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Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya seeing some bangles and feeling something is wrong. She sees her pic in newspaper. She thinks of Gul and senior’s words. She thinks seniors feel there is no danger now, but I feel something wrong, the way this laak came out, is there something. Sooraj asks Sandhya to come fast. They leave. Chotu asks Arzoo where are the cupboard keys, find it. Arzoo gets sindoor. He thinks its keys. He sees sindoor and asks whats this. She thinks Bhabho said sindoor is very imp, this will not break our relation. She asks Chotu to fill her maang and promise her that they will always be together. She says I will give keys after you fill my maang. He recalls Piya’s words. He fills Arzoo’s maang with sindoor. She smiles. He says I filled your maang, give me keys now. She says

you will get keys, but you fulfilled just half promise, you did not give me your promise which I asked for. She holds his hand. She asks him to promise he will always be with her, you promise me before holi, I will give keys. He leaves.

Ved goes to Bhabho and says bless me, its my story telling exam today. Bhabho blesses him and asks what story will he say. Ved tells about Lakshagrah made by Kauravas to kill Pandavas. You know Duryodhan made a palace with laak, it looked like real palace, its called Lakshagrah, did you like my story. Bhabho says its good. Sandhya comes and asks what story Ved. Ved says I will say, Mahabharat…. Bhabho stops him and says its not good to tell about Mahabharat at home, say the shlok I taught you. Ved tells the shlok and Sooraj completes the lines. He says its told in shlok that Mata is like all Devis and Pita is like all Devs, you have to be good to your parents. Ved hugs Sooraj. They smile.

Sooraj asks Bhabho how is her health now. Bhabho says I m fine, don’t worry, where are you going. Sooraj says I have some imp work. She asks him to come back soon, its imp that he attends Sandhya’s promotion program. He says yes, I will come, bless me. He thinks he is going to find her pain cure, she will get rid of this pain soon. He takes Ved and leaves. Sandhya tells Bhabho that she will also leave now. She asks Bhabho to take care and goes.

Constable tells Sandhya that Swami and his men worked all night and finished the work. Sandhya sees a giant sculpture and asks whats this. Constable says Swami made this to welcome guests, it’s a warrior, like police officers. Gul talks to his men and says our plan is ready, the stage, pillars, statues are made of laak, that warrior statue is not to welcome guests, but to throw spark, it will cause fire and Lakshagrah will become fire lake. They smile.

Constable comes and says Swami, Sandhya called you. Gul goes to Sandhya. Sandhya introduces special team officers to Swami and says they will find is there anything inflammable here. Gul thinks they will find out laak and know everything. He gets worried.

Sandhya asks the team to start their work and give suggestions so that they can stop any incident. The officer asks his team to check emergency exit, water pressure, electricity, stage and everything. Gul looks at his men. Sandhya gets senior’s call and says yes, work started here, security check is necessary, I m sure there won’t be any problem in this audit, I will call you, thanks. Gul thinks they will know everything is made of laak, then our mission Lakshagrah will fail, I have to stop this audit, I have to do something.

Sooraj visits the village and meets his Mami. He says he is Santosh Rathi’s son Sooraj. Mami asks how did he come after so many years. Sooraj says I know you are annoyed, I don’t know the matter, I want your help, I m in big dilemma, I know just you can help me, I m worried about my Bhabho, she stays scared by Pakistan’s name, when we went at the border, she got mad in fear, I asked her, she did not tell me, it seemed there is some deep wound, can you tell me the reason behind this fear. Mami says I know a lot, first decide do you courage to hear this truth, my wound did not heal till now. Sooraj says I m ready to hear it, I have come from far, Bhabho’s problem will get away, tell me. Mami says truth is bitter, sometimes it poisons family. He says I can hear it, tell me the truth. She says Santosh got mad in her childhood, she killed her younger brother at the age of 13. Sooraj gets shocked.

Sandhya asks the man shall I come inside, is audit over. She hears someone beating that man. Gul beats the man and feeds some liquid to it. Sandhya runs inside the gate and calls out. Gul looks at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. It’s strange to hear that Bhabu had killed her yonger brother.!

  2. This track is dragging. When is it going to end?

  3. Thanks Amena for the update

    Expect Sandhya scene…. I thought it will happen…Sandhya won’t hear Ved’s story…abt lankagraha still fire lights in function

  4. I think sandhya will see gul n try to stop him but one of his men will stop her

  5. Directer’s dragging point was when bhabo stopped ved from narrating the story fro Mahabharata . Still nice episode , how sandya will know about gul and arzoo ‘s reality ! Eagerly waiting for that scene ?

  6. Please, I hope Sandhya finds out about Gul and aarzoo soon. Plus about the lakshagraye.

  7. Guys…. I have a doubt ….in previous track Mission Mahabali ….DABH team showed a scene where bhabu and sooraj are going to Kolkata to meet bhabu’s brother….
    And now here also saying bhabu killed her brother in early age…. So who is that bro and this bro????
    Don’t now still how many bhabu bro’s are going to be appear in upcoming episode….

    I think now a days director loss his sense

    1. Bhabho may have two or more brothers.It’s possible right.

      1. Yeah you are right @AD….
        but what i mean(abt my doubt) is…. from the starting episode of the show..DABH team not shown a single scene that bhabu has brother or brothers … sudden to “”prolong the story OR to drag the on going track””….DABH team bringing a unknown relation like …bhabu has a brother and she has killed him for some reasons..

  8. Okay Episode. Sandhya scene superb.But feeling bad as Sandhya don’t heard Ved’s story. What’s wrong if Mahabharata story is told inside house.
    Hope this track ends up with a good note. Hope Gul & team will be caught before holi.Hope all the truth including that of Arzoo will come out soon.
    Please end this track sooooooon……
    I hope an action packed,thrilling,logical end for this track along with a good note.
    Plzzz end this track at least on or before March 31st.

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