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Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj coming to Sandhya and holding her close asking will he not know anything if she hides. He holds her waist and she moves away. He holds her hand and asks why is she going far from him. She asks why is he seeing her like this and moves back. He says its strange when someone shows she is changed and hides something, why did she do this, why did she hide this truth, did she feel she will hide it and he will not know it, she lied to him. She looks at him shocked as he says you saved Bhabho by giving her the kidney.

He says you have hidden the truth from me, tell me why did you do this. She says what are you saying. He says enough, don’t hide now, I know you gave the kidney to Bhabho, I have seen medicines in your bag, the same one which Bhabho takes. He

asks her why did she hide her pain, and he did not understand her, she was fighting with her pain alone, she did not think about him, how would he feel when he come to know about this pain, he did not know this and took her to adventure ride.

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He says you saved Bhabho’s life and helped us, and I thought you went to Scotland. He says you did not even tell me and dealt with pain, to help the family which kicked you out, why did you hide this. She says what I did was my duty, see our Bhabho is with us, she is happy and we are taking care for her. He asks about her, she is also going through the pain, you went through a big operation, I should have shared your pain, I would have taken care of you.

She says I can manage such pain. He says you are my wife, and I know Ankur’s annoyance, he wanted you to go ahead in career and fulfill your parents dream, and you left everything and sacrificed for Bhabho. She says no, if your kidney matched with Bhabho, would you move back, does a bahu not have right to become Shravan. He says you are a police officer also, do you know your duty can be affected, you can lose your job, which was everything for you.

She says it was your dream and very imp for you. She says you fulfilled it, I could not have become IPS officer without you, I can still work sitting in office, my mind still runs with same speed, don’t worry for me. He says when Bhabho know this… She says she should not know this. He says how is this possible. She says they won’t know if you don’t say them. He hugs her. Diya aur baati hum……………plays…………..

Bhabho calls home and talks to Meenakshi. Meenakshi says she has cleaned the home very well and says she is missing her a lot. Meenakshi acts and says she has much work, she is going. She says Vikram is calling her, and says when you come back, don’t cook, have food with us. Bhabho says Sandhya is with us. Meenakshi says its good she got 15 days leave and no kids, its benefit, but we have kids. She says Misri is calling me, I will make her have food and ends call. Bhabho gets angry.

Sooraj takes care of Sandhya. Bhabho sees them and recalls Meenakshi’s words that Sandhya does not have kids. They all sit in taxi and leave. Bhabho asks Sandhya will she be at home. Bhabho says yes. Sandhya reminds the flower falling on her in Meenakshi’s godh bharai/baby shower function, and she has some rituals. Sooraj says yes, I will become uncle again. Sandhya says she is glad. Bhabho says they won’t understand and asks Sooraj when will he become dad and when will Sandhya have baby. Sooraj and Sandhya look at each other.

Bhabho says she wants a grandchild soon. Sandhya gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thank you so much amena

  2. Sooraj , don’t hide the kidney matter from Bhabho.

  3. sure sooraj become a dad untill then not end this show DABH…

  4. Sooraj, tell the family abt Sandhya’s scarifice.

  5. surely sooraj become a dad untill then not end this show DABH…

    1. May be it will be the ending episode of DABH
      And Don’t worry it will take so much time……… end

  6. Asusual, Sandhya and Sooraj going to hide the truth from family.
    But finally., How sad it is……… bhabu made to ask about her wish of grand child.

  7. Finally kidney track over next preggy track begins.

    1. There is not much material in store about the pregnancy track of Sandya. Even this track of kidney does not serve any other purpose except dragging the serial. The emotional approach of an IPS officer in donating the kidney is highly unrealistic and hiding of such donation to her own husband so long, till he finds the secret on his own is the hight of stupidity.

  8. good emotional episode..DABH returns….

  9. Hurray… finally kidney drama over…. Soon complete family will get to know about this because I feel Meenakshi will definitely taunt Sandhya for not having kid then Sooraj will reveal the secret…

  10. meena did her saguni duty very well…but hereafter she is going to get a good lesson from bhabhu for all her mistakes……..

  11. definitely after a long time the real soul love bloosams b/w surYA

  12. DABH will surely for another one and a half year.. Reveal of kidney secret to bhabho, sandhya’s fight against kidnappers to save Mishri and Pari, Sandhya’s struggle to reunite the family members……then sandhya’s preggy issue…

  13. Jeyam Ramachandran

    Sandhya is the epitome and embidiment of Love. She has proved a good wife and good bahu. In earlier episodes her character as a police officer has been demoralized by the director. Now she is depicted a sanctity and godess of Love. It’s the high time to put an end to the serial.

  14. Minakshi provokes Bhabo again against Sandhya. Nice episode.
    reading writting episode and watching episode both are difference .

  15. Super information thank you for sharing.

  16. Again suraj become caring husband…so lovelyyy.,..

  17. Now the things came normal b/w Sooraj and Sandhya.
    It’s again time turned for sooraj to (Support)take care of his mother and wife.

  18. Dabh is not full romance show. Last week Dabh is so boaring , celebration of valentines week.
    now show’s trp down. It becomes no 2 & lost their slot leader position.

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