Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj telling Bharat that he is ready to marry in 1000 births. The girls dance there on the song Ankhiyaan mila ja………
Taare hai baraati……. Sandhya and Sooraj smile. The girls take Sandhya and men take Sooraj. The girls apply haldi to Sandhya, while she wears a yellow saree according to haldi theme. She smiles happily. Sooraj applies haldi to her, as per her imagination. Sooraj gets ready and imagines Sandhya with him.

He lights diya for her and sees she is just in his mind. He smiles. Sandhya dresses in green saree and mehendi ritual is done. She gets Sooraj’s name written in mehendi and dances with them. Sooraj shows his name and hugs her. They smile. Bharat brings Sooraj as the groom. Sandhya gets dressed in red bridal dress and dances. Bharat

makes them sit in mandap and does their ghatbandhan. Sandhya and Sooraj smile and do rituals. They take the wedding rounds and he makes her wear mangalsutra. He applies sindoor in her maang. They exchange varmalas and kiss each other’s hand.

Bhabho keeps shagun bridal clothes for Lalima. Babasa asks her to think once again. She says I have no doubt in my heart, if you are doubtful, get rid of it, no one can ignore the fate. She says she has done all arrangements now, she is ready to welcome my eldest bahu in her house. Ved comes there and says his mum is coming back home. He happily hugs Babasa.

Its morning, Emily does arrangements to welcome Sandhya and says kids went to school. Bhabho asks Meenakshi and Emily to finish preparations. She says Meenakshi has to welcome her eldest bahu with respect. Meenakshi asks did Emily hear this and asks Bhabho not to worry, she will welcome them and take a nek. Bhabho says justice will happen today and one who deserves will get. Meenakshi thinks why is Bhabho saying riddles. Mohit says Sooraj called and said Sandhya and he have reached hanuman gali.

Sooraj and Sandhya come to home. The neighbors get glad seeing her. Sandhya thinks she has come back after 8 months. The neighbors talk about the news. They ask Sandhya how is she. Sandhya says I m very fine. Sooraj gives his hand to Sandhya. She smiles and holds his hand. She gets down from the rickshaw.

Meenakshi asks everyone to see Sooraj and Sandhya have come. Bhabho showers love on Sooraj and hugs him. Sandhya gets teary eyed seeing her family. Bhabho cries and sees Sandhya beside Sooraj. Sooraj says I m fine, see Sandhya… Sandhya sits to take Bhabho’s blessings. Bhabho goes away to bring aarti plate. Sooraj tries stepping inside the home with Sandhya. Meenakshi stops Sandhya and says you can’t come inside, its Bhabho’s command. Sandhya looks at Sooraj.

Meenakshi says Bhabho said aarti and kalash hitting ritual will take place first. They all smile. Meenakshi asks for good nek from Sooraj. She asks Mohit to take their pics. Meenakshi gets shocked seeing Lalima in bridal dress. She says Lalima you here…. Sooraj sees Lalima. Meenakshi asks why are you in bridal dress, did you get married? She asks Bhabho to see Lalima. Lokesh comes. Meenakshi says Sandhya has come home, and introduces her. Lokesh interrupts and says who does not know Sandhya and asks Lalima to come inside. He introduces Lalima as Sooraj’s wife to Sandhya. Sandhya and Sooraj get shocked.

Sooraj slips and both Sandhya and Lalima hold his hand. He frees his hand from Lalima and tells Sandhya that its not true. Meenakshi asks Bhabho whose grahpravesh will we do now. Bhabho says this answer will be infront of everyone soon. Sandhya cries.

Bhabho asks Sooraj to understand that one bahu will stay in this house, he has to decide this tomorrow.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. What the h—– what is that bhabo upto? She is doing my head, sorry romi but your comment made me laugh wen you said that someone might gave her lungs and liver, and her eyes of sheep. I don’t know why but I have funny feeling that lalima has negative plan ahead but don’t know what, it might be revenge or something, I’m sure she’s upto something I’m very suspicious of this I don’t know why. I agree with you varsha tat something is fishy. And another things is when a third person comes in between a couples that’s wen problems comes and that’s why it creates big problem in relationships.! I’m sorry but no offence to anyone but that’s just my opinion. So if anyone feel bad by me saying this then I’m extremely sorry if I hurt anyone by saying this

  3. I want to know wen did lalima and soorJ got married? Have I missed an episode?

  4. bhabho needs to go to jail for marrying his son twice and even forcing him. when meena changed misri she forgive her when chavi cheated she forgive her when mohit does she forgive her. actually she always wants more and bhabho should marry lalima and keep her as a maid. she want a maid not daughter in law. she always rules over everyone but excepts herdaughter inlaw not be loved by anyone

  5. Sandhya’s character is too submissive towards bhabho. Being a daughter in law doesn’t mean she is a slave to her mother in law. She should not do sacrifice like donating kidney for a person who is not really that much worth like bhabho

    1. yes priya u r right..

