Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meenakshi saying she found something during Lalima’s engagement. Babasa asks what. Meenakshi says the theif who was stealing the sarees from my shop is Mohit. Babasa asks what is she saying, how can she say this. She says I have proof, she kept camera in her shop, Mohit is caught red handed while stealing the sarees. Sandhya asks Meenakshi not to say this now. Meenakshi asks why, sarees worth 25000rs got stolen, I wanted to say this in Lalima’s engagement, but Vikram stopped me. Sandhya asks her to talk later. Meenakshi says you always support truth, Bhabho will do justice now, let Mohit come, I will ask him and take money. Sandhya cries and asks her to stop it. Meenakshi says Mohit has to return every penny, Pushkar is not big city that I won’t find him, I will

catch his ear and get him here. Sandhya shouts enough Meenakshi, how will you get him here, when he is not here, he did suicide.

Babasa drops his stick in shock. Everyone get shocked. Pari comes downstairs and gets shocked hearing Mohit is dead. Babasa asks Sandhya is she in her senses, what is she saying. Sandhya says I wish this was a lie Babasa, Mohit did suicide. Emily and everyone cry. Vikram says this can’t happen. Sandhya says this is not lie, Mohit will never come back now. Meenakshi cries and says I will not take money, I will forgive him, don’t say this. Sandhya says his dead body is found, I went there and I have seen him, he did suicide, forgive me Babasa. Pari faints by this shock. They all see her and get worried. Emily and everyone rush to Pari.

Vikram lifts Pari. Sooraj sits with Bhabho, while they both are in shock and unresponsive to this news. The doctor checks Pari. Emily asks him when will Pari get conscious. The doctor says Pari got a huge shock, let her rest, make sure she is not hurt by any sorrow. Meenakshi tells Bhabho that neighbors came to express grief. Sandhya asks who told them. Meenakshi says such things don’t get hidden. Bhabho cries silently, while Sooraj sits without any reaction.

Kakisa brings Emily downstairs. Meenakshi asks Emily to cry, to lighten her heart, Mohit will not come now, he is dead. Vikram, Sandhya and neighbors cry. Babasa looks on. Meenakshi shakes Emily, asking her to cry. Bhabho says no, Emily will not cry, not a single tear will fall, Emily has taken care of Pari and will now be more strong, this is not time for her to break, she has to save her daughter from breaking down. Daisa asks what are you saying, Mohit was your son and Emily’s husband, Emily as right to cry. She asks Emily to cry. Babasa says tears won’t bring the dead person back, no one will cry today. He says Mohit has gone and left all the problems, hope and waiting. Now we will not be worried for him, its all over. He cries. Babasa asks Meenakshi to take Emily to Pari. Meenakshi takes Emily upstairs.

Babasa thanks the neighbors for sharing their grief. The neighbors leave. Babasa asks Sandhya when will they get Mohit’s body. Sandhya says till tomorrow afternoon, after post mortem. Vikram takes Babasa. Meenakshi asks Vikram did Mohit do suicide after Sooraj slapped him, or being sad that he has no relation with his wife. Vikram asks her to stop it. She says I will be quiet, what will you answer others, if they ask why did he did suicide. Sandhya thinks Meenakshi is right, what was the reason, Mohit used to run from problems, he will not do suicide.

Sandhya tells Sooraj that they have to go and get Mohit’s body. She gets a call and asks the man to frame the photo she has sent. Sooraj opens the cupboard and she gets hit. He says sorry, I did not see and cares for her. She says she got hit on forehead, and thinks Mohit had head injury, she has to find out the reason of his wound, if he jumped, he would have got hurt on forehead, not back.

Sandhya inspects the well and thinks Mohit will not jump to get hurt and die, its not suicide case, things are not like how they appear.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Same precap…

  2. From the beginning Mohit had been a prodigal son to his parents and irresponsible husband to Emily.He was dead due to his evils at the same time woundind the sentiments of the members of the family. Bhabho was right in her statement that no one need cry for Mohit.

  3. Suspense Mohit killed by EmilyLalima or Bhabho .




  5. BhaBo KiLLeD MoHiT

  6. Very sad episode but mohit death news clearly knows his family without any suspense

  7. Sridevi Vittoba

    I don’t understand why suraj is not reacting & bhaboo’s reaction was also different can anyone guess?

    1. Obviously dear she’s the killer!

      1. No, by having affair with other lady he gave a big pain to baboo and sooraj. That’s why they didn’t not reacted.

  8. Sridevi Vittoba

    I felt like bhaboo was in fear when sandhya said about mohit death & suraj was trying to control her whatever mistake can be done by mohit but every mother will get shock when they hear such bad news but why she was afraid?

  9. Very sad episode. Did not like it at all. Why don’t you show something happy? I feel Sooraj knows something.
    Anyway please bring back happy times. and Sooraj and Sandhya should be together as they have always been so far. Don’t disturb their relationship
    Or is Sooraj disturbed because he fired and slapped Mohit?

