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Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabho saying Lord also wishes Resham to come here, so she met Sandhya. Resham says we have to know Chotu’s wish, will he agree to this proposal. Babasa says don’t worry, his heart is big, he went on me, he is not like today’s children, he knows to respect elders, he loved his Dadi a lot, he will never refuse. Sandhya says yes.

Priya fools Chotu and says mum wants to give me to someone financially secure, she is worried as your elder brother has made you leave house, I know you will prove my mum wrong, right? She hugs him. She says Sooraj and Sandhya love you, if you take 5 lakhs from them and give to my mum then.. He says no, they did many favors on me, I know they will try hard and arrange money, but I won’t ask them, I will arrange money, its my problem.

She says its our problem, I know you will pass any exam to get me, we will get married right. He smiles. She thanks him.

Babasa asks Resham what she wants. Resham says tea. He says even I like tea. Bhabho asks him to see his age. He says I m glad that Resham came here. Sandhya smiles and corrects the line. Babasa says I know. Meenakshi comes and talks to Bhabho. Resham suggests some hair remedies. Bhabho says even we also do these remedies, and tells Babasa that she will see him later.

Babasa says Resham ji, Chotu showed your pic two days before, and compliments her. Meenakshi tells Sandhya that Babasa’s tone looks changed today. Babasa asks Sandhya to get pic. Resham says I have got my granddaughter’s pic. Sandhya gets Resham’s pic and a letter. Sandhya reads the letter. Resham writes that Sita thought to turn their friendship in relation, its proud thing for her, giving Aryan’s proposal for Arzoo showed that distance in hearts should be less, we will meet soon at Ajmer Dargah.

Meenakshi and Bhabho like Arzoo seeing her pic. Resham says she is one in a million. Babasa sees pic and compliments Resham. Scene shifts to Pakistan, Arzoo eats food. Her aunt fakes tears and cries. She says everything is ruined. Arzoo asks what happened. Her aunt says a thief has stolen my necklace and diamond earrings on the road. She says you know your uncle, he will not leave me, I will go and die. Arzoo stops her. Her aunt says I can’t stay here now, I will commit suicide. Arzoo says no need to tell uncle about theft, and about jewelry, I will get new one by the amount Dadi kept for me. Her aunt thinks I will get that money.

Meenakshi asks Resham about her clothes, as she is wearing salwar suit instead sarees. Resham says we all wear salwar suits. Meenakshi asks what, after marriage, women wear sarees. She asks what they wear in gangaur festival. Resham wants to say they don’t celebrate. Bhabho asks her about the glass bangles. Resham thinks they know about Pakistan well and says bangles are famous there. Meenakshi says IPS Sandhya Rathi is famous in Pushkar.

Sandhya thinks it means Sita wanted Chotu to marry Arzoo, what favor did Resham do on Sita. Arzoo tells her aunt that she is not joking, and says you are my aunt, I can do this for you, and hugs her. Sandhya tells Bhabho that she got the letters along with pic, it means Sita also wanted the proposal to get fixed. Bhabho says the girl is beautiful and educated, I like her. Meenakshi asks Bhabho to think again, her dressing and way of talking is different. Sandhya says everyone talk in urdu in Hyderabad. Meenakshi says I don’t think Bhabho’s choice of bahu will come this time too. Bhabho says its fine, the girl will learn everything coming here, see Emily, she was opposite of us, but she learnt everything, this girl is of our country. Sandhya says yes, Chotu’s Dadi knew them well and fixed this proposal. Bhabho says yes, we have to agree to Sita’s choice. Sandhya says even then we should talk to Chotu once, its about his life, his opinion matters. Bhabho says fine, ask him, I m sure he will agree, I like the girl and shows Arzoo’s pic to Sandhya. Sandhya smiles seeing the pic and says she is very lovely, her face has innocence.

Arzoo is signing on the form to get amount. Aunt is glad and asks Arzoo to sign fast. The puppy barks. Arzoo asks is he hungry. Aunt says I will get biscuits for him. The puppy runs and gets the jewelry. Arzoo says maybe he is trying to say something. Arzoo gets the jewelry and her aunt gets shocked. Arzoo throws it and crushes it with her feet.

Resham tells Emily that she got sweets from Karachi. Sandhya looks on. Resham gives the sweets with Pakistan written on the box.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Bhabu is a strict rough and tough mother -in-law when looked from outside. In reality her love for the members of her family is simply superb tender and inexplicable and we came to know her real character only when Chaduri enters the house as a mature lady. Even Sandya could not make out the real character of Bhabu.

  2. Nice Episode.Hope we can see Sooraj-Sandhya romantic scenes soon.

  3. sooraj Ji we miss u come back soon

    1. Where suraj went??

  4. I hope chotu knows wat he is doing n arzoo agree to the marriage

  5. Nice episode! Meanakshi’s nok jhok ( bickering) is awesome ??!! Babasa looked cheep ?

  6. Nice episode.

  7. sooraj ji we miss u . come back soon

  8. Pathankot attack is unsuccessful. Now Pakistan Government and ISI wants to hit India where it hurts the most. So they plan to bomb and cripple the manufacturing hub of India so that india’s economy is crippled. They send spies/terrorists with special mission to Hanuman Gali, Pushkar (you guessed it correctly). If you bomb Suraj Rathis Mithai Bhandar, then India’s economy will be collapsed. There is only one Police Officer in whole of India, who can stop this and this is Sandhya Rathi….Oh my God, I have given new idea to the makers of the serial—–Totally Bakwas serial with lousy acting and wasting the time of people ….Please stop this nonsense

    1. I do firmly agree with you and appreciate your conception for further development of the serial.

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