Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th October 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th October 2013 Written Update

epi starts with bhabho announcing that the jewels are fake
and she was fooled by the jeweller

suraj says they have to find out a solution to this and that he will make arrangements for the lost money and he cant wait to help bhabho

bhabho says that when one thief told about the truth of another theif she went to the original jeweller and got it confirmed
mohit and vik accuse bhabho of not gving complaint to police
bhabhasa says that they could complaint because they didnt have the orginal bill

vik says to save some thousands you lost lakkhs of rupees and say that they didnt expect this from bhabho
meena says that its all the fault of chavi who brainwashed bhabho to buy jewels from that particular jeweller

bhabhasa pleads everyone

to keep accussing bhabho she cant tolerate it anymore

instead of blaming one another we have to think for a solution as smdhansa’s amount is also involved

vik again compares that they didnt allow to buy the shop now whats the answer for this huge loss
mohit says that vik can compensate for th e loss as his saree shop is doing good business
and vik says take loan and compensate for it

mohit says bhabho will make arrangement for this
mohit and vik argue again

vik strictly says that he had 50,000 and he gave it to buy those jewels and he doesnt have a single penny
mohit says he alone cannot spend for his expenditure adn he cant contribute anything
meena says she has an idea
and suggest that they take the money from WTC earned money

mohit says thats the right method
and leaves to aksk suraj to give that money

break: bhabho says how about arranging for saamoohik vivah ( bulk marriage) i hope iam interpreting right

sandy says that there is only one way to take money from the FD, she says they can earn more but at this time we have no other option
suraj says bhabho wont accept and they should consult bhabho before withdrawing monye

bhabho says she wont accept money from taht FD, she says its for the marriage

meena reminds that bhabho is denying because she doesnt want to take help from suraj who has been forbidden
mohit and vik suggest to speak to suraj
bhabho agrees but says that FD money can be used for buying jewels what about the marriage expenses
are mohit and vik ready for it

both are shocked

mohit suggest to spend the FD money for jewels and arrange for simple marriage
vina too agree
meena says this a love marriage and this is more than enough
bhabho aks that mass wedding wont cost much

vik agrees and even mohit

break: bhabho says neither momily nor vina have to worry for the marriage arrangements , she has found a way

bhabho applauds vik and mohit
for making her proud and they are free from the burden of chavi’s responsiblities

and she expected teh same from vik and mohit

and she is proud to have given birth to such gems who gift her tears as gifts
bhabho says that she will arrange for grand wedding

bhabho says she has found a solution
she asks meena her waist chain

she says she will sell it and compensate samdhansa’s share of jewellery

precap: emily calls mohit and says dilip and his mom are waiting at the doorstep ( mohit vik sarun are going in a rickshaw) mohit says bhabho the same bhabho is shocked

Update Credit to: ramasuresh78

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