Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode start with everyone taking care of Sandhya. Emily asks her why did Mohit not come home till now. Meenakshi says maybe Vineet told lie about him again. Sandhya says law can’t be fooled and no criminal can get free. Bhabho asks what does they want to do now, as Mohit is still there. Sandhya says legal matters take time, Vineet has used Mohit’s name in all wrong matters. Mohit comes home and everyone is happy seeing him. Zakir brings him. Mohit realizes his mistake and importance of his family. Zakir says I m sorry Sandhya to come late. Emily cries and runs to Mohit. She says come inside. Mohit stands at the door looking at Bhabho.

Everyone look at Bhabho. Bhabhi cries and goes to Mohit. She gets emotional seeing her son and forgives him. Mohit touches her feet and she hugs

him. Everyone smile. Sooraj and Vikram come and are happy to see Mohit. Mohit greets everyone and takes Pari happily. Bhabho thanks Zakir for doing his duty and uniting her family too. She blesses him. Zakir smiles. Zakir tells Sandhya that he got something for her. She asks whats my second task. He gives her the positive memo and she is happily shocked.

She tells this to everyone that she got the award to solve motor bike theft case. She says SP gave me this. Everyone is glad and smile. Bhabhi thanks the Lord. Sandhya sees it again and thinks about Zakir. She says Zakir, but this case was under you, you should get it. Zakir says no, you deserve this more than me. Zakir praises Sandhya for her intelligence, and how she risked her life to catch Vineet. Meenakshi says its just great and shows her happiness. Bhabho and everyone thank Zakir for being so honest and generous.

Zakir says Sandhya is deserving. Sooraj also thanks Zakir and is smiling as he is so proud if Sandhya. He says how Zakir helped me in fighting the goons and how they passed the mission. Zakir is touched by this lovely family and praises them. Mohit apologizes to everyone and says today I understand that relations never break. He rerets to having said all that bitter words to Sandhya and Sooraj. Soorja hugs him. Vikram smiles and he too get praises by Mohit. He hugs Mohit too. Bhabho is happy seeing all her sons fine and together. She cries with happiness. Everyone smile.

Mohit says I was very wrong, I did not think about anyone, I did not feel what did Bhabhi feel when she made me leave this house, I m sorry to not understand you Bhabho. He folds his hand. Bhabho forgives him. Emily thanks Bhabho for giving a responsible father to Pari. Bhabho says its fine. Mohit says I will find a good job and work, till then I will work at Sooraj’s shop. Everyone smile.

Mohit asks Sooraj will he hire him. Sooraj says its your shop, what are you saying, come anytime. Meenakshi says some stupid lines and leaves seeing Bhabho. Its night, Bhabho sees a changed Mohit and happily cries. Mohit plays with Pari. Babasa says it’s a great day as Mohit came back and Sandhya got positive memo. Meenakshi says there is third good news also as my sister is getting engaged. Babasa asks her to give sweets. Mohit asks Bhabho to come and join everyone. Babasa says come your fav son is saying. Everyone play together and Meenakshi taunts Mohit. Everyone looks at her. Emily feels bad. Bhabho looks at her angrily. The game continues. Sandhya and Sooraj smile as she praises Sooraj. Diya………….plays…………. Everyone smile.

Meenakshi sees a beautiful lahenga and Taisa takes it from her hand.

Update Credit to: Amena

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