Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bharat telling Sandhya that her failure will make many people win, the women will not turn widow and kids will not get orphan, she is fighting for many people, she can’t turn weak, as war has just begun, mission Mahabali started now, Sagarika Das is still alive, make your tears your strength and ruin Garjana Sanghatan. A leap of three months takes place. Bhabho does tulsi puja and is sad. Everyone in the family are sad. Mohit is back in Rathi house and scolds the newspapers man, asking him not to throw papers in their house.

Daisa comes to them with some ladies and talks to Bhabho. She says Bhabho is still mourning, after three months, I know its tough if any loved one dies, but till when, Sandhya has died, but look for the ones who are alive. Sandhya says yes,

you said right, after the puja, my family will resume living life. Daisa asks Emily why is she grinding chutney on Chakki, why not on Sandhya’s bought grinder. Bhabho says when person can go, why can’t the machine. Daisa says so machine got damaged. Bhabho is sad. Daisa says she will go now, and leaves with the ladies.

Meenakshi gives tea to Babasa and Bhabho. She gives money to her, and says its 40000rs. Bhabho asks about shop earnings. Meenakshi says she can’t lie to her. Vikram comes home and Bhabho keeps money under her hand. She asks Vikram to sit, and have tea. She asks about his shop earnings. He looks at Meenakshi, and she signs four. Bhabho sees Meenakshi signing him, and asks Vikram again. Vikram says 50000rs. Bhabho says it means Meenakshi lied, and its 55000rs. Vikram says yes 55000s, maybe Meenakshi did mistake in accounts.

Bhabho says its not good to be mad in wife’s love, I can’t bear this, don’t dare to cheat me, else I will send Meenakshi to her Maayka. Meenakshi apologizes. Sandhya comes in a temple as Sagarika Das and does the Bengali puja. She recalls Bharat saying about Garjana Sanghatan, they are dangerous people and they stay in jungle, who are against their govt, they are very clever. He tells his plan about sending her to temple and then leaking the news of Sagarika Das visiting the temple, and then they will fall in their plan. He says we can’t attack them directly and we have to be careful to tackle this by this plan, I m just warning you, no officer survived who went to tackle them, your one mistake can be last mistake of your life and this mission, so just be careful. She cries thinking about Sooraj and prays to Lord to save her family.

Garjana Sanghatan is shown, where few men are trained for shooting. The head asks the man to shoot, and says this is your aim, its your enemy, just shoot or die. The man shoots at the pot. The head says Himanshu got the money and it went with his death, we don’t have anything now. A man comes to them and talk to the group. They come to know that police is taking Sagarika Das spotted at the temple, and they will interrogate her. The head is shocked that Sagarika is alive, but she was with Himanshu in train accident, how did she come back after being missing.

Another man says let police take her, why do we care. The head says she is Himanshu’s fiancée, don’t know what she knows about Himanshu, she can tell police, where is she now. The man says she is in Durga temple, she went there to do puja for her dad’s peace. The head says they will get Sagarika before police gets her, and they will question her. The man says there is police security. The head says let it be, Garjana’s one man is enough.

Sandhya is doing puja, and a man comes there, applying holi to his face and tying red cloth to his forehead to conceal his face.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ohhhhhhhhh tooooooooo exited…….. to see bhaboo rudravatar………….

    1. Me too that old avtar ???????????????????????

  2. in that sooraj will cry i cant see ………plz sooraj be brave ……….

    1. Ya be brave and express ur fillings to some one ??????????????????????????

      1. True say…..

  3. Actually what I mean to say abhi Jo hai sooraj ka character bhi highlet karna chahiye they r showing bhaboo and sandhya only …..sooraj ka feelings and how they suffering without sandhya… This is my opinion…becoz already we had seen sandy feelings now we want seen sooraj feelings also I am expecting this 🙂

    1. Ya tomorrow they show suraj definitely ????????????????????✌?????

  4. It’s too let gnsd see u tomorrow ????✌✌???????????????

  5. Hope tomorrow on wards they only banned bad cmts ????????????????????✌???

    1. I think it is started now to judge the comnts and then published ?

      1. Ya this started ?

  6. Suraj should not lose memory he should be brave to take good care of ved and bhabo and babasa ?
    Also he should wait for sandya to return ?

