Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ved talking to the class kids and Vansh laughs on him that he did not have place to invite everyone. The kids say no, he does not need, as his dad is owner of Sooraj hotel. Vansh says fine, return the cards, don’t come in my party. They say they will see special shows in Sooraj hotel. Ved says calm down and asks Vansh not to be upset, he will come in his birthday party. Vansh asks why, I did not invite you, I will cancel my party. Ved says no, don’t cancel, everyone will come in your birthday party, and makes everyone say sorry.

He says they will celebrate his birthday later. Vansh says I thought not to invite you, I feel you should also come, and gives card. Sooraj talks to Sandhya and says money is not important. She asks him to think maybe he has some wish

in heart to do and could not, and if he gets a chance, what will he like to do. He says I have two lovely people in my heart, you and Ved. She says please say what will you like to do. He says I thought a lot. He says I will make Ved a big man and send him abroad for studies. She says its dreams for Ved, I m asking about you.

He says I will be happy if he is happy, see I m making pedhas for him, he will be happy and asks what did she think to make him happy on his birthday. She thinks how to tell him that Ved wants to see him at new heights, there has to be some way.

Misri and Pari come to Meenakshi’s room. Misri says Bhabho and Babasa are not here, I can do anything now, I kept Meenakshi’s jewelry in this box, I will wear this and take pics. She sees the box empty and panics. Pari says don’t worry, it will be here. Emily comes and sees them crying. Aryan thinks about Mohit. Bhabho and Babasa come to meet Vansh in the park and return the kerchief. They ask his name. He says dad said not to tell strangers. Babasa says I m magician, your name in Vansh. Vansh asks what can you say.

Babasa says many things, and his 7th birthday is day after tomorrow, and his full name is… Vansh says Vansh Ankur Kothari. Sooraj is at his shop. Aryan comes to him. Ved comes and Sooraj asks him to get ready, they will go out. Aryan says I met Bulbul, when she knew the truth, she agreed to make you meet Vansh, are you not happy. Sooraj says I m happy and gets tensed. Aryan says I took Bhabho to meet him. Sooraj asks did he meet her. Aryan says no, she could not, Bulbulk said Ankur took him out.

Sooraj recalls about court orders. Aryan says tell this to Sandhya, we will go along. Sooraj thinks Bhabho should not meet him. Bhabho makes Vansh have laddoos. Ankur looks on and gets angry. Babasa says Ankur will not allow to take him home. She says we will not take him, he will be with Ankur, I had many complains with Ankur and today it all ended, they gave him good values, I will request him to let us meet them, so that we can be a part of his life. She asks Vansh to have laddoos and police comes and holds her hand to stop her.

Babasa asks inspector why did he take the sweet box. The servant takes Vansh. The inspector says you are under arrest for violation of court rules.

Bulbul meets Sandhya and smiles. She gives CDs to her and leaves. Sandhya smiles and takes the CDs, getting stunned to find it blank.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Serial become pakau.,….,..
    So boring

  2. Great gift… ankur to sandhya and Sooraj for ved’s b’day(Bhaboo and babasa sent to jail)

  3. Ankur need good hiding – the most selfish man in the world -not only taken his sisters child make call him daddy !!!! instead of mamaji – he got no right over this little boy who should be with his twin brother and his own parents NOT WITH HIM or his self-centred daughter.
    Sandhya should fight for her son if she got any sense – NO MOTHER WILL GIVE HER TWIN AWAY – I cannot possibly think such AN act !! – twins are the most beautiful babies in the world
    seeing them growing together god she missed it all still not fighting for her own flesh & blood !!! May be producers – you should take a survey about those who had twins perhaps you will able to write better scripts? Contact the twin society they got all the information’s of all the twins in UK

    1. True, don’t know what’s happened to DABH why would Sandhya give away her twin son and stay away from him for 6 years

      1. dis is all because of production team. they don’t want to end the show & need more profits.

  4. so true!! serial soo booorrriiinggg!!!!! i thought aftr leap it would b a twist in the story line…. actors are performing well… but the story line is kharabi….. 🙁

  5. Who is Aryan??

    1. CHOTTU

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