Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bharat asking Sandhya to come at back of the auditorium, he has got Chris. She says I m following Chandu. He asks is she sure. She says yes, and thinks where did Chandu go. Emily thinks if Sooraj knows about Lalima, his state will get more bad. Bhabho thinks she is cheating her son, as its for his good, Lalima is his medicine and will make him old Sooraj. Meenakshi and Lokesh bring Lalima there. Sooraj says Sandhya has come.. Lalima sits beside him. The pandit asks about bride’s family. Bhabho asks Lokesh to sit. The pandit says put the wood sticks in kund, its time for pheras.

Bhabho sees the dry sticks, it means it got changed, dry sticks will catch fire, and Sooraj will react. Sandhya catches Chris and arrests him. She asks his master plan. He says I m innocent

man. She asks again. He says you are mistaken, I m a photographer. Bharat comes and says he is saying true, sorry we did not recognize you and returns his wallet. He says who is Chris, I have seen identity of all foreigners, is he any human or any mission. Bhabho thinks to change the sticks else Sooraj will get the attack. The pandit asks her to sit, its imp ritual. Meenakshi thinks she has changed the sticks, she will get the money, she did the hardwork and smiles.

Bhabho thinks it will ruin everything, Lalima will see Sooraj’s mental state and break this marriage, pandit will light fire anytime. Bharat writes Chris and says what can it be. He writes it reverse and reads Sir HC. She says Hemant Chauhan who has inaugurated the power units. Chandu goes to the place and beats the man. He thinks now no one can stop me. He goes to power room and informs his men. He says this is Chris whom he came to meet, Himanshu’s sacrifice will not go waste. He sees a chip and says this is big step towards our big step.

Sandhya says it means Hemant Chauhan is involved. Bharat says or maybe Chandu will harm him, we have to alert him, lets go. Hemant Chauhan is in the function. Sandhya and Bharat hear the fire alarm. The people start running. She says this fire alarm is hoax. She thinks she has seen Ris on the transformer board and checks it. She sees Chris and says it means Chandu is near transformer unit Chris. She runs to catch him.

Bhabho is worried and Meenakshi is smiling that Lalima will see the truth and marriage will break. The pandit keeps the sticks. Bhabho thinks she knows this fire will hurt Sooraj, its fine if Lalima knows her lie, but she won’t let Sooraj suffer. Sandhya looks for Chandu. Meenakshi thinks Sooraj should react soon, and tells Vikram that Sooraj is looking good. Chandu breaks the glass box by the laser.

Sandhya sees the guy fallen and thinks Chandu is here, I won’t leave him. The power goes. Babasa says power went, we will go out and see. Vikram tells Bhabho that he will see if he can get emergency light. Mohit also goes. Bhabho thinks Lord has shown again that he is with me. Chandu takes the power chip. Meenakshi thinks why did the power go. Sandhya comes there in power room and Chandu leaves. She gets shocked seeing the unit stolen, and says it means Chandu has lost with Chris. She tells Bharat that Chris is electricity backup unit, which can hold power for 10 hours, stop the drama group, Chandu is one of them. She realizes her Bluetooth fell and says I have to inform Bharat.

Sandhya runs in the darkness. Vikram and Mohit bring the emergency lights. Bhabho thinks its good power went, she got chance to change the sticks. Mohit says power will come in few hours. The pandit lights the sticks and says its wet sticks, and can’t be ignited. Bhabho thanks Lord and thinks no other problem should come. Meenakshi says I kept dry sticks, how did it get wet. Vikram asks what did she say. She says nothing. Bhabho says how can she get dry sticks again, and asks Lokesh to come with her. Meenakshi also goes. Sandhya asks the crowd not to be worried, and not come this time. Someone holds her hand, and she gets shocked.

Bhabho says its rule, that marriage is dharamshala needs sign on the papers. Sooraj takes the papers and they look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Full of confusion?

    1. rytt full confusionn………………….

  2. nyc eepisode……….
    i think that hand is of someone from nautanki crew orr zakir………….

  3. 🙁 🙁 🙁 😛 😛 bhabhoo ka kuchh nahii ho sakta h………………

  4. Thanks amena for updating??

  5. guysss alll are missing m i commenting alone!!!!!!!………………….

    1. i too feel same…… i was alone commenting after update…..But after 5 mints…i see many people commented faster than me…….
      this is all because of this important chance and late….approvel’s….

      1. yeah u r ryt ns4

  6. I didn’t understood today’s episode.I hope i will understand when i watch.
    But interesting.Excited to watch upcoming episode.

  7. As usual Nice my style ek dam zakaass only Sandhya’s part.???

  8. What’s pheras, Varsha? It seems that Chandu had changed something. What did he change. Is he technically so qualified as to alter and replace electronic gadgetsl . I think it’s the story writer who should answer this question.