    1. Ya suraj is very strong person. He nt loss his memory. Bcoz if suraj loss his memory than what happened to ved.

      1. Bcoz then ved dnt get mother’s as well as father’s that’s why suraj nt loss his memory.

  7. sandya should retire from police after the mission MAHABALI and spend happy with Rathis.

    1. It’s nt happened.sandhya never resign for office duties. When she come she definitely manage both duties as well as home.which she already do.??

  8. I think she shouldn’t retired from her post but she should avoid a risky missions for the sake of her family and give the chance to someone else to serve the people ?

    1. Ya this can also happened. BT I think she can’t go away frm her responsibility. Sandhya’s character is nt like go away frm her responsibility.?????

      1. Sandhya should not resign her job as well as she should make risky missions successful.Bt she should not repeat this kind of dramas again as her family can’t bear such things.She should fight for her nation being a brave police officer & should do her family duties along with that.She can manage both family as well as job @ same time.

  9. How is Ved & Sooraj

    1. Today they show ved and suraj then we say that what is in suraj mind

  10. Good morning to all have a nice monday

  11. yaa but this second marriage concept is not good i think the writer should change the story…..

    1. i wonder wether if rathi family will break after suraj’s 2nd marrig ?????? nd sandy to come back and reunite rathi family….. as new bride cud b evil…????

    2. Actually this is natural.bcoz they think sandhya is die. For only ved they want ved to give mother’s love.after all he his child na ?????

      1. For child they do second marriage ??????

      2. Bcoz after bhaboo and bhabasa who take care ved.and suraj.??????????

      3. May be this is bhaboo’s thought. This is my opinion??????????

      4. what ever it may be will see upcoming episodes but in my point of view sooraj will not accept it he told that mere man me aap ke alava koyi aaa nahi sakthi.

  12. what will sooraj think will see today . i think this 2 nd marriage concept compulsary it will add in upcoming story u refer previous episodes bhaboo ka sapna and sooraj vada karte karte rukh gaya….this scenes are begining of this second marriage. what will sooraj feel that is mandatory. but sooraj koto voyi kahna chahiye mare jeevan me sandhya ka jaga kisi ko nahi desakta kitna pressure bhi karooooo this is my opinion.

  13. But compulsary 2 nd marriage story will add in upcoming episodes. you refer previous episodes.. that is the step of this concept

    1. yess u r ryt all clues in prev epi signalling suraj’s 2nd marrig

    2. lyk sandy unable to gain promise from sooraj……..

      1. **and bhabho’s dream….etc…

    3. Ya ur right BT this not happened. Suraj trust Sandhya.thats why he know that sandhya is alive.???

  14. how suraj is living without sandhya????????has his memory lost?????poor ved..eagerly waiting to see today’s episode ………….I love you DABH!!!!!!!!1

    1. no may b suraj has bcome devdas or he is so keen on making the hotel so has no tym for his family like it was with raman earlier he hated ruhi nd didnt care about anything exept buisness…………………..????

      1. It is not possible @richa…..suraj is a loving and caring husband…he cant live without sandhya normally…may be he is out of mind now…he is not like raman….raman is somewhat selfish.

      2. Now suraj is not his sence. Bcoz for suraj sandhya is suraj suraj is totally heart broken person.?

  15. I don’t believe that suraj will marry again…it is impossible…..

    1. yes he cant do second marriage but that proposal come infront of him. i think in that time sandhya will enter rathis house.

      1. That was the new spoiler. When suraj doing his second marriage on that time sandhya come in rathi house. I think for this track we will wait.

  16. i dont belive that suraj will accept second marriage.

