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Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sooraj takes Sandhya with him. Puru looks on. Later, news tells about Arzoo’s health updates, she will get conscious in few hours and police hopes there will be some new clues. Puru switches off tv and says things can change any min, who will believe Arzoo’s statement, she is blamed to be terrorist. His assistant says its complicated matter, you don’t take Sandhya light, she is IPS officer, if anything happens to Arzoo, it will be on us, if she meets Arzoo, you will lose your chair. Puru says I reached here by doing much work, Sandhya and Arzoo can’t snatch my chair. He reads Arzoo’s letter and says today Arzoo and Sandhya will be targeted by one thing. He calls someone and says I will meet Arzoo first, don’t let police and media come close to her.

Sandhya is in ward. Sandhya

tells Sooraj that they have just 2 hours now, I have to meet Arzoo anyhow, do something. She sees entire family there. Sandhya tells Bhabho that she is fine, don’t worry. Bhabho says I was worried hearing everyone, I had hope that you are very strong, nothing will happen to you. Sandhya says your love and blessings also protect me, don’t worry. Ved hugs Sandhya. She says I m fine, nothing happened to me.

Media comes there and asks Bhabho about Sandhya and Arzoo, if Arzoo is innocent, Sandhya will be punished, what do you have to say on this. Bhabho says Sandhya does not need to prove her honesty and bravery, world knows it, Arzoo is innocent too, I m sure my both bahus will win.

Sandhya waits for Sooraj. Sooraj shows the map to Arzoo’s room. She says there is one way to reach there, by exhaust fan pipe. He says its on 8th floor, this pipeline is only way. She says I m ready to do anything, be careful that no one should come in my room after I leave. He says I will be careful. He stops and looks at her. Diya aur baati….plays………… he cries and hugs her. He leaves. Sandhya looks outside.

She sees Puru there and gets tensed. Puru smiles. She says you…. He says two clever minds think same, I reached you the same way you want to reach Arzoo, you made your husband your guard. She asks him why did he not wait, his true face would have been revealed. He says I will add new chapter in police training, don’t think enemy is weak, you thought you will end me, I heard you are very brave, but you are just guessing things. He gets the paper and says raw plan, you wanted to bound me by your plans, you used my name in case so that I don’t do anything to Arzoo, you are mistaken that you are sharper than me, you are bounded by law, which is in my hands. I have earned all this respect and status, you are small part of this system, I make this system dance on my fingers daily.

She argues and tells about the uniform and duty, truth will win. She scolds him. The commando gets message and tells Puru that Arzoo got conscious, we can meet her in 15mins, then inquiry committee, police and media will come to take her statement.

Puru says don’t worry, I will not do anything to Arzoo, you know politicians manipulate mind, I will do that. She says Arzoo will not agree to you. He says I know you came to stay in this hospital on pretext of your treatment, I know you thought something big, but you did not see my power till now, all the game will change, I will try a bit, Arzoo will become terrorist and come infront of world, then case over, you will get a prize for your bravery. He signs the commando. Commando huts Sandhya on her head. She faints.

Puru tells Arzoo that she is in this state because of Sandhya, shoot Sandhya…. Arzoo takes gun from him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. arzoo shud shoot puru nd not sandhya…

  2. New promo scene is suspensr.
    DABH losing its charm day by day.
    Bakwas senseless stupid bullshit nonsense track.
    End this f**king tracks soon.Fed up by this.

  3. Please someone give the update for yesterdays episode.

  4. Why dey are showing same precap.. Arzoo should kill that Puru..Den Rathi family will be united..plz end this track soon..

  5. Yes she should puru n think she will

  6. I hope Sandya will get up from her unconscious level as usual (When hero or heroine is beaten heavily they will regain their original strength in a few minutes with all powers ) and help Aarzoo.

  7. nice episode. Dabh is always different to other serials. dabh rocks.

  8. Arzoo should kill puru

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