode, how could Suraj abandon her like that. Nothing Suraj does thereafter will make me change what I think of men. I know not all men are cold hearted, but who would even have imagined that Suraj would be such a cold blooded monster and behave like this? I curse you Suraj! may you rot in hell. From today no fancy soft spoken men will convince me of anything.

  22. MKS

    One of the most pathetic useless dramas ever, just like saathiya….what happened to these shows man they used to be so good.

  23. pk

    red,ever nd ever ASR is the best hus in star plus.but in the case of Diya aur baati hum backbone in Sooraj rathi…
    I hate rathi family…stupid unedu.people…there are no commonsense…

  24. aa

    babasa chrtcr is nt at al needed…dn y d crap is he doing OA…he took al d help 4m sandy n when time comes instead he helping he’s also making every1 2 backstep..chi

  25. sham

    Red i can see you adore suraj’s character that is your own opinion I shall not comment. After the hijack I have lost all respect for the Rathi family men especially the silly babasa n sooraj. I think the director has totally lost it. He thinks we have not been following the drama. In fact, the stupid Sooraj is the one who insisted Sandhya fulfil her dream despite her telling she would forgo it. Now he is blaming her for doing her job. How abt blaming his own brother Vickram for bringing Prema n himself for bringing the Disha. Disgusting fellows. Sandhya is innocent. Director pls wake up your idea n stop losing the essence of Diya Aur Baati. Dun always follow the old formula of the woman suffering for everything. You have set a gd example with this drama do not spoil it.

    • venkat

      Director and writer of diya aur baati hum spoiled the babasa & Suraj role, because of sandhya & Bhabhu only Suraj is alive is otherwise Suraj photo would have garlanded, now suraj is living as dead without sandhya, and suraj wants to please Babasa so he left sandhya in police quaters, now let the terrorist attack babasa and suraj so that this episode will end

      • venkat

        Let rajkumar escape from jail and kill suraj and babasa due security lapse as sandhya is necked out of home, they can easily attack suraj and take revenge on Sandhya and serial will end

      • Red

        Venkat. …no one can harm suraj rathi ….suraj can save himself he is not so fool… terrorist will not attack ok …y u r coming nd gonna attack suraj nd his family ….talking lyk that ..stupid …suraj is best…hero of diya aur baati hum nd hero of star plus

      • Red

        Venkat listen suraj is not so fool Wd out sandhya he can do every thg Wd out sandhya ..y u r sending terrorist attack …suraj rathi is best. ..nd hero

  26. Red

    U sham just keep quite ….ok….I think u ppl don’t knw importance of mother …….u ppl r thinking only ant sandhya …..mother is also very important. …ok

  27. Red

    Shut up pk. …..ASR is not so the best husband …..he can’t be called as a good husband …In front of suraj rathi…..he is worst

  28. Red

    If u all guys have problem don’t watch that serial simple. ….but Plz stop talking rubbish abt suraj rathi he is the best …….he is the best husband nd son…he did the right thing to support his mom… is very imp…..ok guyz

  29. Red

    U ppl knw that suraj rathi has won the beat acting award from UP govt. …its not given simply ok…..he is the best that’s y given… suraj rathi. ……

  30. sss

    From this serial they shown many positive things but from past 2 days episodes they will hurt our hearts very much

  31. Lr

    Lesson to be learnt: Dont marry uneducated men!
    Sandhya should have a great time now free from all the idiots and probably
    show them that she is enjoying herself!

  32. his

    Red, we cn undrstnd dat u r a big fan of suraj rathi.. we also post cmnts positively when he does anythng ryt.. but dis tym he really did bad and worse. If u r a female plz go to a psycriortist.. if u r a male………..

  33. Raj

    Inplace of Sandhya if any Other IPS officer went to release hijack then also bhabhasa would have found the fault with sandhya.But what happen to suraj he also supports bhabhasa.Suraj don’t forget that because of sandhya u & bhabho are alive.If not disha,rajkumar,maya and prema had killed you.

  34. Lr

    Hey Red, Suraj is free now, please go and propose to him, he might just marry you, you guys match mentally haha!

  35. Dev

    Why these people are this stupid. Who brought Prema into the house? Vikram na? and Babasa got vikram and prema married. That is how she got the chance to do all that nasty things. Who brought Disha in to the shop. Sooraj na ? So why every one is blaming Sandhya now. For saving them? She should have not be a police officer or a brave woman.. She should have being a stupid house wife who will do nothing but cry. Is that what this drama want to tell us?

  36. naba

    Well, that was tough but i think more interesting turns r more to come. And guys please, the drama has planned accordingly. everything will be back to place. all we have to just keep watching this and being patient. we cant create such a fuss like this and insult the characters in the drama? its totally unfair..if we want to express our opinion on a certain episode i think we must do it little easy-going. right?

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