    1. Suraj never accpet second marriage .may be they show that suraj argued with bhaboo on that topic.???

      1. i think may be spoiler news will be may be or may not be na….if sooraj memory lose news will false this news might be not happen today will see suraj it will clear.

  17. today will see suraj then our doubts will clear……….waiting for today episode.

    1. True today we see suraj as well as ved then we say that spoiler is true or nt means that memory loss spoiler ??

  18. Today in SBB they show sandhya as sagrika das bangali dance ???

    1. Sandhya do bangali dance in mandir.through dance she pray to lord Kali mata. On that dance the new entry come.??

      1. BT that new entry which I said that aadesh come as nakshalwadi he daut that sagrika is police officer. BT next he kidnap sagrika.??
        When I get the link I post that.?

  19. Now wait to watch this new entry what they do with sagrika.BT sure this never happened.???

    1. Bcoz sandhya never agree for this.she only love suraj.suraj is her life.?? as well as her shadow.?

      1. we all are know that sandhya is suraj life and suraj is the sandhya life they are made for each other…why again some mistry is there?

      2. Now we can’t say anything. bcoz now they nt show suraj as he is any depression or in normal .??

    2. New entry come as chandrshakar mother.chandrshakar who kidnap sandhya.and mother want that sagrika married her son means chandrshakar

      1. what is this yaar i didnt understand this kya twist ane wala serial me?

      2. The man who kidnap’s sagarika will fall in love with sagarika…this is the upcoming new twist

      3. Yes this is the upcoming twist.????

      4. Aekh ??he looks so ugly ?
        I hate that takloo ??
        He never deserve even a look ?
        From sandya ??

  20. Sry guys…. it’s too bored with this sooraj second marriage discussion….this will never leave it

    1. Do u clearly ready that update…..they said –again another garjana man will fall in love with Sagarika(Sandhya)

  21. I just waiting for Sandhya Bengali dance…???????????????????????

  22. After Sandhya dance…how will garjana man kidnap Sandhya ?????????????

  23. i think based on latest promo he is in normal condition. he feels that sandhya uske pass nahi hai wait and see what will happen. on that time bhaboo is also not accepting that in suraj life nobody will take place of sandhya.

  24. I think in today episode they show Sandhya Bengali dance….and kidnap

  25. Nice episode….2dy dey shud shw suraj…nd were is ankir ankita vansh bulbul nd chotu

  26. I think suraj’ll b busy in raising his hotel business bcoz it was sandy’s dream and ved’s happiness as well ?
    Bhabo could not see him working hard day and night ??
    So she’ll peruse him to get remarried but he’ll refuse at first and then will agree for bhabo sake and finally on wedding day sandya will give her entry in ghonghat that will make bhabo wild with anger ???

  27. Sooraj should not remarry.
    I read a spoiler that says naxal leader fall in love with Sandhya and leave her.After lot of torture.It further says naxal leaders are doing all crimes for poor people.

    1. kise ke kehne phar sahi o accept to kiya hai na that is the point and is ka matlab kya hai sandhya ka place kise aur ko dene ke liye ready to huva na e galath hai actually this will be spoiler’s news na it may be or may not be. That is the wrong concept means discuss to kareghe bhaboo but sooraj accept karna nahi chaiye. this is my opinion.

  28. no actually e point sooraj remarry karne ki bath nahi hai he should not accept it bcoz he given word to sandhya and kise ke kehne phar oo accept nahi karna cahiye ..

  29. But I think sagarika should refuse any other person love saying that she has no interest in love after himanshu death ?
    And that she will mourn his death all her life being remain single ?

    1. Beautiful pic of sagarika Das ?
      You look stunning depika ma’m

    1. This was the pic off sagrika das bangali dance?

    2. Waiting eagerly to watch this dance and also about suraj and ved
      I hope he doesn’t lose his memory and behave weird like Alekh of Bidai
      Where he became childish ?
      Rather suraj should be responsible and think of sandya word to wait for her in every circumstance she’ll be her wife 4 all her births??

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