  10. I thin sooraj know the death of moothi and also bhaboo also now they both don’t react so much. I think the sorceress indicate that bhaboo or sooraj kill’s mohit. if unfortunately sooraj kill’s mohit then he goes to jail or if bhaboo kill’s mohit then also sooraj accepte bhaboo’s crime on him because he love’s bhaboo so much. this indicates that sooraj goes to jail this time also diya baati separated

  11. I think sooraj know the death of moothi and also bhaboo also now they both don’t react so much. I think the sorceress indicate that bhaboo or sooraj kill’s mohit. if unfortunately sooraj kill’s mohit then he goes to jail or if bhaboo kill’s mohit then also sooraj accepte bhaboo’s crime on him because he love’s bhaboo so much. this indicates that sooraj goes to jail. this time also diya baati separated

  12. Sad sad episode,I cried for pari but no sorrow for mohit. As he sow, so he reaped (jaisi karni, waise bharni)
    Where did that stupid komal gone!why didn’t she report to police? She’s equally the culprit.??

  13. In the earlier episodes bhobho was not feeling good? Is anyone observed?

  14. @Sony please don’t say that I can’t see Sooraj and Sandhay separated again.

  15. Guys think of a person who is hundred percent doubtless.he or she will be the killer.exactly sooraj didnt kill him.

    1. Then it could be babasa cuz he’s 100% doubtless! Or maybe mishri ?

  16. Sad episode. What happened to bhabo, she don’t react her son’s death

  17. You are right Bhumi

  18. Bhabo killed mohit..personal opinion

  19. Guys, Baboo and Sooraj are not the killers. They can’t go against law as well as they can’t hide such things from Sandhya because she will not accept if anyone goes against law. In case if baboo or sooraj goes against law Sandhya is the first person who gets hurt a lot.

    Baboo and Sooraj does not have any reaction because of Mohit illegal affair. That matter giving more pain to mother than his death.

    Please don’t say Sooraj is a killer.

  20. Poor pari. She never get father’s love. Now his death also gave more pain to her. ???

  21. For any child father also very important along with mother.

    Baboo is feeling very bad that she has created problems to Emily by bringing Mohit back as well as she did not let Emily marry another person on pari request.

  22. Where’s khana and zakir???

  23. bhabo, emily , laalima, suraj, vikram are called by mohit for money as bhabo as jewel , emily has parlor money , laalima has money , sooraj and vikram from.their shops – mohit has each ones secret they all hit him badly indiviudally and go meamwhile they are so hurt like emily in leg , laalima lehenga will be torn , suraj will have back mark , bhabo pushed her kidney pains -each one beilve they have killed while they only came fir advicing hum.on behavior – then focus will shift to pari and lokesh finally the killer will be said as mohits girl friend as these people need to continue and sandhya should save her so called family members this.content will go.another 10 weeks

  24. I think is bhabo emily or lalima brother

  25. I think one of them kill him

  26. Thank you Amena for fast updating. Please Remember suicide is foollwed by committed.

  27. If it was arranged we would not have felt bad but 1st mohit only loved Emily so mohit’s death is not felt bad by us.

  28. Imagine a situation where Sandhya have to arrest Sooraj/Baboo….. Omg….

  29. am so sad about mohit .av bhabo ke ghar me chik chik kaun karega……….,,,,..chavi is back shayd ye kuch tadka lagaye show me …kya khte ho ap sb….

  30. why are the makers making the serial so sad and complicated? Please let the serial be happy. mohit is dead and gone. His death needs to be investigated. Sooraj should not be suspected. Donot trouble Sandhya anymore. She has always had a trying time especially during Mission Mahabali and after that because of lalima. She should always have Sooraj’s support like “Diya and Baati”. Investigate this murder but don’t drag the episode.

  31. Sandhya will be out from this case since it is related to her family. As per law she can’t be involved. From the law point of view she is also suspectable. She can also kill for property or some other reasons from police point of view.

  32. Omg!!!!!! I got a imagination… Of mohit death…..
    In previous episode , we have seen mohit and his g.f talking in a alone place..suddenly turned by seeing something.,…. that time bhabu, sooraj and emily went to that place to talk with mohit…. But mohit speaks rudely with bhabu.. And then sooraj and mohit fight… Suddenly mohit was shut down due to his neck was hurt by well wood ..near them… Bhabu,sooraj and emily think mohit was dead…..

    1. To be continued………. After that bhabu, sooraj and emily from there in a shock.,.. Now the real story starts…..mohit get conscious… And he see no one around him….he was standing beside the well some one comes and thrown mohit into well………still suspence ????????

      1. The person who beaten mohit and thrown him in to well was
        …non other than komala..mohit’s illegal g.f
        It will nice it happens the same…
        Wat u guys think abt it????
        It will be better and happy ending of mohit death drama……

    2. I think Emily is not there. Also baboo and sooraj must have seen them while going to a shop to bring gold chain. I think Emily parents must have killed him.

  33. I think both are right. sandhya should not be involved. Still she investigates on her own from the side and the point of LubDABH should be taken so that it is a good ending for Rathi family

  34. For 1 thing I’m sure, bhabo, lalima and her brother, know, mohit is dead…and the killer is bhabo,,,maybe by accident…she must have hit him on back of the head,,,and fell in the well…could be, lalima and her brother brought bhabo in the scene…

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