  6. It was expected that bhabo won’t accept sandy so easily. I just hope they dont drag this chapter bhabo.I think they they should focus on suraj’s hotel project & then on Emily and zakir’s marriage…

    didn’t see vansh for long..miss him

  7. @ alllll frndss gyss yaar we all knw na bbooo is a stubborn .introvert alwaya (mostly) making wrong decision wallli oldie soooo don’t take tensn abt her sandy hai na to make her understandddddd…………… and abt meena my frndsandy is always the savour ….. vaise booooo garjana m manjiri ki jagah kleee saktiii h :p

  8. When reveal Lalima is Thug Bride ? I egarly waiting for it? I want Lalima took Bhabo’s all wealth and run. Then Bhabo will want help for Sandhya.Shameless woman !
    Sandhya should not accept Bhabo as mother-in-law. Sooraj should support Sandhya because How her mother behave with her.

    “VIRASAT” flim songs are nice. I don’t think this song truly use for this show. amazing.


  10. Episode superb s and s married sence super, babhoo was stupit

  11. Can anyone tell me meaning of lootera bride.plzzz

    1. It means ” decoit bride”??

  12. Don’t understand.. How to feel abt this episode…… Starting rocked with s&s marriage… the next second nly shocking scenes from bhabu….. Spoiled all viewers mind..
    Wat the hell lalima as sooraj’s wife???
    Stupid, mad bhabu……

  13. @varsha tell me did bhabho got sign from suraj in tat lalima marriage papers in the time of tat marriage arrangements its true? ah…then she have so confidence about staying lalima in the house because sandy only legal wife…then how she do like tis there is no rights 2 lalima…i dnt know wat drama is going 2 happen…in tis lalima track suraj dnt leave sandhya at any case because bhabho ll do anything i think she ll blackmail suraj..pls director dnt separate suraj and sandhya…

    1. @vaishnavi …yeah it was true.. Bhabu taken signature from sooraj at that time of sooraj lalima marriage,.. But that time lalima didn’t signed on those papers…
      Maybe bhabu using that papers this time…. forcedly signed by lalima

  14. I just wanna know one thing….. Hello Mr.director and story writer. Do u both have brain???
    If u people want to show positive/negative role from any character…. Then go according to it…..what’s the use of showing ….some time positive.. Some time negative….
    In hijack drama… Bhabu supported Sandhya…… by saying she saved many lifes…this time also Sandhya did the same… What’s d need of showing -ve think from bhabu role….
    U people think for only profit from d show….. some time use your common sense too

  15. This z d latest spoiler

    Sooraj gets Sandhya in bridal getup and they reach Pushkar. Sandhya meets the neighbors and greets them. They proceed to home, unknowing that Sooraj has got two lovers now. Sooraj brings Sandhya back home. Bhabho welcomes Sooraj and brings Lalima as his bride. Sooraj and Sandhya get shocked seeing Lalima. Sooraj stands with Sandhya for the grah pravesh and Bhabho makes Lalima stand along with them. Sandhya touches Bhabho’s feet to take blessings and Bhabho moves back. Sandhya cries seeingLalima chosen as Bindni by Bhabho. The Grah pravesh turns unique as Sooraj enters home with Sandhya and Lalima.Bhabho does their aarti of the trio. Bhabho asks Sooraj to choose between Sandhya and Lalima and gives him one day time to think. Sooraj holds Sandhya’s hand, and Lalima pulls Sooraj to her side. The discussion starts about the woman to get Sooraj’s wife’s rights now. Bhabho seeks answers from Sandhya, who has left Sooraj and Ved helpless. Bhabho has seenLalima sacrificing a lot for Sooraj, and wants to do justice for her. She has given promise to Lalima. Bhabho tells Sandhya how Lalima has sacrificed everything to make Sooraj normal. Sandhya’s new test has started. Bhabho welcomes Lalima inside the home, and leaves Sandhya at the door. Sooraj knows Lalima is like Devi and respects her, but he loves only Sandhya. Lalima would be hiding a big secret, which Sandhya would find out to kick out Lalima out of Sooraj’s life. Keep reading.

    1. Thanx for sharing the news!
      Now I got it why was lalima doing natak to sleep in the home yard in cold nights , she is a trained theif ??

  16. Wat this bhabho want to do. I hate lalima also bcuse she should make understand bhabho but she alao doing like this . Pls unite sandhya suraj. They acrossed many problms. Pls see about ved, pari, mishri, golu, emily. They eont,allow lalima inthe place of sandhya

  17. bhabho’s attitude shows that in case of accident if someone helps us a lot to recover then we should marry them….

  18. wonderful remarriage function

  19. How selfish is Bhabho. She did not remember that she alive on Sandhya’s kidney

    1. She also needs some brain donation as well!? My be mohit or meena give her some?

  20. Akhiyaan milaka channa paave na judaai ve deve na taari maina saari khudayi ve akhiyan milake….ssssss

    this for you song sandhya

  21. Why don’t Bhabho just tell Suraj u go stay out… Becos Suraj definitely choose Sandya instead of Lalima!!! If only one bahu can stay in the house of course Suraj definitely choose Sandya!!! No question No doubt about it!!! Don’t tell Bhabho don’t expect that… So she shouldn’t ask Suraj to choose in one day… Suraj should instantly tell Bhabho Sandya is the one… to stay…Bhabho why waste time asking??? Bhabho cannot see peace in her house she must creates chao!!!

  22. what a shit story line.

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