Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj convincing Resham and Arzoo. Sooraj says Sandhya and my relation was also by a lie, but relation matters, not that lie, we are happy today, I have hope that you will make place in Bhabho’s heart like Sandhya made, then Bhabho will accept you. I did not lie to Bhabho till now, but we have to do this for Arzoo and Chotu. Mahek asks Resham to take Arzoo with them, whats the guarantee that Bhabho will accept Arzoo as her bahu after knowing the truth. Resham says its about Arzoo’s life, she will decide. She asks Arzoo what does she want. Arzoo smiles and nods to Sooraj. Sandhya gets shocked. Sooraj smiles and thanks Arzoo. He promises her that she will get much love in Rathi family that she will not miss her Maayka, she will get respect and rights of a daughter,

this is my promise. He promises Resham that Arzoo will get all the deserving happiness and Resham’s hope won’t break. Resham holds his hands.

Piya compliments Chotu. He says I got married and you are joking. She says I know, but don’t look sad, our plan will fail. He says fine, I married because you told me, now what. She says all problems won’t be solved after marriage, we have to get money, you should look happy, if Arzoo gets happy, she will give you 10 lakhs. He says 10 lakhs, your degree needs 5 lakhs, we will take just 5 lakhs only. She thinks whats bad if I get 10 lakhs, how to explain this Aryan. She says sorry, I want just 5 lakhs, behave with Arzoo as if she is your dream girl, pretend to love her, and show her mistakes to Bhabho, so that Bhabho kicks her out. He says no, I can’t lie to Bhabho. She says you say that lie for good thing is not lie, I will die without you, I trust you, I love you.

Bhabho asks Meenakshi and Emily to do arrangements fast to welcome Arzoo, where is Sandhya. Meenakshi thinks Sandhya did not tell Bhabho about my Hyderabad lie, Sandhya will forget after few days. Sandhya says you promised Resham, but how will we hide this truth from Bhabho, we have to lie a lot to hide this truth. Sooraj says I know this is very tough for me, we had no way, fate got us at same place, I have to make a bahu get Bhabho’s love. Sandhya goes.

Bhabho asks Meenakshi why is she quiet. Meenakshi says Sandhya and Sooraj came home, I think they are planning surprise for Arzoo and Chotu, without telling you. Bhabho says everyone is not like you, I know Sandhya can’t hide anything from me. Sandhya looks on and recalls Sooraj’s words. Bhabho says its good Sandhya got the flowers, we will welcome Arzoo well. Meenakshi corrects Bhabho. Meenakshi jokes on her. Bhabho says nickname should show love. They hear the dhol sound and says Arzoo’s doli has come, we will welcome her.

Arzoo comes in doli. The men lifting doli have tough time by her weight. Kids dance and everyone smile. Arzoo thinks Sooraj kept his promise honestly, I m sure I will get love here. The lady says see, six men are lifting doli. Meenakshi tells Bhabho that four men are needed to lift doli and here six men have come, its scheme to get money, I will give them money. Bhabho says let it be, I will give them money. Babasa shows Rathi sweetshop, and says Chotu has his childhood memories with this, he used to study and work here. He shows Rathi house. Arzoo smiles.

The lady says Rathi family is great, this time bride is coming from Hyderabad. Another lady says whats special in that girl, she snatched Chotu, I have to teach her a lesson. She throws fake lizard on Arzoo. Arzoo shouts lizard, Dadi save me. Arzoo runs out of the doli and Chotu falls by her absurd run. The crackers burst out. Bhabho and everyone see Arzoo jumping around. Arzoo makes the things fall and runs towards Rathi house. Everyone sees her height. They all get shocked seeing her personality. Bhabho drops the aarti plate seeing Arzoo. The girl taunts Bhabho over this choice of bahu. The man says she is tall like mountain, is she bahu or a wrestler. Bhabho says Mushtandi Bindni………..Arzoo gets shocked. Meenakshi says yes Bhabho, we will keep this nickname with love. Everyone look on.

Mahek says see what I do now to trouble Arzoo. She calls inspector and gives Arzoo’s details saying legal check formalities did not happen yet. Police reaches Rathi house and talk to Bhabho. Sandhya looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What is the meaning of “MUSHTANDI”?
    Today’s episode just okay.Plz end this bakwas track soon. Now it feels BORING.Too much drag. End this.
    This is completely an unnecessary track.
    Hope @ least the MAKERS of malayalam version will avoid this track from its malayalam remake “PARASPARAM”.

  2. What is the meaning of mushtandi

  3. Pia seems another Meenakshi and is ready to give up her lover for money. So there are many such people in the world who cares for the self only. And Bhabu ! How is she going to manage the tall girl?

  4. Plz can anyone tell me what is “Mushtandi”I don’t understand this difficult word..plz tell me.

  5. Friends plz tell this Mushtangi meaning?..

    1. Well,i m from pakistan n i dont exactly know the meaning of mushtandi (as per my understandjng mushtandi means a person/girl who probebly behaves more like a man), but whats the big deal??? I mean Aarzoo is a tall girl with a bit broad shoulders but still i dont understand whts the big deal, most boring and senseless track of the drama

  6. I hope sandhiya tells bhabho the truth about arzoo

  7. The word Mushtandi was not found in the hindi dictionary. I think it’s a fatty stuffed girl.

  8. Mushtandi means fat girl

  9. the gal who plays arzoo character is former captain of India netball team…

  10. This is so horrible. can one show the ips officer so weak and instead now i feel they r trying to potray suraj as strong character whereas he is just a sweet shop guy.ips officer has to be shown a strong character.and now what if a lady is tall and broad how can she be called as mustandi whereas to my understanding it means gunda.when bhabho named her mushtandi she hasn’t done anything of that sort…

  11. Mushtandi means a girl with manly phsique

  12. rima ahmad khan

    Wtf! Is this show is gowing to show pakistani girls are not feminin ? And am also felling they r trying to insult a muslim girl ! Lesten you guys! i wana say ” we muslim girls r not physically ill like indian girls,,we are not only grasa eaters like indians !
    Arzoo g, just punch on the face of that old hag who says u mustandi ! If some one says am mustandi then am going to kick upon his/her face right here right now. f**king b*t*h f**king show

  13. Mustana is male and mustandi fem….. well it mean sturdy built, also awaara i mean who hav no work just loitring/ goofing around etc , also, also always free acc to me

  14. Firdouse Zohra

    Asalamualaikum. Y these media r showing these type of intercast marriages.y they r spoiling d generation. This should be strictly asked by the viewers and society

  15. Mustandi means kuch samajh n aana ….right…

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