    1. jeeyam pheras r when groom and bride go around d holy lighted fire or havan kund and take marrige vows …………..

    2. Actually this kind of people means that this kind of terrorist r so clever and they r more talented and welled educated. So they plan like this they have all knowledge of the this kind of information of all bomb and all kind of items which use in blast.???

      1. Phers means round which we did in marriage.??

  9. wat did chandu say wen he was talking in mobile??? can some one tell…………….

  10. I think hand is Shekhar’s.
    I want Sandhya to finish this mission without taking Zakir’s help.Zakir should help Sandhya in this mission @ the end part of this mission only if necessary.It will be bad if Zakir helps Sandhya in all mission.

    1. I told this only bcoz I don’t wish to see Sandhya as an officer who is unable to finish a mission without help of others.This is a one man kind mission.Let Sandhya finish it witjout unnecessary interferance & help of any others.

    2. yeah it cud be as the sleeve was saffron/orange…………….

  11. Superb plan by chandu. Know one think that crish is the small chip.??

    1. How clever chandu is nicely he take that chip frm that glass box.??

      1. That scene was awesome.??

  12. heyy guyss if sandy and bharat catch chandu here then wat about commander he will b der for revenge………….. and i dont want thar hijack type revenge drama again………

    1. Yeah your right richa…..
      Chandu,commender….garjana people and village people….. these all are qustns ????…
      i was waiting…for that how they will answer these qutns??

  13. Bichara that foreigner. If Bharat sir nt come in on the time then that foreigner definitely get three degree treatment.???

    1. Thank God bharat sir come in time and save that foreigner.??

  14. Sandhya and bharat sir nicley know that crish is the related to that minister who lounch that power plant.??

    1. Awesome part that was.??,

  15. Very nice sandhya that on last time she get know that crish is actually one chip which located in that power plant project. Well done sandhya .keep it up??

    1. Bt unfortunately sandhya come late in that sad and her blue tooth is also nt take network or may be disappeared.??

      1. So sad this time also sandhya not get know that shekhar is chandu. So sad.???

  16. The one who pulled sandhya at end was shekar he had that neon band on jacket

  17. Again bhaboo fail Minakshi plan. Stupid bhaboo.??

    1. Bhaboo may be do suraj and lalima’s court marriage.???

      1. bcoz she give suraj some pepar and say signed on this paper this is the rule of this aashrm.??

      2. This is really a big cheat… Baboo appears more dangerous than garjana..

  18. Again full suspense Precap. May be shekhar hold sandhya’s hand .and suraj see may be sandhya or may be ved do something or may be they see fire.????

    1. Bt now can’t say just waiting for upcoming episodes.??

      1. excited to watch that episodes

  19. Deepika Singh interview:

    1.How has marriage changed your life?
    She tells, “Marriage has changed my life completely. I am lucky that I have someone in my life who cares for me, look after me, shares all the things, support me in my good and bad times. I have emotional bonding with my husband and I can’t imagine my life without him.”

    2. With the show being No. 1 for such a long time, how does it feel?
    She tells, “It feels great! I am lucky to be part of this show and of course for all this the credit goes to the entire Diya aur Baati Hum team, because of them everything has become possible and also because of this show I got fame and fan following. I will make sure that in future as well will do hard work and make this show a big hit!”

    3. Do you think television to films is an easy transition?
    She tells, “I don’t know because I have never done any films, nor I have experience for the same.”

    4. Delhi or Mumbai which city do you like more and why?
    She tells, “It’s really difficult to choose between both of them, but yes Mumbai is close to my heart and it’s a complete dream city for me. It was a dream come true moment for me after coming to Mumbai because I have got so much fame, fan following and opportunity to prove my self as an successful actor.”

    5. How has life changed for you since Diya Aur Baati Hum has happened?
    She tells, “My life has completely changed after Diya aur Baati Hum and it feels really great because after Diya aur Baati Hum my lifetime dream came true. Everyday was more challenging to me but I made sure that I never loose hope. My character in the show helped me to achieve many things in life and I’m really thankful to God for everything.”

    6. Tell us about your camaraderie with your co star in the show?
    She tells, “It’s a great atmosphere on sets, we always have fun time on sets with each other. All are very open-minded and friendly. whenever we get time we make sure we do lots of masti on sets.”

    1. 7. Do we see you doing any reality television anytime soon?
      She tells, “Actually I don’t know. I don’t think too much about future. My destiny will decide it.”

      8. What are your hobbies?
      She tells, “I lover reading books, dancing, working out in gym and my most favorite hobby is acting.”

      9. What do you do when you’re not working?
      She tells, “I make dubsmash videos or else I go to my dance class or workout. Sometimes I watch movies.”

