Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th January 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th January 2013 Written Update

Bhabhasa tells Bhabho to remember how she was blaming Sandhya that she sent her to jail and Sandhya was defending herself but did not answer back. She could have done anything but she was always in favor of the family. Sandhya stops Bhabhasa but he does not, he says today he cannot stop talking, he has to talk everything in front of Bhabho before she makes any decision. He tells Bhabho that Sandhya has done many favors for them.

He tells that if Sandhya had not released Bhabho from jail, then she would not have been talking about respect and honor today. She would have been in jail and her children would have to hide themselves in shame on the outside. Sandhya released her from jail and this is her first favor on Bhabho.

He further tells about how Sandhya made Suraj win the WTC, how she taught him to believe in his talent, fight his fear and inferiority complex and win the contest. Suraj was just a simple halwaii and she made him world famous. That was her second favor.

He gets very emotional and sits down. He tells Bhabho would not have been standing now and speaking, why just Bhabho, Bhabhasa, their whole family and whole of Pushkar if Sandhya had not fought with the terrorist and stopped the bomb attack and this is her third favor.

He further says that Suraj saw all these traits of Sandhya and felt she has all the qualities to become a police officer and so he asked Bhabho’s permission first but when Bhabho did not allow, then he went ahead with secret education.

He comes to Bhabho and tells her to think all this and then decide. He goes to SurYa and tells them you have made a mistake and now ask for forgiveness again. SurYa are about to go but Bhabho stops them. She tells they have not made any mistake and only who did the mistake will seek forgiveness. She goes to them and asks for forgiveness as she was at fault. All are shocked. She says she did not think things in this point of view and if Bhabhasa had not told her, she would not have realized that she was wrong. She does not owe anything to anyone all her life and now she is suffocated with Sandhya’s favors on her so she would return them back soon. Bhabhasa asks her what and she says to Sandhya that if she wants to become a police officer, she can. Sandhya tells nothing is bigger than her family and Bhabho says no need to sacrifice anything further and she is free to fulfill her dream.

Meena is astonished hearing this. She reiterates Bhabho’s words to confirm and Bhabho confirms it she heard right. Bhabho then says but one condition and Bhabhasa wonders what. She tells that she owes three favors to Sandhya and will tolerate her three mistakes even without apologies but if she does the fourth mistake, Sandhya will have to listen to her. Meena is adding fuel saying everyone know Sandhya is only good at outside work and with housework, she does 30 mistakes in 3 minutes, so Bhabho should have pity and increase the number of mistakes to at least 10. Bhabhasa is not pleased with this condition. He asks Bhabho to agree or disagree wholeheartedly but not like this. Bhabho questions him he was praising Sandhya’s abilities till then and what happened now. She asks whether any of them have any problem with her condition.

Someone knocks door and Mohit opens the door. Chotu comes in to tell something but sensing something serious, he excuses he will come later. Bhabho asks him to tell and he says it is January 26, Republic Day and they have arranged a program and leaves. Bhabho asks everyone to attend the program but behave their usual self outside.

The Republic Day program starts. Chotu asks Bhabhasa to hoist the flag. Then, there is a fancy dress show and many children act as freedom fighters and perform on the stage. Chotu comes in the last as a police officer and says his dialogues. All are enjoying it and clapped. Bhabho is in between staring at Sandhya. At the end of the program, Chotu comes down and Bhabhasa praises him for the program. Chotu tells all the appreciation goes to Sandhya as he was confused what to do and then called Suraj’s phone while they were in Mt. Abu who then gave it to Sandhya who guided him for this program. Bhabho is listening all this and Sandhya is fearing what will happen.

Precap: Bhabho comes to the shop and asks Suraj whether he has time to come with her to the market and Suraj agrees. In the market, Bhabho goes to a cloth shop and shows some cloth and asks the shopkeeper to give 2 meters of the cloth.

Update Credit to: b2011

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