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Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Puru coming to meet Arzoo. Sandhya gets conscious and finds herself in the storeroom. She holds her head and says I have to reach Arzoo soon. Sooraj is guarding her ward. Puru says don’t worry Arzoo, I did not come to harm you, we have enmity, I like non violence, you reached here by your innocence and truth, you came in between my business, but your loved ones have hurt you more, because you are Pakistani, India did not trust you, you are in this state because of Sandhya.

Sandhya thinks how to leave from there and sees the AC duct. Puru says you are bearing this because of Sandhya, she will succeed when you are proved a terrorist. Arzoo says no, this is not right, Sandhya is not like this, you are doing this to save yourself, you are lying to me. Sooraj feels

strange and thinks to see Sandhya once. He thinks Sandhya reached Arzoo. He goes inside ward and gets shocked seeing the things fallen. Sandhya climbs the ladder to reach Arzoo. Sooraj gets Sandhya’s hair pin and says it means… He looks for Sandhya and rushes outside. Puru shows the letter to Arzoo and says this is bravery award, read this.

Arzoo reads the letter for Sandhya’s honor. Sandhya gets inside the AC duct and struggles. Puru asks Arzoo to think. Arzoo says when Sandhya shot me, she did not know I m innocent, she got to know later, when she saw all evidence and misunderstanding got cleared. He says fine, what evidence are you talking about. Arzoo says I have written my innocence proof to Sandhya in hospital. Puru says that letter did not come infront of the world.

Sandhya is still in duct, and Sooraj looks for her. Puru says Sandhya did not show that letter to prove you are a terrorist, see her truth, how well she planned this. He shows the other note and smiles. He says everyone hates you in India, all are waiting for you to get conscious, then they will regard you terrorist, now you understood Sandhya played big game with you. He smiles.

The enquiry committee is on the way. Puru says I have an offer, I can send you to Pakistan, you can start a new life there, don’t you want to meet Resham. He provokes her against Sandhya and says if you do as I say, you will be in Pakistan tomorrow morning, you have to do something before you leave. He gives her a gun. Sandhya is still in duct and trying to find the exit. Puru asks Arzoo to kill Sandhya, as she has ruined you, so that Sandhya does not use anyone’s innocence. The police leaves from the station. Puru says don’t think, before police force comes to arrest you, you have to do this work and leave, this is last help for you. Arzoo takes the gun.

Sandhya reaches out of the duct and says I have to reach Arzoo fast. Arzoo aims gun at her. Sandhya gets shocked seeing this.

Arzoo says you did a lot with me, your punishment is death. She shoots Sandhya. Sooraj comes there and gets shocked seeing this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I’m waiting for tomorrow episode.

  2. I dont think she will kill sandhya it just an act for puru to see

  3. Why did Sandya take as much time to come out of the hole as Puru will be able to brainwash Aarzo? It’s an old technique to create tension.

  4. Now story is not so confusing as before. Hope it will be more better.
    But why now a days written updates so late?

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