      10. Tell us something about how your love story started?
      She tells, “According to me my husband was there in my destiny and it happened. We met and we liked each other, then friendship and later on after 2 1/2 years we started dating each other. Also I got the chance to know him through Diya Aur Baati Hum. I liked his nature and simplicity and these things attracted me. My husband is like my father hardworking and extremely passionate about his work and he never gives up, that’s the best quality in him and when he’s around it feels that I’m with my family. He’s a very good human being and a helpful person. My husband is the second man after my father whom I respect a lot.”

      11. What is the real Deepika like?
      She adds, “I am stubborn, I ask lots of questions, chulbuli, I always listen to my heart, I’m broad minded person and friendly. I am very bindass and talkative.”

    2. Nice interview and nice answers….

      Deepkia always say lovely words abt her husband….in any interview… that shows how much she luvs her husband….
      she was lucky to get Rohit raj as real life sooraj

  20. Guys see u want that clip of rathi family that chai masti. So this is the link.:

    1. Hope u like and u enjoy .full masti.???can’t stop my laugh. Lol????

      1. Really i enjoyed a lot i am watching again nd again i cant stop my laugh… 🙂

  21. Richa (titli)

    Wah mohit ne itni jaldi info bhi jaan li.. And bhabho cleverly made d wood damp/wet…. I wonder if she exchanged d wood no one heard any sound or saw her…. If bhabho can see in that dark and other’s can’t salute to her night vision enabled eyes 😉 😛

  22. Baboo is very clever. If Baboo is with chandu then no one can fail their mission ?

  23. Still marriage suspense is there… ?

    1. why these people r putting suspense abt marriage… mission news r giving to us bt sooraj news r not giving…wt the hell itna suspense nahi rakhna chahiye ……

  24. Now a days I dnt watch SBB and SBS nt read spoiler bcoz they reveal all suspense. And I dnt like that. For there revealing suspence I m nt to much excited for watching that episodes bcoz firstly we get know that story.???

    1. Just imaging if we dnt know want they show next in serial then we r more excited to watch that part.that time I m eagrly wating for that episodes.???

      1. Bt bcoz of spoiler they spoil my mood.BT now I never read any spoiler or cmts on that upcoming twist.??

      2. Bt now I so excited to watch upcoming episodes bcoz now I dnt know what they show next.yeipeeeeeeeee.??

      3. Sorry if I hurt u.bcoz of spoiler reading my mood then off. And I m nt more excited for watching serial.????

  25. Nice episode

    Thank u amena for update… 🙂

    totally confused again suspense precap…

  26. Are wt yaar wt bhaboo is doing again she changed the plan… now she will do court marriage…really wt the hell…

  27. Richa (titli)

    Bechari minakshi bhabho always outshines her in case of cleverness…… Anu & ns4 missing!!! Were r ur cmnts? Nyways gn swt drms …. Hope tomorow also nyc episode…..

    1. I am here richa actully i am totally confused of today epiosode and upset with bhaboo.

    2. Hai richa…. actually feeling unwell cold,head ache……nit slept early due to medicine’s

  28. If Baboo and Meenakshi opens organization like garjana no one can stop them including Sandhya ?

  29. Richa (titli)

    Himanshu met chrish….. Thats wat chandu said…. I think himanshu was nt a bankr bt he was linked with ministry nd chip making project in someway….

  30. Sandhya n bharat’s part is nice.

  31. Chandu is holding sandy to take.

  32. Lalima, 2 bramin, lokesh inclufing Sooraj is unable to see Bhabhoo exchanged Sticks… lol… writers, show directors pls take care of foolish techniques…

    1. yeah too much how did she change
      sandhya is a ips officer n no in knows her in jaipur :O

      after hijackin scene everyone should know sooraj came in tv

  33. Today, show director has nothing to show on Ratgi’s scenes,… so saw same clips…

  34. Sooraj didnt react when Lokesh is shown from Kanya side…

    1. Maybe bhabo told him that he’s actually ankur ( sandy’s bro) and he met with an accident and after plastic surgery he became like this ????

  35. In Nucleat bomb promo Lalima is nt shown with Sooraj, and looking to today’s episode, writer’s cant drag much in marraige scenes… so just do dragging.
    Marraige is not happening.

  36. It is good, that we can see more scenes of Mission…

  37. Now, chandu will set Bomb with the power supply chip and rush far from the sight. Sandy will difuse it . and go along with chandu.

    1. I think mission will complete naa again wy she will go with chandu ???????????

      1. Maybe to know more about his plans but it seems very risky to me ?
        But for sandya every thing is easy bcoz she is a sooper woman ????

  38. Sandy posted a photo of night shooting. The location is highway dhaba like. She is wearing yellow colour sari, so sandy is going back with Garjana ppl. And later action sequences will be in jungle. With zakir also.

  39. Many confusion in episode. I think directing errors.

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